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 Hey i heard there was 50 cases of swine flu in new york and i live there what should i do?
Hey i heard there was a cure announced last night so should i sit back and relax till everyone is treated and till they come out with a vaccine?
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On the news it was ...

 How can swine flu travel from Mexico to Europe when they are so far apart?
I have heard Mexico has swine flu and that Europe are trying to prent it spreading from them.
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Yes Justin I do have a brain....

 I think I may have HIV/AIDS?
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 should i be worried abou the swine flu?
i heard people in new york got it and i live in philadelphia. im having mixed emotions because the health officials are saying they expect deaths but many teachers at my school are saying they are ...

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?
what are the symptoms of swine flu as it is now entering the uk and that is were i live so i would like to know so i am then aware of if i may get it some time in the future

thank ...

 I have a question that has to do with the swine flu and the end of the world.?
you know how everybody is saying the world is gonna end on december 21st 2012, because a bunch of historical stuff says so? and how the swine flu has recently reached Level 4 of a pandemic situation ...

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 question about swine flu?
somone i know has just come back from mexico, i haven't seen him but i've seen someone that's seen him, what are the chances do you think of it spreading to me if he had it?
i ...

 Is there such thing as kissing disease?
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 Can get aids by swallowing someone elses blood if they have aids?
basically i drink someone elses blood and that person has aids?
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Sorry that was an example i mean can u get aids if u swallow a little bit of someone elses blood and ...

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If so im now scared of ...

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 how do you get rid of a cold?
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 OMG!! i think i have swine flu !?
i live in manhattan new york city and here there's are WAY more swine flu cases then any where else in U.S.A. of course im scared nearly 100 kids have been contaminated. lately i have had a ...

 can strep throat go away without antibiotics?

 I'm very worried about my son, and I think he might be gay. What should I do?
He's like 15, and all he talks about is shoes, and theater, and drama. His voice is whiny and he doesn't have any hair that's not on his head. I am not raising a homo in my house, so ...

Do you think swine flu is a manufactured virus?
After a bit research, I found it is too amazing for a H1N1 virus that only can survive in pigs to be smart enough to combine itself with a little bit bird flu and make a few modification then transfer itself to a different H1N1 so it can survive in human too.

I even wonder is it a reserved weapon to boost the pharmaceutical revenue in this financial crisis?

kiahsobyk .
No, just a manufactured crisis.

Peter C
No its not because it could kill the creators . No conspiracy here there has been many pandemics of different flu's all through history

Molly Moose
i really doubt it..
it's an interesting thought though

hi , I consult Influenza Report, this is a medical textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of epidemic and pandemic influenza (download PDF):

After reading through nine answers already, the thumbs up are truly factual and almost 5 of them are good answers. With this being said there's no way that we even need to manufacture any virus for any reason whatsoever. The only possible reason might be for population control, but this isn't needed. The person that gives the account of swine flu going into a more aggressive strain right in time for the fall influenza season has been listening right along. If somehow you missed these facts from different media reports then you need to find them out before asking such a very strange question as this. The pharmaceutical companies don't need the money from a virus as they stand to gain more from bacterial illness's that antibiotics can help. Then they get money from all the OTC medications for all the symptoms from these virus's like Imodium, fever and pain reducer's etc. There is a list of all cities in the USA that the first strain of swine flu has already hit from www. wfsb.com/news/19581558/details... as of May 27th and it may have been updated again. Good luck and God Bless
BTW- I would wish that anyone planning to "stock up" on things ahead of time will be selfless enough to leave some of the OTC medications for anyone wanting and needing these things too. Buy enough for your family and leave the rest for others to have for there's.


Viruses are not intelligent. They are extremely simple "organisms" that have evolved a system of replication involving mutation and flexibility which makes it more likely that they can jump species. It was not planned by the virus. It is pure chance that they ended up in swine and now humans. OTOH, sure: It could be that the virus was released by a lab.

There are currently countless trillions of viruses in billions of living things, mammals, birds, etc, (thousands just in your very body right now, most of them totally harmless!) and some of them are actively replicating, mutating, sharing genetic material as they run into each other in the same host.

You really think it's surprising that every year or so, we see one that infects people easily and makes them very sick? Haven't you ever gotten a bad cold? It's well known that viruses can jump from one host to another.

Craig C

If you suspect you have swine flu do not go into the doctors surgery, phone up.

We are currently in the 1st wave but the 2nd which is expected in the autumn or winter is expected to be much much worse and kill millions.WHO will declare a pandemic within days and put the planet on red alert over swine flu, When this happens governments around the world will activate their emergency pandemic plans and put them into place, most of these plans include:
School closure-If there is such a great risk to children-we have to save them first
Public events being cancelled nationwide.

This is expected to happen and the virus is expected to get more severe. in the worst case scenario 120 million people are expected to die and 2 billion infected, we are edging towards this now so make your plans now. Right now health experts around the world are meeting with WHO to discuss the declaration of a pandemic and how and when to do it, which could be as early as tonight. There is no way back now we are too late to contain it and it will continue to spread around the world with more and more deaths being reported every day.

You may wish to buy the essential things to survive now and stock up because when this gets really bad, which i believe and many experts believe you will be asked to remain indoors and the army will put roadblocks around the country, they will be called back from the places they are too help their countries because it really is all of humanity that is under threat now and we must work together to save as many as we can, too continue life if many people are killed.

Nope. There are more other viruses to boost pharm revenue like cancer, aids, heart probs, immune system diseases, and plenty others. Swine flu has mutated over time and had finally found itself in humans like bird flu has done. Viruses tend to mutate over time and that is why it can be hard to find a cure.

No - people say it's for population control - however science as not as advanced in this area. They would have to control the viruses to some extent - they don't want to kill everyone remember and even government lab workers are incapable of doing that . So no I don't think it's man made. I have talked to a vet- pigs can catch any kind of flu swine human and avian and therefore you can get a mutation, pigs have an immune system very similar t humans and they can give illnesses to us.As for the human to human infection, one of the first was in Britain which is just right for a viruses mutation - personally I think Britain alone will lose 2% of it's population to swine flu and France etc will lose a few more. I am not a doctor or an expert but I think we we will lose a lot of people if it does not die out. government made? no - we are not that advanced yet.

You may be right
I think you are right, the drug companies saw their money going down because of less sickness, so I think one of their people did this.

It's too bad that someone has to make a business out of sickness, that isn't right, you should help people and get your paycheck, but not billions of dollars in profit.

It's the same with computer viruses, without them we don't need an anti virus protector, I think they have some hacker friends that aren't connected to them in any way and they make sure there are always viruses out there so they have business.

Whether or not any doctors were involved in creating this pig flu, it's seems to be for sure that someone created it, even if it was a terrorist, and it could have been a terrorist too, what an easy way to kill people and not get caught.

Ya, it was only a test. LOL

Now we should be concerned about a more dangerous one.

interesting link. I am a pathology major so this is something I am studying.


the odd thing to me is that it has elements of the avian flu, seasonal human flu and swine flu. These do not normally ever combine in one animal to create a new virus.

also, you could google: Baxter pharmaceuticals H5N1 Toronto Sun

they had a very strange and hush hush mishap with flu viruses that "could" have lead to something like this in early March this year. happy hunting.

I believe,also,that it was FAR too much for coincidence. The news even said it was traced to a little Mexican boy...I wonder how he got could in the crossfire of three different flu strains at one time..while I was watching this on CNN, then they showed the masked citizens of New Mexico start to scramble for cover of an earthquake. I try not to be a conspiracy theorist, but really,where can one hide? May as well not worry...that's unhealthy.

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