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 How contagious is Swine Flu?
a girl in my school has it and they are saying they might cancel school for a day. Is it really that bad?...

 What would you do if you found out you had HIV?
Just been wondering about it... i have my own answer... i just want to know what other people would do.

ie. would you look for a cure? or would you put a bullet to your head?

 I just got back from Mexico last week.. Swine flu or no?
I just returned from cancun mexico on the 20th with my boyfriend.. we both feel absolutely fine... should we worry?? we are a bit freaked out since its the only thing on the news....

 Has the swine flu 'pandemic' been blown out of proportion?

 I may have swine flu!? Please help!?
Three days ago i was sitting on a bus when a shifty looking Mexican walked onto the bus. The Mexican then sat behind me all was fine for awhile until he sneezed on the back of my head and snot landed ...

 do i have swine flu ?
k .. im concerned i have swine flu .. although my mum says it will be jut be normal flu ( but yh .. last time she told me i had just sprained my wrist .. i had cracked the bone in two lol )


 Is the Swine flu for real?
Is at a point where there could be a wide spread epidemic?...

 will the swine flu vaccine become mandatory?
Do you think that the government will force us all to take the swine flu vaccine in the future?...

 My Brother got Chicken pox 11 days ago .. now he's recovering 80% .. but i don't know i wheather will get it .
cuz i don't have any before ... i always did not share food or bed with him when he's having and i tried to avoid to him .. what is the percentage that i will likely get ?

how ...

 Confused about swine flu?
i'm pretty scared about it considering it's killing people in mexico. if you live in places in california, should you be worried? can you go to the mall and other public places? what the ...

 can you get swine flu over the Internet?
my friend says he got swine flu playing XBOX LIVE ...

 Which is the most common disease ?

 How do you deal with a roommate who has poor hygiene skills?
I've recently contracted MRSA and need to limit exposure to bacteria. My roommate insists on blowing his nose but not washing his hands before unloading the dishwasher, and doesn't clean up ...

 Do I Have Swine Flu?
I have body aches, fever (102), tiny chills, headache, and my throat is kind of sore.
My mom said she wants to take me to the doctor, my step-dad says I am faking. Not sure though....

 What is a good get well gift for a unwell 50 year old lady?
My best Friends mother is really sick and down, she just went though cancer treatment and was just in hospital for a month for a completely different operation, she is now at home and not feeling the ...

 can you get chicken pox mare than once?
The chicken pox are going around at my sisters highschool and she thinks she has the chicken pox.She said that some of her friends have had it twice.Is that possible?...

 Do you think the Swine Flu is all a Scam?? what is your input on it!!?
i'm scared of it, but then my husband was telling me that he thinks that this was all planned out, but then i started to think about what he was saying and i told him Maybe is was an Experiment G...

 Is Swine Flu officially in England?
Is it actually in England yet, because that's where i live and i don't want to die.

When will we have to start wearing those face mask things?...

 Do you believe schools should remain closed in the autumn to prevent the spread of swine flu?
I believe we should have a public vote on this issue.At the end of the day it's our children's and our families' health at steak so the government must hear our opinion.The health ...

 Should I still be worried about the H1N1 flu? Or in basic terms, swine flu?
I'm 13 and a female. Last wednesday, I started to have cold, feverish symptoms which lasted painfully until Sunday. On Monday, I felt some much better, but I still had the constant runny nose ...

Vampire Victoria
How do I keep people from knowing about my vampire disease?

i want to be a vampire!
r u serious though?

Hahaha yeah. Don't tell them. Mino is right.

R & C N
I'm not sure it is a disease, but it is a state of mind. Just don't tell until you think they can handle it.

Yazzmine W
well to start of i would say THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS VAMPIRES!!!!! but i would keep in doors with all the windows covered, lol "hope this helps"

i like vampires, but there not real so you cant be one :)

GISÈLE _please
not posting it on Y!A would be a good start
r u serious?
or is this another extreme twilight obession girl?

Don't post questions like this one, that's how. And not in the Infectious Disease category.

I think the more serious question is how do you keep people from suggesting you get some psychological help for thinking you have it.

I have a very long name, MWAHAHA
Don't post a related question on yahoo! answers... Oh, wait...

Um honey naming yourself Vampire is not a good start, but really why hide it anyway. If you are experiencing symptoms and people ask about the hair or your lips then tell them. If you are non ashamed and are just upfront without making a big deal, no one else will either.

Don't ask on Y!A, for one thing.

Megenta Angel Puff
well u just told us!!!!!!! maybe ask ur mom instead?!?!?!?!?!

Stop biting them in the neck. It is a sure giveaway. Oh yeah and stop advertising that you are a vampire. File down your teeth and try to go out in the daytime occasionally.

Good Luck!

Don't tell them, lol.

You can't not tell anyone about this like some people think. When someone suffers from Porphyria it is really hard to hide, but if someone doesn't want to be your friend because of it then they are daft! And if anyone makes fun of you for it I would just clue them in on what it is and let them know that even some royalty have suffered from it such as Mary Queen of Scots and King George III. You are one of a kind and with all this twilight mania going on you should win some new friends. long story short don't hide from it inform people of it. start a blog.

First thought is change your name from "vampire victoria". I don't know what vampire disease your referring to, but the name seems to me to be a dead giveaway

R u talking about the actual vampire disease where you have too much iron in ur blood? Because my dad has that!

Stay off the drugs. Are you sure your not crazy?

stop reading twilight. poser

Just be yourself. They won't suspect anything. Mostly because you're not a vampire, but also because you're not a vampire.

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