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Can anyone give me a possible diagnosis on this?
I've had constant headaches everyday for a few weeks, and come home from class exsuasted and needing to sleep. Also, this week, I've developed a sore throat and today it's developed into the loss of my voice and a cough.
A friend said it could possibly be mono, but I'm hoping not. I need some advice.

thank you.

well it could be mono but if you have a fever it could possibly be strep if i were u i would just go to the doctor.

could be the start of strep throat

Missy M
possibly thyroid disease ?

Amy L
the headaches have either been a build up to the illness(sore throat/cough) or you need to get your eyes tested, i mean go to an optician you may have eye strain and need to wear glasses for close reading etc, overall it sound like you have a general bug that will clear itself up, or with a cough syrup

it could be strep throat or the flu-id go to your doctor to find out what it is soon

hey for mono go to earth clinic click on aliments then on mono soar throat take mucinex

Danielle G
well if the headaches have been there for awhile then it could be if you drink coke that will cause that.I had to stop drinking it!!And the sore throat and cough could just be the flu or something!!!

get to a doctor fast!this could be a horrible infection!

ill pray for you.

If you want a probable or definitive diagnosis, you'll need to see your health care provider. Get this checked out to rule out more severe conditions and get some peace of mind and guidance.

You asked for advice and this is advice from a licensed health care provider.

you probably have some sort of virus
viruses usually make u feel run down, headachy, muscle soreness
maybe tonsilitus. just pop down to a pharmacist or your doc
it'll go away by a few weeks untreated but who wants to wait that long

oh yeah
i was just about to say mono, you sound like my brother when he had it, he came home from school and would sleep from like 4:00 to 8:00, do his homework and ate dinner then went back to sleep. his throat was also sore all the time, and he had headaches.. you better get it checked out by a docter.

I advise you to go to a doctor.

helen keller
It's hard to say what you have without doing some bloodwork. You may have more than one thing going on, some of your symptoms may be unrelated. You should get yourself to the doc, because for sure you sound wiped out & that's not a good way to live.

Sounds like your immune system isn't fighting off whatever it is you have. Were you in good shape to begin with? Do you eat healthy? Do you take vitamins? Whatever it is you have, it's wearing you down, so get yourself to the doc because it sure isn't fixing itself. Also, I personally wouldn't go by the diagnoses of complete strangers on the internet. Better to let a professional see you in person. Stop putting this off, start loving yourself and show it by trusting the doc to take good care of you & help you get better. That's what they're there for!

Hope you get better soon.
Have a great day! HK

It may be mono you should go to your doctor and get a blood test to see if you have mono. See if there is white things on the back of your tonsels sometimes that is a sign.

Come on, you know the only sensible answer to this, and here it is:
Go to the doctor and consult a heath professional who can run tests, accurately diagnose what is wrong with you and provide appropriate treatment.

It could be mono or the common cold times 10. You should go to a doctor and check it out.

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