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 how can i convince my friend's mom that i'm not infected?
so, the swine flu outbroke about a week ago in Mexico City. from March 29- April 5, i was in Cancun, Mexico. my friend's mom doesn't want my friend to sleepover at my house this weekend, ...

 Is it true that the Swine Flu started in Mexico?
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Swine Flu Is It Goign to Kill The WHole World?...

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 What are the first signs of the swine flu?
i woke up with a sore throat so i stayed home just in case.
now im starting to get dizzy and feel like im about to vomit or have diarriah.
I do not have a fever
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 Is it true Penicillin can cause urine infections?
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 Is my child at risk of swine flu if we have spent time with someone visiting from Mexico?
We spent Saturday 9th May with my sister-in-law that lives in Mexico. She arrived around the 28th April from cancun to the uk. She has no signs of being ill and was given the all clear from the ...

 will I get swine flu and die? I live in Edinburgh and I'm 22?

 why did poor countries have the most bird flu cases?
i have info showing that poor countries had the most cases of bird flu, what is the link?
Additional Details
I know they have bad health care... tahts why there are more deaths, but that ...

 18 year old son, sick, fever, cough, headache, swine flu?
My son went to the doctor's twice, first time last Sunday fever, headache, chills, nothing was given to him but a shot for his headache, then Thursday he wasn't getting better, added a ...

How can swine flu travel from Mexico to Europe when they are so far apart?
I have heard Mexico has swine flu and that Europe are trying to prent it spreading from them.
Additional Details
Yes Justin I do have a brain.

no u
It's a global conspiracy. Swine flu is spread by the pork products that you eat in an effort by PETA to force those who eat meat to suffer, just like Mad Cow Disease was created to stop meat consumption.

Swine mutant flu virus in Mexico was a terrorist attack!

The puppet government of Cuba behind the bacteriological/biological terrorist attack against Mexico!
Swine flu affects pigs. But it was modified in labs to make it affect humans.
Mexico and USA suspect in Cuba's clandestine labs

Cuba is afraid and ban Mexico to visit the island.
Florida is afraid too.

narco-terrorist cells in Cuba and Florida are under investigation.
Cuba "has at least a limited offensive biological warfare" capability that could support biological warfare programs.
Cuba is attempting to develop weapons of mass destruction.
The State Department's top nonproliferation official, called on Cuba to cease transfers of biological weapons technology to "rogue states and to fully comply with all of its obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention."
For four decades Cuba has maintained a biomedical industry. Swine Flu virus might be modified in Cuba's clandestine laboratories and used against Mexico.!!!

travelling by air, you may find the answer from my blog, a special topic about swine flu: http://terry.summerhost.info/swineflu/

Your Friendly Jewish Accountant
You DO know that people fly on planes, right? We have that technology now.

Sara K
I was worried too about Swine Flu, but felt much better after reading this article: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/04/29/Swine-Flu.aspx

Washing your hands is a good idea. Surprisingly, garlic does have antibiotic effects. Oh, and you can't get swine flu from eating pork products. I hope this helps!

transfer thru' air..

Swine flu transfers through the air, therefore it is very easy to catch just by breathing.

Imagine being in a busy restaurant or stadium or even a school. People have very close contact with other people and this is why it can be passed on within seconds.

Unless the EU stops all flights, boats and any other forms of transport to and from Mexico/USA and Europe, it will be very hard to prevent Swine Flu from spreading.

The best thing is for everyone to wear a mask indefinitely until this resolves.

I think you are that stupid if you had to ask this question on Yahoo. How the heck do you think Europe got it, through the internet?

It's because the virus, besides making you sick, also confers on ordinary people the ability to run, leap and even fly huge distances with a single bound.

Just kidding: It's because people fly all over the world on airplanes. And so, by the way, an airplane is a bad place to be when there's a flu epidemic starting.

People traveling via airplane can spread it quick.

Steve L
here you go: http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/mba/lowres/mban70l.jpg

People carry viruses on planes and other forms of transportation. Use alcohol based hand sanitizer when you use any form of public transit.

Hope this helps :)


Sick people traveling on airplanes and buses, etc, easily spread disease.

TOURISTS !!!!!!!

Queen E
Most likely because of the people who travel back and forth.

Sheri-Ann C
people going on holiday. mexico is a popular tourist attraction if they catch it there and bring it back and then well breathe it could spread


Do you have a brain?

Jon J
It is carried by infected people when they go to another city which we called carriers, a lot of carriers don't even relaize they have the swine flu, hence the neccesity for airport thermal screening inorder to detect and quarantine the sick person before reaching highly populated areas of teh country, Read the information and guide on the link below for detailed information on Swine flu and howto protect against swine flu, including information about the N95 mask

Information and protection against Swine Flu

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