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How do you get rid of lice?
My friend has had lice for a while and I am scared I might get them from her so I am trying to help her find ways so that she can get rid of it? Tell me what you did to get rid of them.

you have to shave your head.

Use tons of hair gel. If it's a girl, cover her hair in gel and wear it in a ponytail - she'll just have the "wet Look" for a few days. If it's a boy, he'll have a fonzie hairdo for a couple days. Lice can't live in the jelly stuff. You're talking about lice in the hair of the head right?

Lifeless Dolly
Lice is Horrible!! X_X I had them for the first time a year and a half ago, and I have really long hair..they didn't go away the first time so we had to try again...

You need to use a special shampoo to kill lice, sold in drug stores. Use it after you or her mother or anyone else who is available to do the job, goes through her hair, and gets every or as many knit's as they can, out, and possibly lice. Find the little buggers in her hair, get out as many as you can, then have her use the shampoo as much as needed. It should say on the bottle. You will need to be very patient and do this for a few days to make sure they are gone.

put EVERYTHING cloth into garbage bags and eventually wash it in extremely hot water to kill the lice.

but, before you can wash that stuff, you need to get a louse comb and use a lice shampoo, like Nix.

Here's a good site from the city of toronto on how to treat everything:


There are special lotions, and shampoos at the chemist, and probably in the supermarket. Tell her to ask her mum to get one for her, or she could go for one. Don't share brushes with her, or hats.

chris h
You will know if you have them because your head will itch.
The over the counter shampoos are a good start in killing them.
But they do not remove the nits which are the egg cases that the lice glue onto the hair.
Get a special comb, they are often given away with the medicine and get your friend to gently comb through your hair.
Then you can do the same for her and so help to ensure all lice and eggs have gone.
Concentrate on the sides of the head above the ears and the hairs at the nape of the neck because thats where they like to lay their eggs.


you go to the doctor and then they will put mayo in ur hair because lice is attracted to it and once all the live ones are gone they will kill all the eggs with this shampoo that stings like mad. trust me ive had experience.

Ok, well everyone gets headlice at some point, mostly when you're a kid. My daugther has had them and they can be really persistent little buggers. I would avoid using pesticide shampoos etc as the lice become resistant and i have found them pretty ineffective as they don't usually kill the eggs as well. The best way to get rid of them is by rinsing the hair with water then smothering with conditioner (has the same effect of drowing the live ones but isn't as grim as using mayonnaise). Then part the hair into sections and use a nit comb, specially bought from chemist, which has very tightly spaced metal teeth. Comb through the hair and wipe the comb each time with some tissue paper to remove any eggs or lice from the comb. Unfortunately this process can take a long time to do. You also have to do it EVERY day until you are sure there are no eggs left, even one egg can lead to a reinfestation. I also go through the hair when it's dry as you can see them more clearly and just remove any eggs or lice with your nails by pinching and then pulling down the hair strand. You really must keep the combing and manual checking for over a week because it can take 7 days before an egg can hatch. You will only catch the lice from your friend if you have had your heads touching as they can only crawl from head to head not jump, as some people think. Lice are not as a result from being "dirty" as they can live on anyone's head. My daughter has very beautiful blonde hair down to her bum and i have struggled with them but please don't put chemicals on your head...they aren't as effective as picking them out. Be a good friend and offer to help her, it's nearly impossible doing it yourself. Good luck!

█⇨ℐℇ®șᴈϒ ʛɨʀʟ⇦█
Your friend would have to see a dermatologist or doctor to get a specialized shampoo working esp. to kill lice & its eggs.

A cheap effective way is to cover your hair in mayonnaise. This smothers the bugs, it also conditions your hair quite well. Don't forget tho, to comb through the hair to get the nits. As well as washing EVERYTHING in hot water. What you can't wash, put in a sealed plastic bag for about a week, this smothers them too. Then treat your carpet and furniture.

You have to buy special medication at a pharmacy. They should have it at any walmart/cvs/walgreens. Just go in and ask a pharmacist. The stuff is a little pricey, but its the only way to get rid of it without shaving your head. Make sure she follows the instructions on the box completely... Basically its like a medicated shampoo.

Rubbing mayonaise in your hair

theres a kit at the store. The metal comb is best to get the eggs and lice out, it is very painful but works. Plus wash everything everyday and lysol everything furniture and floors

Well i have never had them but here are some ways. You go out buy this special shampoo(for lice), and every night comb your hair with a dog comb (but that hasn't been used b4). I say dog comb because it is ten times smaller than a human's comb. Brush it and sometimes eggs and lice will come out. Or you can rub your whole entire head with Vaseline and put it up in a swimming cap. People say that sometimes they die because of Vaseline.

