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 What is the risk of contracting HIV if you kiss someone with blood in their mouth?
Let's say you both have cuts in your mouth and you kiss, what is the chance what you can get infected by someone who has HIV?...

 Can we all pray for my 12 year old niece infected with swine flu today?

 How long after swine flu infection do symptoms start?
How long after you get exposed to swine flu do you start getting the symptoms? Also does anyone know when the epidemic started in Mexico?...

 not sure if i have the swine flu?? Help?
i'm freaking out cause i don't know if i have the swine flu.....
My throat hurts, i've been coughing a lot, i have a headache and my stomach hurts. i'm kind of nauseous.

 I Seriously Think I Have Swine Flu ?!?!?!?!?!?!? :S?
Im Fourteen Years Old and I Live In Tyrone Which is In Northern Ireland And There Had Been No Cases In N.Ireland Yet But I Have A Bad Cough and A Runny Nose!!!! I Feel So Week and I Keep Sneezing!!! I...

 Is the swine flu actually serious?
No one seems that worried about it... just think it'll blow over like bird flu did. But now it's come to the UK I do feel kinda worried. Should I be? And what should I do to prepare?...

 Swine flu pandemic - what does it mean if it gets to this stage?
If the WHO says that swine flu is a pandemic, what will change in the way countries are reacting to it? Is it just a label or will it actually affect our lifestyles until swine flu is under control?...

 I am terrified about having my TB vaccination?
I am petrified about having my TB done

I was wondering if anyone could try to take my nerves away as i have heard so many roumers that it absolutely kills, they have to put fruit behind ...

 I have headlice, how do i get rid of them? Please help!?
PLEASE HELP, THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I am 13 and have leadlice, omg yuck! I thought i'd got rid of em in primary school, but they have returned! My mum's not very good at getting them out, and i ...

 104 fever in 2 year old. Help!?
My son had a 104 fever yesterday morning and we went to the ER. Blood tests revealed low WBC's of "3" which MD's said was indicative of viral infection. Chest x-ray, ears, and ...

 I think i have Swine flue. Help?
Im realy sick and im kind of getting worried because today at school they gave a notice out about swine flue and if it comes to my town their probebly going 2 shut down the schools. I have allot of ...

 Could the swine flu be the end of human race?
They say the world will end in 2012.
Could there be a possibility of this influenza being the "end of the world"?
It seems to be spreading pretty fast..and is very contagious so ...

 Are you worried about Swine flu?
To be honest Iam not I think it has been completely blown out of proportion
Additional Details
am so glad majority people agree with me for once!!...

 do i have the flu thing?
im NOT from mexico but "supposibly" it alreadyyy spread to MANY places!!
itz already spreading in CALIFORNIA [i live there]
and i dont know if i have th flu cuz my head hurts ALOT...

 Where did Swine Flu start Mexico or in the US.?
My friend is telling me it started here.
-I heard that it started in Mexico. I need answers,
cause I want to prove her wrong so she can kiss my feet..lol
its a bet.

The flu ...

 Why are people so scared of the silly swine flu?
The media is making people freak out over this. It is treatable and so far only one American has died from it and 200 Mexicans are suspected of dying from it. I'm not worried at all about ...

 I have swine flu should i do this to resolve it?
should i strop drop and role?

im not sure :(...

 do I have to go to the doctor for swine flu?
So as it turns out I was in Mexico City for nearly a week over easter (returned April 14th). My last day there I got sick - with what I will euphemistically refer to as "stomach flu". I ...

 If you had the Swine Flu would you admit it to your girlfriend or would you just go ahead and pork her?

 Ok, My boyfriend said that he wants to french kiss me and I totally what him to?
The only thing is that I am woried I will get seriously sick like herpes, mono, or AIDS could any of these happen and which ones???...

Have you been impacted by swine flu?
There have been all these reports about how swine flu is now unstoppable and that otherwise healthy people are coming down with and have had serious symptoms.
I don't know anyone with it but I wondered if others have known friends, family or colleagues with it? Has it impacted their workplace or school?

I have been impacted by the swine flu by having to listen to the media crap on about it.

more people die from the common cold each day than swine flu!

messy jessy
I belive oinkment is the best cure.

Yeah, lots of people i know had it and quite a few from school too.
I'm used to hearing that people are contracting swine flu, to me it's become just like the normal flu.

They really blew it out of proportion, at least now they're realising that it's not as bad as it seemed in the beginning and those who actually died from it had other illnesses as well.

Fortunately no one in my family has fallen ill with it.

