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 Is there such thing as kissing disease?
My friend might have kissing disease is it a real thing and can you die from it. Please help my friend is really worried. Much appreciated if you do....

 Can get aids by swallowing someone elses blood if they have aids?
basically i drink someone elses blood and that person has aids?
Additional Details
Sorry that was an example i mean can u get aids if u swallow a little bit of someone elses blood and ...

 are people a virus to planet earth?
would aliens see us like that or maybe a paracite that lives on some thing and give nothing back,...

 How come when I'm trying to be funny I'm not funny? And when I am funny I'm not trying to be?
What causes this?...

 Is it possible to catch aids from a mosquito?
If so im now scared of ...

 Can you buy HIV tests?
Curious question..can you buy a HIV test from a drugstore or order them from somewhere....

 Help me! Yest Infections.?
I Am in a new relationship and im scared to say anything but i think i may have a yeast infection from him. im a little worried about it.
there is a slight oder and a tiny bit of discharge. i ...

 how do you get rid of a cold?
i feel like im getting a cold..my throat kinda hurts and mi nose is sometimes stuffy. is there a way i can make it "go away" before it really comes?...

 OMG!! i think i have swine flu !?
i live in manhattan new york city and here there's are WAY more swine flu cases then any where else in U.S.A. of course im scared nearly 100 kids have been contaminated. lately i have had a ...

 can strep throat go away without antibiotics?

 I'm very worried about my son, and I think he might be gay. What should I do?
He's like 15, and all he talks about is shoes, and theater, and drama. His voice is whiny and he doesn't have any hair that's not on his head. I am not raising a homo in my house, so ...

 Do I have the symptoms of HIV?
Latley I have been getting ill alot more than i usually do having things such as colds alot and feeling tired, i think there could be something wrong with my immune system which could indicate that i ...

 how can i convince my friend's mom that i'm not infected?
so, the swine flu outbroke about a week ago in Mexico City. from March 29- April 5, i was in Cancun, Mexico. my friend's mom doesn't want my friend to sleepover at my house this weekend, ...

 Is it true that the Swine Flu started in Mexico?
That's what kids at my school have been saying and my friend Paco got really offended when somebody called it the Mexican F...

 Swine Flu is it gonna effect us alll ?
Swine Flu Is It Goign to Kill The WHole World?...

 swine flu being blown out of proportion?
what do you think?...

 Why can't anybody find a cure for AIDS?
And why is it that they most likely never will?...

 What are the first signs of the swine flu?
i woke up with a sore throat so i stayed home just in case.
now im starting to get dizzy and feel like im about to vomit or have diarriah.
I do not have a fever
i don't want to go ...

 Is it true Penicillin can cause urine infections?
I was on penicillin for a time for a throat infection and now i have a bladder or urine infection. My local pharmacist said Penicillin can kick start one.
Is this true?...

 Is my child at risk of swine flu if we have spent time with someone visiting from Mexico?
We spent Saturday 9th May with my sister-in-law that lives in Mexico. She arrived around the 28th April from cancun to the uk. She has no signs of being ill and was given the all clear from the ...

Can you catch Down Syndrome?
My friend didn't get Down Syndrome until the seventh grade and he told me he made out with a girl with the condition. Is it possible or is my friend lying?

no u cannot. downs syndrome is a genetic disorder and can only obtain it before birth

You cant "catch" Downs, it is a chromosomal abnormality you are born with.

your friend is lying
downs syndrome is a problem with chromosomes (ie not enough)
hence the child is born with it

That's not true. Downs syndromw is caused by a chromosomal abnormality, your friend is being stupid and pathetic.

Yes, your friend is lying. Down Syndrome is not a disease you can catch. It is a genetic condition which would be diagnosed at or before birth.

Your friend is a genetic miracle. He should let himself analyze by science, how in each of his billions of cells suddenly an extra copy of chromosome 21 could appear.
Truly amazing.

Yes, it is highly contagious. Otherwise he could not have gotten if from that other girl. It must have happened with a retrovirus, constructed in Russia during the cold war, and first spread in the Netherlands, where I come from.
I suppose most politicians and lawyers are infected too already.

How to save the world? That is a new question for Y!A

Lady Carole
No, you can`t catch it. You are born with it. Your "friend" is lying !

dont be silly its an unfortunate disease your born with

yes your friend is lying.

Sweet Cat
No! You can't get Down Syndrome from anybody at all!

Nicole D
Your friend should come up with something better to lie about. You can not catch down syndrome. You are born with it

It probably wasn't down syndrome, check with him again about what he did get. Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder, like other people have said it is something that you are born with and it is not acquired over time.

Down's is an abnormanlity on one of your chromosomes. It can range from mild to severe. But It is not contagious. Down's is usually accompanied w/ some degree of mental retardation and if you're friend does have Down's then he may be confused about when he got it. Or he may still be confused about a different disease that he has. Or he may be lying. Or all of the above.

hes lying!

Lucinda L
No it's a chromosomal abnormality,so you have it from birth. It's impossible for your friend to develop it in 7th grade.

Lee Lee 2
No absolutely 100% not. You cannot catch it, it's genetic, it isn't a contagious disease, you should google this!!

David M
no, you have got to be born with it.

i don't think that's possible.
down's syndrome is a condition people are born with.

solo tu....
OK.... LOOK YOU.....


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