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 If someone you work with tested positive for swine flu?
would you still go to work or stay home if your boss said you would be fired for not turning up....

 Swine Flu Im Scared..............................?
hey im 14 and i suffer from autism which can sometimes make me have high anxiety and worry about the mildist of things like the weather....but when i found out about this swine flu i was really ...

 White spot on tonsil...what is it?
I have a small white spot on my tonsil. I don't have any symptoms of tonsilitis (fever, sever sore throat) or anything. My throat just seems a little irritated and dry. I am a little worried and ...

 I was sick over the weekend....throwing up and the other way....i did?
NOT eat any solids for 56 hours.....i know....But i did drink Ginger Ale and 7-UP...and water for over two days???? do you think i had the flu...or some food poisoning..But i am unable to trace it ...

 Am i going to die from H1h1 (swine flu)?
I have swine flu like symptoms, or it may just be a cold, however, i am 14 almost 15, am i going to die if i do have h1n1???...

 How to get a fever quickly!!?
I really don't want to go to school tomorrow, and i wanted to get a fever so my mom will let me stay home. What's the best way to get one fast?
And i've considered making fake ...

 I have a foot fetish but I have heard you can get diseases from lickiing feet?
what do I do?...

 Can you get HIV/AIDS from contaminated food?
If a "cookie" with blood on it (possibly with HIV) is eaten by a person, are there any chances of them getting the disease? Or am I being paranoid....and by the way, I did not eat the ...

 My friend told me she has crabs and she doesnt know how to get rid of them. i told her to go to the doctor but
she doesnt have any insurance or any money to pay the doctor bill she any advice to pass on to her???...

 Um.. can the Swine Flu kill people?
im like really freaked out and paranoid bout the Swine Flu and i live near chicago and im like 11 years old and my brother wuld not shut up bout it and really want him to shut up bout it so... does ...

 Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?
I got this bump on my arm and my mom just said it was a boil and she had one too. Then today and yesturday I have been coughing really bad, and I have a sore throat.

I've also had ...

 I was covered in bird mess today - should I be worried?
What with Bird Flu etc.... I have also taken the necessary precaution of buying a lottery ticket as everyone has told me that bird mess is lucky!!!!
Additional Details
I have just ...

 Do I have swine flu or is it just a cold?
Lately i have been very tired...so tired that if i even lie down on the couch for a few moments at night i will fall asleep and sleep throughout the night...today i woke up and i had a runny nose and ...

 How do they tell the difference between normal flu and Swine Flu?

 Yet Another Swine Flu Question?
I realize that everyone is having a fit about this whole Swine Flu deal. I've looked over questions but as far as i'm concerned there isn't one that has answered my question 100%..

 can you get diseases from mosquitoes?
i was outside by the water last night for 2 1/2 hours and when i got home i relized i have over 50 bites all over my body. I am now swollen and i have a terrible headache. are there any diseases you ...

 Thinks she has the "swine" virus, freaking out.?
My lady is a senior at her highschool, an average student kind of quiet dosent really socialize with anybody unless she is spoken to. I really dont think that the possibilty of her getting the swine ...

 is swine flu real????

 How can we avoid swine flu?
ive been told to;
wash your hands regularly
dont sneeze on your elbow
Avoid touching your mouth and nose
my dad also said to keep
keep active
drink loads of fluid

 My 3yr. old has a fever of 103.1 . What should I do?
My 3yr old has had a fever since 9:00am this morning. Her temp. has gone up since giving her Tylenol. Any suggestions?...

Anyone know a good Swine Flu Song?
I heard there was a remix to Blame It by Jamie Foxx, but i have failed to find it. Does anyone know a good Swine Flu Song, not a pointless song. I'm not trying to offend anyone who has/ or is associated with thee Swine Flu, it's a little thing that the people of my Chemistry class are assembling. Thanks :)

Five Fingaz
Girls look better at closing time
or I like women on the trashy side or I got friends in low places


u could try that?

haha. good one.

So Sick by neyo

let the bodies hit the floor

Shavaun MacArthur

Justin Bargo
not really but i know its common, wikianswers and google and
usually help with anything
good luck!

the whole damn swine flu is blown way out of proportion.

and please stop doing the nazi symbol...

its like this.

Blame it on the flu got u feelin blue, blame on the swine got u feelin blind, blame it on the mex mex mex mexicans.

Ill compose one!

Oh swine flu,
What did we due to you?
We just try to get by,
Why must you make us die

Oh Swiiiine Flu!
I wish it weren't true
But now we have to eviscerate you!

brilliant, i know

woah there ;]
swine flu swine flu get away from me
swine flu swine flu dont just let it be
swine flu swine flu came from mexican pigs
swine flu swine flu make sure to eat your figs

your sick your unsure and contemplating throwing up
you might just get it so kill your cute little pup !

Adam Lambert

Excuse me, did anyone see a Pikachu go through here?

wow. i heard a medley of them this morning on the bob and tom show. try their website maybe??

Sabrie Mccarrall
blame it on the flu gotcha feelin blu blame it on the swine gotcha feelin blind blame it on the mex mex mex mex mex mexicans hahaha

that GIRL
swine flu swine flu
its depresing
swine flu swine flu
it can kill u
swine flu swine flu
dont get sneazed at!

answer mine please?

we wish u wouldnt have the swine flu we wish u wouldnt have the swine flu we wish u wouldnt have the swine flu u sick mexican

nah as a victim of swine i have nothing...and i would not joke about it you all could get it...there is 1,000 probable cases

I love the remix of blame it by jamie foxx, the one about the swine flu

Blame it on the pig (pig)
Got you feelin sick (sick)
Blame it on the bacon (bacon)
Got your head achin (achin)
Blame it on the swi-i-i-i-ine

I cant find the song tho

Lol, I haven't heard it. Maybe they made it up. But if you find it tell me about it..... I would like to hear it.. thnx (:

Lets Do Coke!

♥ ☮ ♫ ♪ ♣ ♦ ♠ sami ◘ ○ Ü ☼ ☆ ✿
i got the swine flu u got the swine flu we got the swine flu just meeeeeee and uuuuuuuuuuu

a fresh target
oh swine flu
how you are so fluish
you make me vomit blood and plague me with lethargy,
oh swiny you are so great
i can't stand or walk for more than ten seconds without falling,
and the doctor said i have 3 days
oh lovely swine flu
u never cease to amaze

im not racist
Blame it on the flu, got ya feelin blue
blame it on the swine , got ya feelin blind
blame it on the meh , meh , mexicans
blame it on the meh , meh , mexicans

Go away Swine Flu,
Nobody wants you.

[Teheha. Sorry, that's all I could think of.]

Jennifer S
Swine Flu it makes you blue I wish I was you so I wouldn't have Swine Flu Ohhhhhhh... Sorry no you're right Swine Flu is no laughing matter good luck finding that song I've got nothing

lol no.



YouTube PutnamPig's Swine Flu Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbt_PuVAVTU

This is the best swine flu song I've run across - it is both funny and yet makes quite a bold point about the origins of the swine flu and the possibility of it being man-made (which would be possibly some very good discussion for your chemisty class).

Here is a sample of the lyrics:

Pigs didn't start the swine flu
Blame the laboratory
For this awful Story
Pigs didn't start the swine flu
No we've been betrayed
The strain appears man-made

Viral codes of human flu
Bird influenza's in there too

The only thing i seem to find
People blame the swine

Read the papers, post your blog
Blame it on the lowly hog

Down some aspirin, take a swig
You're infected by the pig

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