However when swine flu first hit Victoria all bar one of my neighboring suburbs were had confirmed cases, soon after there were kids in my school with reported cases witch led to the school being closed down for a week, a lot of my friends have also had swine flu causing them to miss work for up to 2 weeks, But have now made a full recovery.

Nah. But people have had it round where I live. Its not dangerous in Australia anyway so there wouldn't be much impact here....

Stephanie C
YES my beautiful 21 year old daughter who was intellectually handicap got sick on Thursday 2 July at around lunch time with flu like symptoms by Saturday the 4th of July at lunch time we were at the hospital by 7.00pm she passed away..her lungs were filled with muck she couldn't breath even with oxygen and steroids and antibiotics....and yes she did have the flu vaccine but was not strong enough to fight the swine flu...so don't think it's an exaggeration it's better to be safe thank sorry...and no she hadn't been out of the country so only god knows why he took my sweet angel...

yes ive had pig flu - oink! oink!

i live in broome WA and id only been back in town after 2wks away working in the desert ... got back thursday morning and caught the flu on friday the very next day as everyone whom i associate with to family and friends as well as a bustling tourist town - public. well everyone was sick and my immune system was very low with lack of sleep, food and rest thanks to a lot of work.

over a period of 1 wk my flu developed and had gotten worse as each day passed. i was hospitalised with horrible migraine headaches ( i couldnt even open 1 eye my head would rock) vomiting, coughs, Flem, body and joint pains - severe hot/cold sweats with skyrocketing temperature ... my clothes was drenched everynight for 2wks - it was as if i was dripping like a tap hadnt been turned off properly.

it is 10Xs worse than a normal body flu .. i thought i was going to die .. at 31yrs of age i gave up alcohol 4 months b4 my diagnosis of swine flue because i had an operation to remove my gall bladder - which now im starting to think it probably saved my life because u have to be fit or healthy without any other medical condition or heavy drug and alcohol takers - or - worst scenario DEATH

they treated me with tamiflu and anti-biotics and drips to get my fluids up as i hadnt been eating or drinking much fluids for 2wks - i lost an incredible 15kg in 2wks ...... just really sick!!

just fully recovered. the flu also attacked my lungs which caused me to develop pneumonia in my left lung too.

joanne o
no not really i think twice about a few things but not much

Yes.My son had it yet me, my husband and my other 2 children avoided it. We just kept him separated from the main living areas and sanitized everything. He was so sick. Worse than he has ever been and he is only 6 years old so I was really worried but he pulled through fine. He has had a few attacks of the sniffles since but I suppose that is to be expected when your immune system is so compromised. The doctor we saw said that approximately 1 in 3 people have come into contact with the illness. That was about 4 weeks ago so goodness knows if that number has increased. I would assume it has.

No not at all

nope. i live in australia which has the most cases, more than mexico, and i know 2 people with it.


I live in Cairns, Australia and yes it had impacted me.
My school was closed for a week of school and it so was my futsal and swimming team.

I feel guilty for it but I was slightly glad at the time, for I reallyy needed a break from sports and school.

It probably hasn't impacted me as much as it has impacted the family of those who have got it, but still, it impacted me a little share.

Scorched Eartha Policy
Impacted by it!! I feel like I was hit by a Mac Truck full of infected swine!!

I have nit suffered flu for at least seven years, having always taken the natural therapies ways out. Lemon and honey, ginger, ecchinacea, garlic and horseradish.

It has seen me through almost a decade while all around me fell victim to the dreaded flu bug. The most I ever suffered was a mild fever, some aches and pains and a sore throat.

But my husband contracted it through his workplace, brought it home....and it has IRONED me out.

My lung function is severely affected. I hurt all over. Bending down to retrieve a dropped tissue results in jolting pain through my head. My high temperature was 40.5 degrees Celsius. My throat is raw. I have been ill for over a week. My daughter was ill for two weeks and is only now beginning to recover.

Stay away from anyone who sneezes is my advice to you.

I was told that its so wide spread that 99% of people that have the flu have swine flu, its no big deal to healthy people who don't have health problems, but of course if any condition gets worse see a doctor, i wonder if people were like this when the flu, the normal flu came out.
I have had and have the flu at the moment and its probably the swine flu and i ddon'tthink its a big deal!

