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kick rocks
How do you get shingles?
My friend has shingles, I know it's not contagious, just wanna know. Im scared man. I dont have health insurance yet at my new job. And even if I did I dont go to doctors cause they're always trying to tell people they are dieing, I dont like that. But we're going to happy hour tonight. I need to know if I taste her pina colada if Im gonna get shingles.
Additional Details
We are going to Happy Hour tonight because she and I have both made some HUGE accomplishments at work that we want to celebrate. No I wouldnt just by my own pina colada because they arent always good. And if this were a less painful disease I wouldnt even care, cause were BFF...it's true we've been friends for over 15 years, we've had colds together, and for a brief spell even mono when some of us switched instruments in band in the 7th grade.

So just to clarify. I have ad chicken pox so im ok?

Kristina M
Shingles is a virus, usually it is brought on by stess or the sun.

I am so smrt.
People can get shingles as an adult if they did not have the chicken pox virus as a child. That is why is why it is better to get chicken pox as a child, so you will not get shingles as an adult, it is much worse. Rarely adults who had chicken pox as a child will get shingles. Go to webmd.com for detailed info.

Your friend should not be out. Shingles are like chicken pox for adults. Generally if you get it you don't need a doctor but might depending on symptoms. Don't share anything !

It is very contagious, I would stay away. Shingles is Chicken Pox in adults.

wisely apt
you can get them at alot of places. home depot or any other hardware store should carry them. dont wear them though, put them on your roof instead. this is what my grandpappy did on 1909 when he built this cabin.

Evelyn S
"Clara Bows Lover" and "Miss Piggy" have the right answer. It can be brought on by stress. Are you aware that you can get a "shingles shot" now? The charge is somewhere around $75--I don't know if insurance covers it or not.

Rick M

Exigos Mortis
At a roofing supply company. You can also try Home Depot or Lowes.

Why would you even chance it?? just order your own pina colada

Shingles is a form of chicken pox. If your friend is on antibiotics and they don't have any open blisters on their body then you should be fine. If not then if you are around your Friend then you should constantly wash your hands and avoid any physical contact in case a blister opens up and the puss oozes out.

shingles is the reactivation of chicken pox (a virus called Varicella
You probably had this as a little kid (now a days there is a vaccine against it).
After you have chicken pox the virus can hang out in some of your nerve endings, not doing any harm. When you become severely stressed or immunocompromized the viruses that were chilling reactivate. They cause a painful rash. The rash will eventually disappear in around 6 weeks.
have fun tonight.

Bridget R
shingles is a virus .the virus starts of as chicken pox when you were a child it then hids back in the body and breaks out after a few years when you are a adult or a teenager the virus breaks out again and is known as shingles and yes they are contagious

Its the 2nd stage from having the chicken pox and most older people get this its just where the virus has laid dormant for years and suddenly attacks the nervous and you have shingles You sure she /he has this its painful and how can any one be out with this??

question asker
If you've ever had chicken pox, you are at risk to develop shingles at some point in your life.

After having chicken pox the virus called "herpes zoster" sits at the base of your spine and can "activate" itself during times of stress or during times that your immune system is low.

Shingles comes from the virus left behind by the chicken pox, so you can develop it if you've had chicken pox and I see you said you have had them.

The only way you could contract them from her is by actually rubbing against the blisters, which most likely are covered by her clothing.

Hope this helped.

Hmmmmm I am not quite sure, but it is funny that you posted this question because my nana has that now. It has nothing to do with anything, it is just old age in her case. I think it has something to do with the chicken pox though. Look that up :)

[email protected]
Shingles Causes
No one knows for sure what causes the chickenpox virus to become activated to cause shingles. Some possibilities include the following:

A weakened immune system (This may be age-related, disease-related, or a drug-related decrease in ability to keep the chickenpox virus in an inactive state.)
Radiation treatments
Injury of the skin where the rash occurs


Ok, it's obvious that you need a REAL answer to your question. Shingles is caused by a virus called Varicella, Yes, it is the same kind of virus that causes chicken-pox but a different form of the virus. It's not quite adult chicken pox, but you can only get it IF you have ever had chicken pox. the virus remains dormant in certain nerves and is triggered by age realted issues or problems that affect the immune system. I have had it before, plus I work in a doctor's office and we see this all the time. It is more common in older people The older you are the more likely you are to get it. My doctor said it could have been triggered by stress, There are some medicines your doctor can give you to help the symptoms to possibly not get severe, but there's no guarantee it will work. it did help mine, but I had a VERY mild case, but I was only in my 40's at the time. They can be very painful. There's nothing you do to "catch" them necessarily and there's nothing you can do to avoid them. You usually get a weird tingly kind of painful feeling to your skin, then a rash, then blisters. So see your doctor to discuss. Merck, the drug company, has a good website with info.

Uhhh...have you had the chickenpox?
It is contagious at some points, read more here:

Shingles comes from the dormant virus that causes chicken pox. After you get chicken pox, the virus stays in your body and it can come up anytime after that.
Most of the time shingles is caused by being extremely stressed, or having a poor immune system, but is for the most part random. You cannot really know when you will get it, but it is a lot more common in people that are older than 65.

You cannot get shingles from your friend. You cannot really prevent it, but having a healthy diet, exercising, low stress and a healthy body is the best prevention.


Commenting on your additional details:
Because you've had chicken pox, you CAN get shingles... but it doesn't mean that you will. It is very unlikely that you would get shingles if you are healthy, and you CANNOT get it from your friend... so share her pina colada all you want.

My co-worker has had an outbreak of shingles a few times in the past year. It's not contagious, but she sure didn't feel up to going to happy hour, she needed lots of rest, fluids and taking it easy.

Instead of sipping her pina colada, why don't you be a real friend and encourage her to get some R&R while you keep her company?

Shingles is a virus that lies dormant in the body after someone had or was exposed to chicken pox. You have to get chicken pox first, then the shingles virus will come out later.

you order them from a roofing company, or go to lowes or some place that sells them!

C'est Moi
Its a reactivation of the dorment chichen POX virus in your body. You must have had the Chicken Pox virus to get shingles. It is not understood why this virus gets reactivated once dorment in some people. It is very painful and affects only 1 side of your body.

Wikipedia says: The initial infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV) causes the acute (short-lived) illness chickenpox, and generally occurs in children and young people. Once an episode of chickenpox has resolved, the virus is not eliminated from the body but can go on to cause shingles—an illness with very different symptoms—often many years after the initial infection.

Shingles is not contageous .

If you have had chicken pox, you can later get shingles. The virus that causes chicken pox will lay dormant in the spinal cord for many years. In some people, but not all, the virus will become active again and cause shingles. This is a very painful disease , that causes blistering sores on the body, usually on the trunk of the body near the waist line, although it can spread to other parts of the body. It can take months to get over sometimes. Many times stress is the trigger of shingles. Usually it is those over 50 that get shingles. There is now a vaccine for them. They do not prevent shingles, but it will make it a less severe case. Never be afraid to go to the doctor. They do not try to tell everyone they are dying. There may come the day you really will need a doctor and be glad on is available.....

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