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A child with 104 fever?
my 4 yr old has been running a fever of 103-104 for about 5 days. First it was all day so i took her to the docter he said flu give her tylenol but here we are on the 5th day she is still running 104 but the last 2 days it only runs high at night and her belly hurts.yes i did call the docters office they said to stick to what im doing.But 5 days seems like along time for a high temp

Your child needs to go to the Emergency Room NOW and you need to find another pediatrician because the one you have is an IDIOT!!!! Get that baby to the hospital!!

consult a predia..........

i know they are good.

hope yah son/daugther get well soon.

better consult a doctor.......self medication is not good.....

My daughter did that once when she was about 4, too. She ran upward of 105 for 9 days It was lower in the morning and rose toward night. She did it twice in a 3 month period and then never did it again.

I'd recommend you keep a close eye on her, but don't keep going to the doctor. You will just waste your money. But,if something changes or her fever goes to 105 and stays there for 3-4 hours you may need to get her in. The danger of high fevers if they go too high for too long they can damage a child's brain. My child got up to 106 one of the nights and we put Tylenol in her through a suppository and gave her liquid ibuprofen and sponged her down. She got over it. I think it would have been smarter to take her in when it got that high, but even in our ignorance she got through it ok! I really didn't know at that time that she was in danger of brain damage; if I had we would have gone in no matter what!

Some viral illnesses just have to run their course and they won't get better just by going back to the doctor. You NEVER want to overdo antibiotics or they won't work later when you really need them!!!

Sponge her down with a cool damp cloth and do whatever it takes to keep her calm. This is not the time to worry about housework, it'll keep. Look on line and see if there is any free nursing advice number you can call. If you find one they are good to call at night or if you can't afford to go to the doctor again. Hang in there Momma!

Butterfly heart
get to the hospital and then get a new doctor!

Top Alpha Wolf
I'm sorry, but your doctor sounds like a dunderhead. Take that child to the docs or a different doc or the ER and insist they run tests. Sometimes the fever is for a very specific reason. If her belly is hurting, they also need to give her a test to see if she's got problems with the appendix, a nasty flu bacteria, severe ear aches, etc. 104 isn't too dangerous, but for 5 days? Your child is risking dehydration and other problems.

Until then, it MIGHT be ok if you alternated with children's advil too. My doctor told me to give the tylenol, then two hours later, give the advil, then when it was time (as prescribed) to give the tylenol again. This should help lower the fever. You might also want to keep wiping down your child's body with a cool cloth, but then covering her up again to prevent her getting chilled too much. Not too many covers though. Only enough to keep cold from seeping in.

Please take your child to the docs and insist they be more thorough. If they do tests and then say nothing's wrong with your daughter, make them sign a paper stating exactly that, then take your child to a different doctor somewhere else. If that new doc finds out something is really wrong, your doc is going to be in danger of a law suit. My guess is the original doc will be more willing to look for a specific cause for your child's illness instead of chalking it up to a normal flu.

BTW, my 11 year old was told she was fine too, but then a few days later developed severe ear infection which needed an emergency operation and a 5 day hospital stay. THEN, when that doctor was told (By me) that the operation messed up her hearing and her speech was regressing, he told me I was imagining things, only to have that same doctor later blame me for my daughter's speech problems before entering school. Needless to say, I had to get a new doctor as such incompetence was inexcusable.

I don't know if your doctor is this way, but I do think your child needs a second opinion....fast.

Good luck and I hope she gets better very soon.

PS: Talk to the doc about the chances of her having menengitis and other such things too, ok? It's going around a lot of places this time of year, so better safe than sorry.

madhavan n
take to specialist immediately

It would be wise to visit the ER. 5 days is a long time for a fever......there might be an infection!!! Demand that they do something for your child.

If anything, once the fever starts getting high.....Give your child bath. Run a luke warm bath and put about 2 hand fulls of salt (table salt) in the water, let salt dissolve and let the fever come down completely. After the bath dress your child warm and make sure the hair is dry!!!

you can give him tepid-sponge bath.it'll help lowered his temperature. you can also give him light clothing clothes cause it reflects heat. try also water therapy.

First of all don't panic. A moderate fever like this is common in kids.5 days is a long time but nothing to be scared about. Seek a 2nd opinion if only to put your mind at ease. If you are realy worried then go to an ER. If the stomach pain is a new symptom then see a doctor. How much tylenol are you giving? Ae you following the directions. You should not exceed 15-20mgs per kilogram and only every 6hrs. Stomach pain could be caused by too much tylenol or more probable to be gastroenteritis. Keep up the good work and make sure she drinks lots of water!
Chris- Registered Nurse

Army Dirt mover
Get the temperature down to 100 or there could be permanent damage. Go to another doctor ASAP.

If you are unhappy with your doctors advice go to A&E - I think five days seems like a long time for such a tiny tot to have a high temperature.

your doctor is obviously an idiot 104 is to high for anyone especially a child i would go straight to the hospital before it gets any worse

please rush & immediately contact any other doctor.

Oh God, yeah. I would take her back to the ER asap. Fever cook your brain cells not good. I would at least have them check to be for certain it's not meningitus. That long of a fever sounds bad. Not to scare the crap out of you but, my best friend's little girl had that when she first showed physical symptoms of leukemia. Fight the doctors make sure they are doing every availiable test. Start researching all of this on WebMD asap. I hate that crap when the doctors put crap off like that. Be strong Mom, I know it's frustrating.

Skye Baby

5 days is about 4 too long for a fever that highj. fevers that high can cook kids brains.....ignore your GP & get to the ER

holy crap!! take him to the E.R.

One little tidbit of information that your doctor may not have told you. They have someone on call at night time to take phone calls. When your childs temp spikes at night time, call your doctors office and get in touch with the on call physician.

One thing you did not make too clear, is the temp of 104 before the tylenol, or after? That makes all the difference in the world. If it is remaining that high after medication it would be considered a medical emergency or close to it, and your daughter needs to go to the ER or urgent care clinic.If not, and if your insurance will allow, it will put your mind at ease to get a 2nd opinion. That is an awfully long time for having a high temperature. My daughter did that as well, with an ear infection at age 2. It was very scary.

Some things you can do to help with the temperature.
1) warm tepid bath water. not cold. just let her play in the bathtub.
2) dress light, alow her body to cool off at room temperature.
3) wipe her down with cool rag.
4) she's had the temperature for a long time, it will increase her fluid needs. get her some gaterade or pedialyte. If she wont drink, its definately time to go back to the doctor. Monitor her urine output, and make sure she is urinating regularly.

I hope this helps some.

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