Security Crasher
They sell shampoo at the pharmacy too get rid of them.

Or you can use the old fashion ways
Try using a hair product with tea tree oil in it.

Or my fav way would be

To identify the presence of lice, check your scalp, or that of your child, for their eggs. Eggs are very small and can be various shades ranging from yellow to brown in color. You might think they are dandruff, but they don’t flake off as dandruff does.

Wash your hair with a strong tea made from rosemary leaves. To make rosemary tea, simply simmer about ¼ cup of dried or fresh rosemary leaves in four cups of water for 20 minutes.

or added effectiveness, combine about 20 drops of tea tree essential oil or rosemary oil with ¼ cup of vegetable oil such as almond or apricot. Apply this mixture to the scalp of the affected person and massage it in. Leave this on the head for one hour, and then shampoo thoroughly. The herbal oil and vegetable oil tend to smother the lice.

If you purchase a very fine-toothed comb, you can successfully remove many of the eggs. Destroy them in a jar filled with bleach or isopropyl alcohol. Continue doing this for about two weeks after every shampoo.


Wash all of the affected person’s clothes and bed linens in very hot soapy water as soon as you discover lice. Even stuffed animals can harbor lice, so get them dry cleaned or replace them with new ones.
Step 6

Carpets in your home and even your vehicle can house lice, so vacuum thoroughly after you discover an infestation on any member of your family.
Step 7

Do not allow children to share combs or brushes, even barrettes or other items that contact the scalp, such as towels, with other children.

I prefer herbal treatments for such things

RID-X and a ultra-fine tooth comb. she could also shave her head.

Dirty Numb Angel Girl
Buy some stuff from the store and use it, they usually come with little specially designed combs so you can comb the lice out.. Apparently mayonnaise suffocates them too.


She has to shave her head completely bald. This is the surest way to do it.

There's a certain kind of shampoo for that.I can't remember the name!

There are plenty of shampoos that get rid of lice. I suggest she invest in one before it gets way out of control and she has to shave her head or something.

Paul M
go buy the stuff at the drug store. follow directions carefully, it works (rite aid - walgreens)

Life is what YOU make it!
My mom used Mayonnaise....disgusting, I know! Till this day I don't like mayonnaise....

Ali Patrik

1.Be prepared to fight a long battle. Adult lice and immature lice are pretty easy to get rid of, but their eggs are much harder to get rid of, and it is with these that the most problems crop up. People can think that they are rid of lice, but then get another case of lice from just a couple of eggs. Constant vigilance will be necessary to win this battle.

2.Buy a quality lice treatment (also known as a pediculicide). You should be able to buy one over the counter at a local drug store. You should also get a quality nit comb (a normal comb is not fine enough to remove nits and lice from hair); a flea comb for pets may also be used.

3.Apply the lice treatment to the hair. Be sure to follow the treatment instructions, especially regarding the duration the treatment should be left on the hair and how it should be removed. You may need to buy another bottle to treat someone with very long hair.

4.Remove the treatment from the hair as directed. Note that you should not shampoo or condition the hair with normal shampoo or conditioner for 1-2 days following treatment.

5.Make sure the person with the lice then changes into clean clothes following the treatment.

6.Wait 8-12 hours (or as directed). Use the nit comb to remove the dead lice (and any ones still living) from the hair. If you find lots of live lice at this point, you may need a more effective pediculicide; contact your doctor for a recommendation.

7.Comb the hair with the nit comb and carefully check the scalp of the infested person every 2-3 days. Continue this process for 2 or 3 weeks to ensure that all of the lice are gone. Most lice treatments require a second application after about 10 days to kill any lice that may have hatched since the initial treatment.

8.Clean all of the infected person's contaminated belongings: clothes, towels, and bedding will need to be washed in hot water, and their mattress and room vacuumed thoroughly. Use the hottest setting on the dryer and dry for the longest time you can without harming the fabric.

9.Or you could...

10.Buy a cheap conditioner from your local supermarket. Also get a nit comb.

11.Rub the conditioner into the person's hair. Make sure you use enough conditioner.

12.Slide the nit comb through the hair quite hardly (to make sure you get the nits out) Make sure you do this until you are sure you have done enough.

13.Go round the hair with your fingers just to double check.

14.Finally, wash out your hair, making sure there is no more conditioner in the hair.

Hope i helped, Good luck.

David S
There are some over the counter medications you can buy at the drug store, but they're not highly effective, especially for someone who has had the lice for a while. The best bet would be to see a doctor for a prescription strength shampoo. After using the shampoo, the hair must be very carefully combed out to remove all the nits (eggs). It may take multiple shampooing and comb outs to eliminate the lice completely.

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