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 What should I eat when i have the stomach flu?

 i read after ten years you got deudonal you will get gastric ulcer. is it a fact?
i got the real experience of getting gastic ulcer in 2009 after suffering deudonal ulcer in 2008. i am 65 years and not under any medication.
nor stressed....

 Does taking B vitimans help to fend off mosquitos?

 help with a sore throat?
My tonsils are pretty huge so when they are even a little swollen its easy to tell. My throat doesn't hurt too bad, just more a uncomfortableness than anything. However, I do have some white ...

 H1N1-Are they making too big a deal of it?

Do you think that H1N1 has been made too big a deal of?


Thaanks. :DD
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 can a poached egg help eye styes heal faster?

 Human Intestinal Parasites?
How common are intestinal parasites in humans in the United States and what are the symptoms?...

 How to help sick children with flu and chicken pox?
My 4 year old daughter has the flu and chicken pox. Any home remedies to help these illnesses?...

 MRSA Antibiotics, How Long?
I contracted MRSA and it spread to 3 spots total. They were drained and I have been taking bactrium (sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/160) tablets for 1.5 mos. I recently finished my pills and now the MRSA...

 what is a diphtheria tube, and a typhus container???

 my elisa hiv 1-2 test results are 0,16 is it negative or positive?

Color Blindness test for carriers?
Is there a test which can be taken or something administered by a doctor to see if you're a carrier? Since it's a recessive trait it's not visible but I don't know if there's a way to figure out if you're a carrier besides drawing a pedigree.

Okay, let me see if I can explain this right...My father is colorblind. The females are carriers for the gene. My dad has 3 daughters. All 3 of us carry it. There is a 50% chance that each son that the daughter has will be colorblind. My oldest sister has 2 sons and one is colorblind. My middle sister also has 2 sons and one is colorblind. I have 1 son, so there is a 50% chance that he will be colorblind as well.(He is only two years old, so we don't know yet.) So basically, if you have 2 boys, 1 is guarenteed to be colorblind. I'm not sure how it works with females. I know that there is a small chance for a female to be colorblind, but mostly they are just carriers for the gene. I was just interested to see what the chances were for my son to be colorblind, so that's all I asked about. Good luck.

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