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Dear Kevin:

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I just wanna seek advice, bcoz i might have this stupid flu.

I have a very bad sore throat for 2 days now. It ...

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Just been wondering about it... i have my own answer... i just want to know what other people would do.

ie. would you look for a cure? or would you put a bullet to your head?

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 I may have swine flu!? Please help!?
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 do i have swine flu ?
k .. im concerned i have swine flu .. although my mum says it will be jut be normal flu ( but yh .. last time she told me i had just sprained my wrist .. i had cracked the bone in two lol )


 Is the Swine flu for real?
Is at a point where there could be a wide spread epidemic?...

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 My Brother got Chicken pox 11 days ago .. now he's recovering 80% .. but i don't know i wheather will get it .
cuz i don't have any before ... i always did not share food or bed with him when he's having and i tried to avoid to him .. what is the percentage that i will likely get ?

how ...

 Confused about swine flu?
i'm pretty scared about it considering it's killing people in mexico. if you live in places in california, should you be worried? can you go to the mall and other public places? what the ...

 can you get swine flu over the Internet?
my friend says he got swine flu playing XBOX LIVE ...

 Which is the most common disease ?

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 Do I Have Swine Flu?
I have body aches, fever (102), tiny chills, headache, and my throat is kind of sore.
My mom said she wants to take me to the doctor, my step-dad says I am faking. Not sure though....

 What is a good get well gift for a unwell 50 year old lady?
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 can you get chicken pox mare than once?
The chicken pox are going around at my sisters highschool and she thinks she has the chicken pox.She said that some of her friends have had it twice.Is that possible?...

Pooja M
Can I get HIV this way?
I used a public restroom and I flushed the toilet. Some of the water...only a little bit splashed in my eye for some reason when I was like two feet away from it. Can I get HIV this way?

hell tycoon
Its possible 100%...first thing get yourself tested...why take chances....lolzeis

no, HIV is only transmitted through the blood

Sally Cat
HIV can be transmitted via body fluids. So yes, it is possible unfortunately, but I doubt you have anything from it. If I were you I'd talk to a doctor about the incident just to be on the safe side. Maybe he can look in your eye for an infection.

Definitely not.

I'm 100% sure of it.


HIV can not live outside the host body for more then a few mins in most cases.


that is a very interesting question, well, it obv. depends on if the person who used it before you had an hiv, but, i highly doubt, you can get infected, by this, im not a doctor, but i do go to school, and they never said anything about getting it like this, i doubt it tho, i know this dont help much, but im only giving my opinion.

no, but why was your face so close to the toilet? I would only hope that you washed up really well when you were finished.

hello miss x.
thr is a lot of problem beside this stupid psycho problem..k?
so don think lik tht, it wil only disturb ur mind!!
thr is no chance of happening tht!!
nice lif!! thnx!

Doubtful.... how can you be certain that it contains HIV?

dairy queen
that's gross. but no, i don't think so. i mean, not if the toilet had already been flushed before you used it and then you used it and then flushed. but if you're that worried, call your local health dept and tell them you slept with a random stranger and now you're scared. they'll give you a blood test for free (or damn near free). don't go into detail because they probably won't do it if you told them the truth lol. good luck

well, I know my toilet water, you need to be very careful when dealing with it, I always wear safety goggles, my mom tells me its best, and I agree. Most likely you are going to get food poisoning due to e coli (an infectious bacteria forged in the intestines to eliminate waste). The e coli will most likely travel through your optic system and eventually get into your stomach area, if it is severe (which is about 10.5%) then it could inflict your brain and lead to critical failure of the optic gland. I apologize, if you see any sort of blurriness (generally when waking up) then you may want to consult your doctor.

Trenton T

No only body fluids blood, breast milk , and all that


Prob not HIV but an eye infection is a big possibility

Does anybody pay attention in school, or is it just that the people who don't all congregate around Yahoo Answers?


Was there already someone's pee in there?? My guess is no, most likely not.

And uh...keep your face away from toilets!

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