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I have body aches, fever (102), tiny chills, headache, and my throat is kind of sore.
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Etchy come back!
Can strep throat come back?
Ok, so I recently got over strep. I had to take medicine for 10 days and I finished 2 days ago. Well, I woke up yesterday and my throat hurt. Sometimes I would wake up and my throat would hurt,but it would go away. It went away until that night and I woke up today and it hurts to swallow and talk. Can step throat come back so quick?

Chirs R
This has happened to me before when I was younger... stop sharing drinks! Give it a couple of days, and if it's still soar then you probably have it again, or didn't get rid of it completely

Daniel O'Malley
Yes it can. If your worried about it coming back go to a doctor :-)

yes, but it is a different strain of the virus being that you can not get the exact same strain of a virus twice because you body would have built up immunity to it. So this strep throat might hurt more then the last being that its a different strain. That's why it is also possible to get chicken pox more then once.

But the soreness may also be caused by allergies. Check your local weather channel for pollen counts and go to an allergist to find out what exactly you may be allergic to.

it can, especially if you didn't change your toothbrush after the first day of antibiotics.

Infectious Diseases Today
Yes. Maybe you reinfected yourself. One thing you should do is get rid of you old toothbrush and get a new one. Are you sure its strep or is it viral? Check with your doctor.

Many infections are known to relapse. This might be just a strong case of strep. Call your pharmacy and ask this to call your physician for a refill of your prescription. If, however, you are still sick after this extra round medicine is finished or your symptoms worsen, please see a doctor. There is a slight possibility that you might have a more serious ailment that was mistaken as strep.

yes it can

yes it sure can. It is viral so it can come back.

yes it can, that's why they always tell you to toss your old toothbrush and buy a new once once you're done with the antibiotics. It may just be post nasal drip if it happens mainly in the morning. Try some Benedryl first (will make you sleepy) and if it doesn't go away go back to doctor

yeah, a lot too. it happened to me tons then i had my tonsils taken out, haven't had it since. (fingers crossed)

if you dont treat i all the way if you finish all the meds your good

Yes it can, and you may acytually be a strep throat carrier, which is very important to look in to. It just means that you always have it and give it to people, but you're not always affected.

Yeah if your in a strep throat environment.

Sonya S
No, it shouldn't! You probably need to see your physician to be rechecked!

Let a Doctor check it as soon as possible - before serious complications arise. One thing for sure do not kiss nobody- before the infection get eliminated.

yes it can


jamie jeane
yes, its happened to me

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