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 Why are people so much more worried about swine flu than normal flu?
it doesn't seem that much worse than the usual seasonal flu?...

 What do you think about the SWINE FLU?
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 Swine Flu= Zombies becoming real?
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 Swine Flu!! IM HELLA SCARED!!!!?
ok i know i said this before but im hella scared of getting the friken swine flu!

#1: i live in california! and i heard its multiplying in the us....
#2: i go to school with hella a ...

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princess secret
Are you worried about Swine flu?
To be honest Iam not I think it has been completely blown out of proportion
Additional Details
am so glad majority people agree with me for once!!

Amy T
no not at all it's just like normal flu and it's just so stupid the hong kong flu was much worse and no one remembers that one or spanish influenza

U, S. Citizen
No. The vast majority ot those noted as dead from "H1N1" were people who died from other causes but happened to have H1N1. They did not die from H1N1

International scam by the United Nations for more control.


I never worry about stuff I cant change, if i get it then I do.

Vicky x :]
No Because Tbh I Think People Have It And They Dont Know About It.
It Would Only Kill You If You Have Something Wrong With You - So Doesnt Really Worry Me.

You are completely right. If you want to check out just how much it has been over exaggerated, check out this article. The regular flu kills 36,000 in the US alone per year and no one talks about it.

I'm more worried about the vaccine!!
Have a look at my link below. The USA are bringing in the military to make sure people are MADE to take this vaccine.

I'm the same. I don't pay attention to media hype. I remember how sars was going to kill us all, and then didn't. My mother (who is a nurse) said it's pretty much like normal flu, except people with certain conditions have it harder. The "regular" flu kills more people than swine flu.

Not worried. and yes It was blown out of proportion. Especially with mexico being the culprit! However, Good that the states all re-evaluated their plans in case of a Pandemic.

I totally agree with you.

I'm not because it's just a flu... You can die from a regular flu too if u don't take care of yourself. I live in Hawaii and a lot of my friends got swine flu and I surprisingly didn't

No, it's some made up BS that government and media got behind. Swine flu killed a few hundred people, regular flu kills even more people every year.

I'm a banana.
As I sit here, during this "pandemic", I hold my eyelids open to type this and wipe my 1000mph runny nose for the millionth time...

Yes, I am worried. I'm worried I have it at the moment. But the way it has been publicised, everyone thinks they've got it when they get a sniffle.

It's catch 22 situation really.. they have to publicise it well so that people take precaution and wash their hands to prevent spreading it any further. (Even though we should wash our hands anywat...if humans were cleaner creatures, then maybe it wouldn't have to get blown out of proportion)

same here

Erica Ewen
Ha. The media and their money...

No your right. just look at the amount of worried people on here, it's stupid. Just put in swine flu in the search for questions box and you will get over 2,800 answers

not one bit maybe if i was old or a baby but no i think with a strong healthy immune system the swine flu can be beat don't buy into having to get a special swine flu shot

Mr. §nake™(aka benny)
neither am I
notice how the media stopped talking about it after it was "old news"

~Marc Murphys future wifey~
Well over 50 people in Australia have died in the last like 6 weeks from it (that we know of.. i'm sure theres many more that haven't been tested).

This included children, an unborn child and I think some pregnant women.

I have the flu at the moment, and I went to my mums dr on monday and suggested that it could be swine flu and he did absolutely nothing about it.
How the hell do they know the difference when the symptoms are the same? He didn't even try to investigate it.
Prescribed me antibiotics which have done nothing at all.
I'm still sick now, if not worse and I have been sick for 4 weeks now.

Ruud N
The estimations are that in Holland 5,6 million people will get Swine Flu and 4000 - 8000 people will die of it. So the chance you'll die of it is very little.

I think it has been blown and of proportion also, but its mixed signals were im from. On the news they talk about having to close schools down because children have swineflu and that it could easily spread to other children in that school & in our school some younger ones have been said to have swine flu & we have got a letter saying that they will not close the school because theres more chance of us getting it in day to day lives. Im more scared of not being able to go on holiday if anything lol! I dont mind getting the flu but i dont want to miss my trip to cyprus! :D

its a load of crap just like sars bird flue next there will be killer measles

The Manifesto Of Little Mons†eR
I agree, like most things that make the headlines the media blow it all out of proportion and make everyone worry (i.e. the credit crunch). I've had the flu before and it takes at the most about a week to get over it.

However, I am slightly worried about the wave we're expected to get in the Autumn and Winter, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

Ice Dragon
Nah, just dont hang around any swines or eat them.


[email protected]
Well, afew weeks ago I was very worried about "pig 'flu". I was so worried that I phoned the pig 'flu hot line. All I got was crackling.

Wucking Fasted

Debs W
No, there's loads of people I know who've had it and they've just been at home ill for a few days.
I know some people have died but some people die of general flu too - I think it's just something else for the government to make a big deal out of.

Nope I have had it and recovered, it's no big deal. I'd only worry if I was pregnant.

I'm still worried about SARS, and bird-flu... I've got enough on my plate... it's all media hype

Yes I also agree with you. But because it is a different strain, and new to society, the media tends to blow this out of proportion because it is a new semi hot topic as of right now. My personal opinion is that this Swine flu virus runs along the same road as any cold or flu, and with proper hygiene techniques, and consistant hand washing, there should not be a problem.

feel me?

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