Yes. My son had it, he is 13 and my god he was so putridly ill. The first night it hit him really sudden, he was fine all day, he came inside then at 5pm he said he had a headache and by 6pm his temp was up over 42 degrees and nothing i done helped to get it down (for well over a week), i sat sleeping on the floor next to his bed all night. I was told to not go out to not send him or his sister to school for atleast 2 weeks. It is a horrible flu dont let anyone tell you it cannot get severe, because it can and it does quickly. To date AUS has recorded 21 deaths within the last 4 weeks some of them perfectly healthy people, 70% of people will be hospitalised due to this flu, the H1N1 strain will continue on well into the summer season with the peak period being late July-August.

For those of you who are not educated with H1N1, this flu consists of the human flu, swine flu and avian flu (bird flu) so in essence if you come down with the H1N1 strain you will contract all 3 above, if you remember a few years ago bird flu was killing people all over asia with nearly a 100% mortality rate of those severly infected. Make no mistake this flu is WORSE than any other around it just depends on the severity of the infection.

No, however, the quarratine has tested me when i came back on a plane but it was only the seasonal flu

I think i'm infected right now! :'(((
Had this fever for 3 days now, however it's getting better now.
Got chesty coughing, loss of appetite, severe headache and constant noise in my ear... So this moring i went to a GP and he only prescribe me panadol and robitusin (cough syrup) and ask me to bed rest for a week at least. So i'm hoping to get well soon... Oh ya, I've also been spraying Glen 20 all over my house to kill the germs (i hope)

Kate Alex Bahleef
The Swine Flu is no where near as bad as the depression and worry my husband is having because of it. I went away for a week and came home by plane touching down in Brisbane from Townsville and then touching down in Sydney and then on to Adelaide. from there I had a 4 hour trip to Port Augusta. All of this time I was in close contact with other people and managed to get home without contracting the dreaded SF. My husband did not come home for three days and I expect he thought I should be miserable but I had a ball because I did not get the SF and I did not worry myself sick because of it. I had a wonderful holiday with our daughter in Townsville and I am so glad SF did not stop my enjoyment. Media hype because of SF has a lot to answer for

I have been tested for it as i have many ailments and if your sick your more likely to get the swine flue, but i didn't get it only the flue with a chest infection.

No not at all

Yes, I've come out all over in Rashers. He he.

Well apparently its way more contagious then the regular seasonal flu but is way less severe! so its not as bad as regular flu but for already sick people its bad because it spreads so fast! and i have heard of 1 person who got it but she's fine!

Lil Amaree
no and it will stay that way ....

No but I wouldn't trust the swine flu vaccination. The media hype is an excuse for the WHO to force people to have the vaccination. The side effects will make you more sick and even death. The swine flu is overstated.

truth teller
I am afraid to kiss pigs now !

Yes, a friend of mine and her sisters had it after her sisters came back from an overseas trip. Had very nasty symptoms such as coughing up phlegm and blood, passing out etc.

I do some work with schools and came in contact with students from a school where some students had had it, got flu not long after (mild but I still whined and complained a lot because I am a big sook), don't know if it was swine flu as I didn't get tested but apparently most people won't know they have it as the symptoms can be like normal flu. The only ones who seem to be dying from it are those that already had medical problems. My brother may have it but I think they have stopped automatically testing for it now.

I live in Arizona, close to the Mexican border, and don't know anyone who's had the flu, yet.

It's important to keep things in perspective: "As of last week, the WHO had reported nearly 95,000 laboratory-confirmed cases of pandemic flu and 429 deaths." That's 429 deaths. One death is too many, but consider that regular seasonal flu kills an average of 36,000 a year in the US alone.

Stay informed, and consider taking the vaccine they're predicting will be available this fall. But for right now, it's not that big a deal. Most cases are not even being reported, because people are able to "get over it" at home, without medical intervention. Take normal precautions against flu, and keep yourself healthy with good diet, along with plenty of fluids, exercise, and rest.

For H1N1 "swine flu" q&a, see: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/qa.htm

I work in a pathology lab and someone I work with got it.

He recovered completely in a few days and said it wasn't the worst flu he'd had. Said it was actually quite mild.

Most of the fuss about swine flu is a media sensationalism

yes. there were quite a few cases at my school last month and they had to close it for a week, hoping to contain it, but that didnt really help as more people got it anyway. it was weird cos the week the school closed, my friend was already sick with the flu. however it was week later when she was healthy again that she got the results from the doctor that she actually had the swine flu, yet she just got better with bed rest, taking paracetamol and cold and flu tablets. i dont even think she believed that she had it.
hmm i hear that numerous people have died apparently cos of the swine flu now, but at my school it feels like everythings died down and i havnt heard anything about it for ages...
by the way i live in melbourne

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