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How to get rid of flu quickly (for tomorrow)?
I'm sick.
I have:
a fever which is almost gone,
a sore throat (because I have a bad cough),
and yesterday had chills.
Is there a way to get rid of the flu quick. If I can't go for halloween, my mom's gonna buy me candy, but that wouldn't be the same.
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Additional Details
i've had since the wednesday night.
I've been taking meltable tylenol ( which you can also chew), but it doesn't fully go away and ten hours later it comes back. should i take medicine every four hours *that's how long you wait in between taking 3 each* and have it go down hopefully more?

ian h
Quick give it to someone else.

Linda R
Oh my, my, my...poor princess...
When you're sick you're sick - get over yourself and eat the candy your mother's going to give you. This is NOT the last Halloween in your life!

Beauty tip #1 always smile
im sick tooo : ( it isnt fair imm pist off too.. Best thing to do is eat right, and get a lot of rest.. Go with ur parents or friends and make them pull u in a wagon. : D

Like A Rolling Stone
sorry, only rest and relaxation will do the trick. take ibuprofen to reduce the fever

You probably have a cold, because people with the flu rarely have sour throats. Also, if you had the flu you would feel so bad you wouldn't want to go trick or treating.

Sorry to say there is no way to cure you. You might be able to get medication that will mask the symptoms and make you feel better but you will still be sick.

I've seen a lot of people sick with Type A flu this season and has recovered nicely. Anyhow, focus on breaking the fever. Just stay in bed and drink lots of liquids. If things get bad take some type of over the counter pain meds. If you're on tamiflu take it as directed.

Best of luck and worry about getting well first.

nope, no way to make it go away any faster.

Xtreme Poetess
this clearly isn't the end of the world or anything. i suggest you lay in bed, get better, drink lots of water, eat soup and again..get better! :) hey, even if your mom buys you candy (which hey..most mom's wouldn't do)...that's fine. better to be well then go out and get sicker.

I have the same problem. Try Delsym to stop the cough. Get lots of fluids. Its not really gonna go away. Sorry

Rudy Green
Im sorry you cant get rid of it by tomorrow. Your gonna have to stay home and rest. Get lots of sleep and eat chicken noodle soup. Eat and drink food and fluids that has lots vitamin c. STAY IN BED. For your sore throat drink hot water with lemon it helps also gargle warm salt water (it works) so does drinking tea. Stay warm and stay under the blankets. I hope you feel better soon and i hope this helped you :). You probaly have a cold but if you do have a flu dont go out you will just infect others.

Sorry, but the flu isn't like a nasal allergy where you pop a pill & you're symptom free in a bit. You're just gonna have to ride it out til its gone. Even if you were symptom free you would still be contagious.

Definite "trick".

There's no way to speed up recovery from the flu, but the flu that's going around often only lasts for 2-3 days. If your fever is gone today, you will probably be OK by tomorrow night.

You can't get rid of flu quickly, sorry.

Randii ♥
no it wont be gone by tomorrow sorry love. just wait til you're better and have a movie night and drinks with your friends at your house or something its way better than going out door to door anyway and plus its for real young children anyways like children under 10! so yeah just stay home and get better then have fun with friends at home or go to the movies and what not

soup. if you have a sore throat - get water add some salt and swish it in your mouth and spit it out. rest .. get lots of rest.

good luck!!!!

Try Airborne. It works for me when I'm getting a cold. You shouldn't be out trick or treating if you do have the flu. You wouldn't want anyone else to catch it.

So Happy!!
Lots of fluids... Orange juice (the kind from real oranges) chicken soup lots and lots of rest between now and then. Tylenol cold and flu is pretty good too.
Hope you Feel Better

Get off the computer and get rest, lots of it. Drink some hot tea, take a prescription anti-biotic.

Sorry, You have to let it run it's course. You should stay home until you have not had ANY fever for 24 hours. Otherwise, you will spread the flu to others.

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