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I guess I just added another one to the list......

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 do i have swine flu???????????
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 Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
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 If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?
Swine: edible forms being - pork, bacon, etcetera. I suppose you could eat it raw, and then it would be plain pig. EEW!

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How do you get swine flu ...

 I think I have swine flu... do I need to contact my doctor?
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 i have swine flu... help?
how can i treat this.
i am taking tamiflu..

everyone is like oh my goodness what if you gave it too me.. cause y friend died from it, i know i probably won't but... what can i do<...

xXPrincess CupcakeXx
Can you get AIDS from a mosquito?

YES YOU CAN...my Girlfriend told me that's how she got it.

Tyler B
na are you stupied

google it...

It may be possible id imagine, but very very unlikely. Unless your hanging out around methadone clinics, on skid row or you happen to be in Thailand.

no the virus would kill the mosquito before it could bit anyone

employee of the month
yes, if the mosquito has more than one blood meal in succession. But it's more likely that you will get malaria.

I reallllllly don't think so but you might but i've never heard it and where i live there is many mosquitos but when we get bites we scratch em we don't get aids tests or anything. but you can get west nile virus???

No but you can get the west nile virus... but don't worry if my 90 year old survived and is well I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about.

But yeah, no you can't get it.

Friend of the Flower
Its mechanically possible.

It would be nearly impossible because it takes millions of viruses to cause an infection and a drop of blood probably wont have that.

The amount of blood athat a mosquito draws can not not expose you to the aids virus

U R Sofa King
Well they they carry west nile in my area.

Specialist Done Wrong
no. the virus dies too quickly when it leaves the human body to be transmitted by a mosquito. In order to get HIV/AIDS you would have to have a fluid to fluid transmission.

Any other scenario is highly unlikely.

No, If they would everyone would have it. The mosquito injects its mouth into you and spits (that make you itch) it doesn't inject someones blood, it only takes yours. and leaves a nice itchy bump as a thank you gift.


No, definitely not.


GiFtEd HaNdZ (Jesus Walks)
I thought about that once but the answer was no.

No you cant get aids, but do you remember when there was a really bad issue about west nile. I think thats about all you can get. I say this because it isnt a proven fact that mosquitos trade and transfers blood.

no its not possible

First NameLaura

My Dad was an entomologist who specialized in biting flies.

Mosquitoes do not get HIV virus. Unlike malaria they do not pass this on.

The next question is "but what if a mosquito bites a person infected with HIV and then comes over and bites me?" Can I get HIV from the blood that the mosquito was carrying?

When a mosquito pierces you it injects a substance to prevent the coagulation of blood so that it can draw it up into itself.

The mosquito injects the substance from a gland. That gland is no where near the part of the mosquito that stores the blood. It never comes in contact with blood. The blood is drawn up through another channel and stored in the belly of the beastie.

The blood does not descend into the next person.

If the mosquito were to withdraw from you and bite someone else could the HIV virus be on the end of the mosquitos nose? The understanding we have of HIV at this time is that it needs the blood environment to live. An HIV on the tip of the nose of a mosquito if possible would not live long enough to make the trip.

Therefore I can tell you as someone who asked this very question to an expert that NO you cannot get HIV from a mosquito.

You can get malaria. Malaria is treatabe. You can get west nile virus but if you are otherwise healthy you will get sick and then you will get better. No big deal.

Mosquitos are not so dangerous. They are annoying.

Gerry R
no. mosquitos carry malaria and they can give dogs heartworms.

No. If AIDS could spread that way the human race would already be gone from the planet.

Randy Williams
If you live in Africa you can get SUPER aids. That's all.

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