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 I Seriously Think I Have Swine Flu ?!?!?!?!?!?!? :S?
Im Fourteen Years Old and I Live In Tyrone Which is In Northern Ireland And There Had Been No Cases In N.Ireland Yet But I Have A Bad Cough and A Runny Nose!!!! I Feel So Week and I Keep Sneezing!!! I...

 Is the swine flu actually serious?
No one seems that worried about it... just think it'll blow over like bird flu did. But now it's come to the UK I do feel kinda worried. Should I be? And what should I do to prepare?...

 Swine flu pandemic - what does it mean if it gets to this stage?
If the WHO says that swine flu is a pandemic, what will change in the way countries are reacting to it? Is it just a label or will it actually affect our lifestyles until swine flu is under control?...

 I am terrified about having my TB vaccination?
I am petrified about having my TB done

I was wondering if anyone could try to take my nerves away as i have heard so many roumers that it absolutely kills, they have to put fruit behind ...

 I have headlice, how do i get rid of them? Please help!?
PLEASE HELP, THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I am 13 and have leadlice, omg yuck! I thought i'd got rid of em in primary school, but they have returned! My mum's not very good at getting them out, and i ...

 104 fever in 2 year old. Help!?
My son had a 104 fever yesterday morning and we went to the ER. Blood tests revealed low WBC's of "3" which MD's said was indicative of viral infection. Chest x-ray, ears, and ...

 I think i have Swine flue. Help?
Im realy sick and im kind of getting worried because today at school they gave a notice out about swine flue and if it comes to my town their probebly going 2 shut down the schools. I have allot of ...

 Could the swine flu be the end of human race?
They say the world will end in 2012.
Could there be a possibility of this influenza being the "end of the world"?
It seems to be spreading pretty fast..and is very contagious so ...

 Are you worried about Swine flu?
To be honest Iam not I think it has been completely blown out of proportion
Additional Details
am so glad majority people agree with me for once!!...

 do i have the flu thing?
im NOT from mexico but "supposibly" it alreadyyy spread to MANY places!!
itz already spreading in CALIFORNIA [i live there]
and i dont know if i have th flu cuz my head hurts ALOT...

 Where did Swine Flu start Mexico or in the US.?
My friend is telling me it started here.
-I heard that it started in Mexico. I need answers,
cause I want to prove her wrong so she can kiss my feet..lol
its a bet.

The flu ...

 Why are people so scared of the silly swine flu?
The media is making people freak out over this. It is treatable and so far only one American has died from it and 200 Mexicans are suspected of dying from it. I'm not worried at all about ...

 I have swine flu should i do this to resolve it?
should i strop drop and role?

im not sure :(...

 do I have to go to the doctor for swine flu?
So as it turns out I was in Mexico City for nearly a week over easter (returned April 14th). My last day there I got sick - with what I will euphemistically refer to as "stomach flu". I ...

 If you had the Swine Flu would you admit it to your girlfriend or would you just go ahead and pork her?

 Ok, My boyfriend said that he wants to french kiss me and I totally what him to?
The only thing is that I am woried I will get seriously sick like herpes, mono, or AIDS could any of these happen and which ones???...

 a question about swine flu?
we now have swine flu in our hometown and im due to go to a gig on saturday night with my kids, how safe do you think it is to be in a big crowd, i know alot of people say its all hype but i dont ...

 what is the danger of not washing new clothes before wearing ?
i heard one can aquire an ...

 Strep Throat?
im supposed to go to Valleyfair On friday
( the day after tomorrow)
and i think i have strep throat.
my throat hurts like crazy and all this crap keeps coming out of my throat

 Can you contract AIDS from a fart?
My friend with AIDS just farted and I was just wondering if I could catch his AIDS? I am seriously freaking out!!!...

Alexa Roxx
Do you think Swine Flu will kill everyone!!!?
scary fluuu

Yep. That's what we get for all the sodomy.

no. but people sleeping with their pigs isn't going to help stop the spread either. cause that's what's causing it

No.................but to me this is sorta beginning to sound like the movie "I am Legend"

probably not, swine flu are afraid of me :]

Of course not. Already a medicine out there to cure it


hopefully it just thins out people dumb enough to ask that. survival of the fittest.

Cardina E
Hell no.

Remember how the Bird Flu was meant to kill like 1 billion people? Or how SARS was going to wipe out a quarter ofthe worlds population? And what about that anthrax scare?

I'm more worried about an Ebola outbreak in Africa. There's usually one every 30 years and we are about overdue for the next one. I'm not in Africa, but the reason the rest of the world didn't get it in 1976 was because there wasn't all the global travel there is today. We could have an outbreak, and it wouldn't be confirmed for 5 days (takes that long) and because of the viralency of Ebola, it could be half way across the globe in that time cos of travellers.

No, I really don't think it will kill a lot of people, but my mom stocked up on extra food and bought masks in case it comes our way. So you might want to do something like that.

no it can be cured if caught earlier


no. now, saying that, make sure you take care of yourself. wash your hands, avoid contact with people who are visibly ill and avoid traveling to mexico until after the disease has subsided.

no definitely not,just some

Not if we do our part and take care of ourselves.

no not every one but you just wait till it hits the old folks homes and the 3rd world countries then you will see a death toll

50 million in 1918 when it got deadly, but remember we got better technology today.

Voodoo Experience
No, no virus has been able to that. People will build immunities, some that have been affected have already recovered, so they shouldn't get the flu again.

the govt has already taken precautions to control it

No. The great Flu epidemic of 1918-1919, which was totally devastating, only killed about 3% of the world's population.


here is my opinion. Everyone said that a black man would be the president when "pigs fly", and sure enough 100 days into Obama's presidency "swine flu" hahahaha

Come on everyone, it's a joke!! we need not to worry, I have a huge deal of faith and believe that we are not doomed, or threatened in any way. we need to lighten up and take care of each other instead of letting physical and other differences push us away. PEACE

Nicholas Z
No, humankind's immune system will eventually create a barrier that it can no longer break.

God's cOoL creation!
Yes!! Dude everybody is going to die and the world is doomed, no joke. That is what we get from ******* a pig I guess. No, that's not nice Of me to say. I shouldn't call your mom names.

bigjohn B

absolutely everyone! there is no hope! none!

No. Just some. Any flu can be a killer.

question was easyy
no. just the media

yes and dogs will take over our jobs. The world will be fine until cats start suicide bombing.

Hybrid Moments
If you keep watching the news you will believe that.
I think the coverage and obession of the swine flu is bizarre.

Did you know in eygpt they have order that all pigs be slaughtered? and the strain of flu has nothing to do with pigs!

No this is just more illuminati propaganda

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