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 Will we all die from Swine Flu?
Same as above, i want to hear your thoughts about the swine flu epidemic, if i could call it that?...

 Swine Flu?...........?
I'm really scared, Please no stupid answers!

I'm scared, i don't want to get it and die :'(
If i catch a cold or have symptoms of like a cold, should i worry?

 plz help me with my cold?
i had a fever on saturday night - monday, now its thursday and i had a cold since yesturday, i start back at school monday and i hav a paper due monday, so can you help me get rid of it? and i took a ...

 Swine Flu? I know the symptoms but i don't know we should be worried....?
My nephew has been vomiting and very runny diarrhea, is it possible he can have the Swine Flu?
Additional Details
He's 3. He sometimes says he's cold or tired....

 OK Medical proffssnls (& really smart people). What contagious diseases remain infectious after the body dies
what (and for how long) will these diseases remian on a corpse/deceased/in the blood or body fluid?


 My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive.He is in her stomach.She told me not to worry.Isn't it dangerous?
My 24-year old girlfriend catched an alive grasshoper in the field. She was playing with it for a minute or two. She is very lovely joyful and happy girl and immediately she told me look at me what I ...

 R U stocking up on necessities in case we get word to stay indoors for a period of time?

Additional Details
I'm not crazy, just curious.


 Why's everyone freaking out about Swine Flu?
Isn't it just regular flu? There's been outbreaks before, from bird flu and regular flu, and even this in the 70s, so what's the problem? Why are people freaking out and closing ...

 Do you think I had swine flu?
In September, I washed my hands often, as usual, and then caught a cold.

Here were some symptoms I had:
Lack of appetite
Runny Nose

I ...

 Do I Need A Tetnus Shot?
My friend cut me on accident with a drill bit. The drill bit was used twice and i dont see rust on it and i got a tetnus shot from stepping on a nail 3-4 years ago do I need to get one?...

 will swine flu kill me and my family?
i am from scotland will swine flu kill me and my family if u have a cure come to scotland ...

 I donot catch cold (flowing nose) for last three years. Can I get swine flu?
I donot catch cold (flowing nose) since last three years. Sometimes it feels like it (cold) is comming but it does not surface up as it used to do earlier. What could be the reason? Is it good or ...

 can you get cold sores from making out?

 I have a really bad cold what should i do?
Iv'e got both a
blocked/runny nose
sore throat
very tired
slight cough
sneezing alot.......Im tired but i cant sleep because m throat really hurts and i ...

 Why is everyone so afraid of the swine flu?
It's not like you have anything to be really afraid of. The only people who really get it are Mexicans and people who already have a low immune system before they get the swine flu. It's ...

 Calling in sick today.?
I'm feeling sick at school right now. It's 2:34 right now here, and I get out at 3:45. I'm supposed to go to work at 5:30 today and I have a minor off and on stomach ache.


 why does african children hav swollen bellies?
is it a diease? if it is is it cureable?...

 I went to the doctor and i did a blood count, does that test for hiv too? please help me?

 Do I have swine flu? (symptoms listed in description)?
these symptoms started the moment i woke up this morning - My arms & hands are really numb & tingly, i can barely move them.
ive had a bad fever with huge chills and goosebumps ...

 my daughter as got a cough and runny nose? swine flu?
we are not in the area that the swine flu is in but you can help but worry with the media terrifying everybody!!!
Additional Details
she is her normal self and not reli under the weather ...

Thalia Cardenas
I'm scared...ASAP?

Go to a Doc & Quick...... Get vaccinated for tetenus and rabies....if the cat bit you or scratched you or something..... check for skin infection etc... but see a doc...now

why did you sleep with it??? and did you drink milk? coz thats they only way ur gonna be throwing up as for the parasites i dont know if you can catch them 50/50 chance perhaps but it never killed anyone to go to the doctors just to be sure (i dont think)

Megan <33
i dont know but next tim i think you shouldnt sleep with an animal!!

A Canadian
Here is where you can get answers to your questions:


jasper g
animals and humans have differnt sicknesses sept for monkeys and humans (thats how aids started)

Hmmm...well from what i've heard there aren't many diseases that you can get from your pet or your pet can get from you...we are just differnent but still ....i would just dissinfect everything...and take the cat to the vet to get checked as for you I would drink a glass of milk with egg whites...it supposed to clean you up...if you notice anything though like rashes and stuff...then go to the doctor. You may wwant to ask your vet also just to make sure nothing is transmitted.

Daniela D
ur 4 sure gonna get parasites go to the doctor...u can die

hazel eyes
only thing i heard of ring worm you can get from a cat...other then a allergy to cats...

Killuhh Kristen

little or none. but take care of the cat though, if you don't treat it it's gonna die, so hurry. Pet shops probably sell anti-parasites. Some doctors advise taking once a year a generic anti-parasite pill just to make sure, don't know if there you can buy it over the counter, but where i live we can and i take it every other year or so.

Do or Do Not; There is No Try
I'd say this is a two trip solution. One to the vet, and one to the doctor ASAP. Tell both doctors, yours and the vet, about what happened and describe it as best as possible. Get yourself and the cat checked out.

go to the doctor just in case, if you're so worried.

When you say slept with, the question would be, how near are you?

I think the most that you'll get would be fleas as parasitic worms don't just creep out of the body and crawl to you. You should wash thoroughly the sheets.

M.D. Hotaling
you'll be fine, cat bugs are called cat bugs bbecause they dont go on people

dont worry it will go away just see a doctor

Okay, there is nothing wrong with sleeping with an animal. There has to be a vector to communicate to disease to differnt orgamisms (like the guy said above with the AIDS example). You should take the animal to a vet.

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