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Help Me!, I Got Swine Flu?!?!, Im dying :(?
As im writing this im strugglin to type,

Im living In new york,
On saturday, it was a normal flue..
Yesrerday, I started throwing up, when i moev, my head hurts,
I got n familie to take me to hospital
Ive beeen on bed for 27 hours nd cant get up..

heko me please

i guess you are now dehydrated because of fever , and body malaise . you have to recieve immediate care like rehydration. medication for pain like analgesic /antipyretic soft diet ,and absolute bed rest.

yeah the swine flue went through here hard about two months ago. it didn't kill anyone but everyone went through the same thing you are now worst case was one person had to be put in quarantine for a week. just stay and bed and treat it like a normal flue and if it gets any worse call the hospital... my sister didn't leave her bed for 4 days when she had it.

Your spelling and grammar is enough to make me die! LOL

Have someone carry you to a vehicle and get to the hospital

If you have no family to take you to a hospital, you should call a taxi or an ambulance. They will bring you to the hospital.

People who reach this stage of swine flu may die if they don't get medical help. If you can't get up to get enough water to drink, and you keep vomiting, you can die of dehydration in 48 hours. Call a TAXI or the HOSPITAL or 911 immediately.

Remember you can use Yahoo! Yellowpages to find the phone number of hospitals and taxi services in your area.

I think its not swine flu but something worse
Call 911 immeadityly
I read your other question
I think you have Phnomia
CALL 911

i had.. although not the vomiting. just stayed in bed.. watched tv.,. video games.. all that. so take easy, if u want go to doctor and see what they say....

I was quarantined at home with it for a whole week not too long ago (when it first came out and was REALLY scary!) I would say to go to the Dr. Call 911, they can send an ambulance. There's no reason you shouldn't/couldn't go, even without family. You're not going to die, but if you're that weak, you probably need fluids and Tamiflu would help take away the throwing up & nausea altogether. Good luck, get well soon!

I had that too. Didn't go to the hospital though. I mostly just suffered through it. You'll be fine.

I had that kind of stuff before just sleep it off and pop some tami flue, in about a week you should be feeling alot better

Hope it can help.

Crying tears of geek joy.
If you haven't been diagnosed there is no way for you to know you have the H1N1....sheesh!

If you are truly so ill that you feel you need to go to the hospital call 911, dummy.

If you are strong enough to type on your laptop so you can complain about your health to a bunch of strangers, then surely you can dial a phone.

muscle man
i never went to the doctor but had the same symptoms
you will be fine
sleep it off
take medicine
eat if you can you will have more energy if you do
and also chill you wil feel bettewe as time rolls on in the mean time chill

It's like this if you are going to die, you are going to die. There is nothing nobody here can do to help you. We can give you all the advice in the world and information but still fate is fate nothing changes fate you were born with your ending, that's how I see life, think about it. Just relax though and drink fluids gator aid,orange juice,ginger ale and drinks with vitamin in it. Eat soup. You should be in bed I refuse to sit here and baby you go lay down and do what you were told by the doctor with a degree.

I had the Swine Flu a few months ago. Its bark is worse than its bite- don't choke up a hospital unless you start having trouble breathing or passing out.

If you're start to get dizzy, disoriented or get shortness of breath then call 911 for an Ambulance to take you straight to the hospital.
Because the flu including H1N1 flu should not cause dizziness, disorientation, or shortness of breath. So if you have any of the 3 symptoms that I just told you about then call 911 ASAP immediately.
Because those 3 symptoms means that you're developing complications to the flu virus that you're infected with right now, and should be taken to a hospital to get serious medical help, like putting you on a ventilator or something like that.
I hope you survive the flu virus that your body is fighting right now.

Good Luck! :)

Well 1st of all why are you on y!a's when your sick?? Common sence go to the hospital!

Even with normal flu you get vomiting, the only to know its swine flu is by having tests done by dr/nurses.I am asthmatic and have had swine flu i just felt tired and dizzy to be honest, so i just got plenty of rest and kept my fluids up.I have colds that made me feel far worse than what swine flu did.

Ryan K
drink water

Swine flu only killed people who had seriously conditions already.

It is no worse than the normal flu and I, plus loads of my friends had Swine Flu and they had symptoms like your but they go away after a week.

Wtf? You are that sick in bed yet you can post things on here?

Sort it out :).

If you are really in that much pain you could call for an ambulance. 911. Just say, that you are running extremely ill and you think you need emergency help at whatever address you are at.

Kibble is King of all Crap
Don't worry, just because you have the Swine Flu, doesn't mean you'll die. But if you start feeling like you are having difficulty breathing, you need to get to a hospital fast because it could develop into pneumonia and that's how you will die. I had Swine Flu and recovered. It knocked me out for a while, but I recovered and lots of people do. Most people. If you really can't get out of bed for 27 hours, then how did you poo and pee? And you should have called an ambulance.

♥ liz ♥
I had regular flu once and felt the same way.For a solid week.Did not throw up but was very sick.When at the worst I thought I was going to die I got better.So weak I could hardly get up to the bathroom.

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