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 Why are people so scared of the silly swine flu?
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 i think i have the swine flu?
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Niamh x)
I Seriously Think I Have Swine Flu ?!?!?!?!?!?!? :S?
Im Fourteen Years Old and I Live In Tyrone Which is In Northern Ireland And There Had Been No Cases In N.Ireland Yet But I Have A Bad Cough and A Runny Nose!!!! I Feel So Week and I Keep Sneezing!!! I Feel Like Im Going too Be Sick But I Haven't Been Sick Yet..., It Started Last Night When I Started too Get Real Dizzy!! My Mum is Just Back From Spain Yesterday and She Fells Real Dizzy and Sick too!!! I Dunno What it is Because I Never Have Had a Normal Flu (Well I don't think i have) I Have A Sore Throat and All,,, Im Scared!! What Should I Do ???????????

I highly doubt you have swine flu since i dont think there have been any cases in Europe only in North America. You probably just have the normal flu but if you're really worried you could go to the doctor for them to test you

aka Da Gr8
I had them symptoms thursday and i thot i had it 2. But it bein sunday everything is dien down and i dont feel *** bad. But man i felt so bad i was cryn. But i feel better now n i hope u dont have it and feel better like me.

Taste the rainbow.
Well, tell your mum that you want to go just to be sure. I'd say it's just a normal cause of influenza, where there is no cases where you are and you wouldn't be able to catch it off anyone. But, to be safe tell your mum and you both could go get checked out for it. The H1M1 does react to treatment, if treated sooner than later. So, ASAP.
Good luck, I hope you feel better.

Kev J
doctor it up SON!

Go to the doctors, it might just be hayfever?

Blue eyed babe
go to your doctor

It might just be normal influenza, but if your feeling any flu like symptoms (which you are) it is important to see a doctor to find out if it is swine flu or not, as you may need more medical attention than normal depending on how well your body handles it, and also to help prevent spreading it to others.

Well i recently had the same problem and..turns out it was just a common cold with flu symptoms..i took some antibiotics and medication and i feel better now. You should go doctors if you still feel unwell and they should prescribe you with something to relieve symptoms and you should soon be feeling better.

congratulations! You have just had your first flu! If you are really worried about this ask a doctor about. The only difference between a normal flu and the swine flu is that they do not know much about it. Think about this thousands of people die from a flu each year.

go to doctors then

you might not have swine flu

it could be all in your head!!!!

you might be paranoid!!!

Swine flu is no more serious than the regular flu. Try drinking lots of fluids and take a nap for now. If you don't feel better then see a doctor. Chances are that you don't have it!

Well, you have to go to the doctor to get tested. Treatment is available.

I had this last week...and i hadn't even heard of the swine flu...ha ha i had the flu and cough and i was feeling sick, it passed though. And don't be scared, it turns out it isn't as bad as they made it sound, and you can just get over it like the regular flu. Btw i didn't have the swine flu, i just had all those things at the same time. Don't you hate it when you have a lot of things at the same time?

Adam P
You should go to the doctor!

Robert D
Turn of your caps key. It is well known to seriously affect your ability to communicate.

Then go to bed to wake up a new girl tomorrow.

You and your mom need to talk to a doctor right away. Stay away from other people until you can be checked out. A doctor can do a test and get you the medicine you need. Hope you feel better soon.

First: calm down. If you have swine flu YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE.
The only deaths that have occured are in a developing country okay? so no need to panic.

Second: There is a possibility that it is just a normal cold/flu, but you should go to the doctor as soon as you can if you are displaying the correct symptoms for swine flu. He will prescribe you tamiflu if you test positive okay?

Don't be scared- it's just another type of flu, and theyre normally pretty harmless except for making you feel awful. Whne influenza was first discovered, the deaths that occured were because the poor helped in spread easily and there was no idea about treatment. In Mexico treatment is unfortunately inferior to those at the disposal of Northern Ireland. You do not need to worry :)
Hope this helps and you don't have swine flu xxx

Joy Xx
i doubt u have it, but even if u did u would be just fine. Its only as bad as any other flu, make sure u rest and drink plenty of water.- i mean that- keep hydrated. Take some flu relief medicine and dont worry! All viruses pass u just need to help ur immune system fight it off. Plenty of sleep and fluids are essential. and eat when you feel hungry even if you feel a little sick.

nothing to worry about just goto the doctor take a shower and keep yourself clean. drink plenty of soup and eat your vegetable. just be more healthy then you usually are and stay in bed. get lots of rest.
there are very few cases of swine flue in america because we have a clean country and are picky about our health.
the doctor will agree with everything i said here.

dont goto this website :)

Sierra Sinks Ships™
it is okay calm down you do NOT have Swine flu symptoms the symptoms are vomiting headache and you feel really sore and weak and you didn't say sore headache and you haven't vomited. Feeling like you are and doing it are not the same. So calm down you do not have it you just have like regular flu.

calm down, your fine

It sounds like a cold.
Go to the doctor and get tested for swine flu if it's not better in a few days.
Most importantly, stop worrying so much. If you're looking for symptoms, you'll convince yourself you have them.

if you end up bed riddon get your doctor to see you if not it could just be a cold

call the swine flu number (free on landlines) to ask and answer questions

0800 1 513 513

and then go get tested :)

(or its that number for england)

Anna F
Did That Question Take You Like An Hour To Type As The Capital Letters Are Making It Harder To Type And I Keep Having To Go Back And Put One In!!!!!! STOP DOING IT

♥?...?αηg3я?υѕℓ? ιη ℓ?ν3...?♥
go to doctor dont worry just calm down sweety :)

your so weak but you can still use a computer, if you do have it its propaly just a mile case

The best thing to do is to call the doctor and tell him/her your symptoms and see what he/she says to do. you never know it could just be the regular flu. I hope you and your mom feel better!

Bob B
well you only have swine flu if you come out in rashes. and if you do you need some oinkment

Don't capitalise the start of every word, for a start. No one's gonna take that seriously.

And LOL. Ever considered you might just have normal flu? =P

Call your doctor and tell him your symptoms and he will come out to see you.

DONT GO IN TO VISIT YOUR DOCTOR.. CALL HIM OUT TO YOU.. Cause if you go in to visit him and you do have swine-flu you could infect everyone in the doctors surgery.

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