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 I'm scared about swine flu but want a truthful answer...?
I'm 18 and got swineflu on tuesday i was diagnosed wedneday morning and by 11am was taking tamiflu, less than 24 hours after my symptoms came on
What are the chances of dying from swine flu ...

 When will all these Swine Flu questions stop ?
When do you think everyone is going to stop asking all these question's about swine flu ??

I guess I just added another one to the list......

 Should you have the swine flu vaccine if you are pregnant?
A friend of mine is about 5 and half months pregnant, she is really unsure what to do with regards to the vaccine!! Is it dangeroous, is there a high metal content in there? What exactly should she ...

 Where did swine flu originate from?

 i am rally worried about swine flue, that it will kill all of the earth and be as bad as a black pleague?
could you plz give me some information which is supported that could make me stop ...

 How do you bring down a fever?
I have a fever of 103.4 and we don't have any Advil and I'm home alone. what do I do?
Additional Details
I drank some cold water, took the temperature again, it's at 104.1 ...

 do i have swine flu???????????
i live in Massachusetts and i have heard that there are some people who have swine flu. i just got sick and i dont feel good at all. i have a soar throat, like when i swallow my throat kills, and my ...

 Are we all going to die?

 Can you sue a hospital if the patient caught a bacteria when she was admitted and died?

 what happen if you kill a dog?
dose it come alive ...

 Should i go to the ER?
I haven't traveled to Mexico, but i live on the coast of the gulf of Mexico. I am showing every sign of swine flu and i feel awful! I have a big test tomorrow that i can't miss but i can ...

 My brother just threw up...SWINE FLU?
he has no other symptoms so far... could it be swine???...

 How do you get shingles?
My friend has shingles, I know it's not contagious, just wanna know. Im scared man. I dont have health insurance yet at my new job. And even if I did I dont go to doctors cause they're ...

 Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
That's right. Nobody died from the swine flu today. But guess what? Hundred of people died from violent crimes nationwide. THOUSANDS more died from car accidents (about a hundred thousand per ...

 If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?
Swine: edible forms being - pork, bacon, etcetera. I suppose you could eat it raw, and then it would be plain pig. EEW!

Additional Details
How do you get swine flu ...

 I think I have swine flu... do I need to contact my doctor?
I have most of the symptoms, but I am coping at the moment. Is it important for me to contact the doctors or should I just see how I go?...

 i have swine flu... help?
how can i treat this.
i am taking tamiflu..

everyone is like oh my goodness what if you gave it too me.. cause y friend died from it, i know i probably won't but... what can i do<...

 anyone thats had strep... read!?
okay, i was dignosed with strep today (im a freshman)
i was having boy aches and REALLY tired. and had headaches
so i got the shot and stuff.
will my throat start hurting before it ...

 how do i prevent swine flu?
does anyone know what to do to prevent it i live in seattle and i heard it just hit in 6 cases and i dont wanna die ...

 Are you scared about Swine flu?
I want your opinion. is it just another hyped up thing or are you really scared?...

In the shadows
Doesn't it kill you when it saids kills 99.99 percent germs.?

Additional Details
Here's a better way to say it when it say kills 99.99 percent germs it is the one percent I worry about

The 0.1% of the germs it doesn't kill can kill you.

Well its 99.9 percent of germs. and the reason they don't put 100 percent is because they aren't fully sure it kills everything, so they just put 99.9

I'm Angry
Only if you are a microscopic human.

Katie C
no, thats so small, it doesn't need to be totally perfect
germs are everywhere
those hand sanatizers, they're not so good though. soap and water is the best way to go.

Yea, just protects them from lawsuits is all it does :(

YES it does! Why don't they just put 100%?! A lot more people would buy it.

roo the day
Seriously. You *know* it's definitely that .01% that's all the fatal stuff.

KayCeee :)
not necessarily cause purell, germ X, and ETC. says kills 99.99 percent of germs. but it doesnt kill you

Joseph Goebbels
It's just in case you can sue them if you get a disease when using their product. I'd say it gets rid of 50% of germs but do you think they will say that on the label?

you are not a germ, germs live on you and that kills most of them

No. Humans are more protective against substances that kills 99.99 percent germs.

If your a germ, yes

Zach =D O_o
Yes! It is kind of hard to believe that germ-x brand kills 99.99 percent of germs. They could be wrong...?

Actually, YES! Me being a clean freak, I like everything super clean and germ free. If they have found something that kills everything that well, why can't they just invent something to kill that dang 1%!!! Geez!

John J
you better stay away from it because your a germ

No it doesn't because it says 99.99% of the germs/bad bacteria, it's not saying there are 99.99% of germs concentrated in that particular area or killing all the germs (healthy bacteria) there e.g: on your hands.

I'm not a germ. Are you a germ?

not unless you are a germ

Little Gurl
no, but i always have to question "what about the other 00.01% germ?"

yup why not just say 100

Sam Dali
No. Are you a germ?

only if you are a giant germ

Probably not a good idea to drink/eat it.

only if you're a germ

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