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 Are we all going to die?

Sadie K
Do you think this is infected?
so i have this cut on my arm and it hurts it is pretty wide but not that deep i did it the other day. And now it is all red around it and warm and it is all dirty in it and it is itchy and it hurts. do you think its infected?
Additional Details
and im 15 and i havnt said to my mum about it because she will go how the **** did that happen

Yes, you're going to die.

no it is not it will be okay,

♥ Gabby ♥

i think probably but depends on what u cut your arm with

Berserker Mushroom

Miami G
itchy usually means it's healing

if it get oozy and pus that's infection
or if it smells

OMG, you got it DIRTY????

Clean it out and go get some peroxide and pour on it...

Yeah anytime you get a cut you should put some disinfectant on it i think its called ox proxide or something if it isnt im sure its not hard to find

It is VERY infected.

It needs cleaning out with alcohol swabs and you need antibiotics.

Depending on how wide and deep it is it might need stitching

Go to your doctor

Okay, well hunny, I personally would go to the doctors JUUUUST in case. but seeing as you did not provide us with the size of your cut, I can't be too sure, and Im no doctor. But still, just to be on the safe side, go and get it checked out. LUV YA! XX

Um yeah sounds infected to me. You need to clean it out and go to the doctor or something.

Nope. Sounds like you have to clean it out. If you don't they have to stick a needle in your arm, THEN it will get infected

yes i learned it in school its will start to hurt more if u dont get help with it trust me!

being red around it and warm to the touch is an early sign of infection. Wash the cut with antibacterial soap and warm water, pat it dry and put some neosporin on it. Do this 2 times a day for a few days. Just keep a close eye on it and it should be fine.

Un Chin C
probably it is. You might need to stitch it up if it's wide. I'd go to the doctor if i were you. Tell your mom, it's better than having puss coming out of it because that's going to hurt even more.

It's getting infected, yes. You should clean it out with peroxyide wipes immedietly and cover it with a band-aid.

Ashley Mandat
hell yes! wash it nd go 2 the doctor dummy!! it cud get puss nd u die frm dat!! mi uncle did.

Ignore the people who are saying you are going to die and you need your arm amputated, that is a load of bull sh*t! It is fine, just clean it, bathe it in some warm water.

yeah it sounds infected. go wash it with soap and warm water, pat it dry, and apply some antibiotic ointment on it and a band-aid. keep doing that everyday, and be sure to keep it covered with a band-aid. if it doesn't get any better or gets worse, then you need to tell your mom so she can take you to the doctor.

Kristen B
You need to buy some bacitracin or neosporin ointment. Clean it first with soap and water (don't use alcohol or peroxide), then put on the ointment and a bandage. Alcohol and peroxide can delay healing. It definitely sounds like it's could be getting infected. If it keeps getting worse after putting the bacitracin on, you will need to tell your parents.

yup tell your mom trust me ha ha

i ended up in the hospital for 2days for a stupid little cut
bacteria got in it and it was working like poison nearly killed me

Kasey Lea
HAHA sadie that was funny when it happened it is infected sorry about ur bike

ewww its dirty ? ugh i know how that feels +o(
i feel bad for yuh dude :( , , haha but i dont hve no advice :) :$
ask yo modha :)

o yea , does it smell ?

it defitnitly seems infected if it hurts and is itchy, although sometimes all cuts are sore for a bit. i'd recommend putting some cream on it to stop the itchiness even something like E45 or a moisturiser if its dirty try using a anti bacterial wipe so its clean, if it still seems infected tell someone anyone and they might be able to help, a friend, a doctor, tell your dad ? or a family member, or a parent.

dirty???????yea it probably is infected! just clean it up antibacterial soap and buy neosporin to help it heal aster and have less of a scar!

Yes. And you know it.

Why is it not cleaned and covered?

Use some hydrogen peroxide to clean it out and cover it up. And get to a doctor. You can't hide it now. Should have taken proper care when you first got it.

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