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104 fever in 2 year old. Help!?
My son had a 104 fever yesterday morning and we went to the ER. Blood tests revealed low WBC's of "3" which MD's said was indicative of viral infection. Chest x-ray, ears, and blood otherwise normal. He is now laying in his bed and has a 104.5 after giving him Motrin an hour ago! SHould I be concerned? Can I give him Tylenol too or just let him sleep?

Take to your regular pediatrician and insist they help you.

animal luver
Call his doctor and get his opinion and until you know what to do let him sleep cause anyone who is ill needs lots of rest and lots of water

Cold cash and colder hearts
He's in trouble...I had a 105 temp. once (when I was 16) and the doctor said it's possible that after that was over, I have permanent liver damage.

English Wiz
go to the ER!!!

hope he gets better

take him to the doctor now!!!
A 2 year old with a 104.5 fever!!! Thats extremely high even for adults!

kimberly b
i would be freaking out . i know how you feel. my daughter has gotten fevers of 102+. i give her Motrin, sponge her with tepid water and dress her in light clothing. don't cover your child up while sleeping .don't give Tylenol and Motrin watch him closely to make sure his fever don't go higher go to the er if all fails

Liberty and Justice For All
Have you tried giving him a bath in warm, NOT COLD, water?

If the water is warm it will be cooler than 104 and that may help bring his fever down.

However, you should call your doctor immediately and ask him about this HIGH temp. It is really on the verge of being quite dangerous.

Have someone else give him the bath, if you can, while you call. Or, get him in the tub and call while in the bathroom with him.

High fevers can result in young children having convulsions. If he starts to convulse CALL 911 immediately.

Call his doctor. If you don't have a regular doctor for him call the hospital and tell them what is going on.

Liam B
Eeeek! That's very scary! I would let him sleep a little, keep fans running if available, and maybe a moist cloth over his head. It really helps! Best of luck! My prayers are with you and your child. God Bless.

$pOnGeBoB : )
ask ur doctors what they recommed hope he gets better pls add me thanks

wayne s
I would call the ER again and ask their opinion. If it doesn't go down have you tried a cool bath to help bring down the temp. Use your own instincts. 104.5 is very high. Give another dose of Motrin, a cool bath and if that doesn't do it take him back to the ER. If he goes any higher he could go into convulsions. That's quite scarey. At least it scared us when it happened to us. Keep a good watch and give him fluids if he can keep it down.

yes you can give tylenol and motrin together, just make sure it is child strength. children are able to have much higher temps than adults w/out serious side effects i wouldn't worry but definitely continue to monitor it. i would say if it gets worse take him to the hospital again. watch out for seizure, children often get seizures with high temps. if that happens call 911, and they will walk you through the crisis. don't stress too much just watch you child. i'm sure he'll be better tomorrow or the next day, don't worry, good luck. :-)

you can switch off Tylenol and ibrophen, but we arent drs! Call ER again!

Google Rules!
Call the doctor!!! That is ridiculous to be on here asking a question like that.

Yes you should be concerned, with a temp like that brain damage can occur.

put cold water in your bath tub then put him in it. if it doesnt go down go and it goes up any more i would go to the hospital

call his pediatrician for christ sakes he could suffer permanent brain damage!

DONT PLAY DOCTOR. dont give him tylenol or any meication right now. Go immediatey to the ER!

i would recommend going back to the ER. When my friend was younger (about 2 or 3) she had "toxic chickenpox" which gave her a very high temp and she now has eplipsy because of that. i would put a damp wash cloth on his head and take him back to the ER.

My daughter had the same thing....a fever of 104 and we went to the hospital. She is only 1 year old. It's syptoms of the flu going around. The doctor told us to give her Motrin AND Tylenol at the same time. The Motrin every 8 hours and the Tylenol every 4. He said not to even wait quite that long so the fever doesn't come back. Within a day of this, it was gone. I even asked the pharmacist if it's ok to give both since the doctor didn'tspeak clear English and she said that it is fine and is really common this time of year. Also give him lots to drink.

Twinkie Thief
these are all good questions to be asking a "DOCTOR!!!!" i suggest web md or other medical websites for more info

Get him to an ER right away!!!!

When my daughter was 2 she had a low grade fever for about a day. THe next day, she was normal and happy no sign of a fever at all! At lunch that day i gave her something to eat and went in the other room for a sec to get a bag. I see her slumped over in her seat. i called her name and she responded but she was really twitchy on her left side. I called her dad to come by and take us to the dr. But as soon as i got off the phone with him she started to convulse and salavate a lot! i called 911 and the lady on the other end said she was probably having a seizure. WHen the paramedics arrived, they said she had a 104.5 fever that caused the seizure. I later found out that its called a febrile seizure that occurs in small children up to the age of 5-6. Its caused by a highgrade fever that usually spikes out of no where. BUt it can also occur with any high fever. So please take your son to a doctor right away! You dont want him having brain damage r anything else! My daughter is almost 4 now and perfectly healthy. Just go before anything happens!

Good luck!

GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!! for real don't take chances...

Back to the hospital, stat. Get off the internet.

While a 104 fever in an adult is really bad, it isn't in a toddler. Young children can handle higher fevers than adults. Fevers have a purpose, to fight the infection. I'm not saying you should do nothing, I'm saying don't panic. Give your son the meds the doctor told you to. You can also try a tepid bath to help with the fever and for certain no clothes except panties or a diaper. If the fever doesn't keep going up just monitor it. If it goes up then off to the doctor/ER or at least call.

Oh and Sweet Heart...you DO NOT use antibiotics for viruses!!

Don't be STUPID call a Doctor NOW!!!!!!

Vinny M
hospital....NOW!....104.5 is not good for a grown person, you need to have him treated

yes be very concerned...cool him down...sponge bath him with room temp. water...take covers off him...and get him into the doctor...

call the ER nurse. They will tell you whether you need to come back.

yes alternate them as we did with are kids when they were young , every 4 hours is OK till the fever breaks . plenty of rest is ok put keep fluids in him!!!! as you sweat you lose fluids . a fever is the body's way to "kill" the infection in the body if it gets to 105*F then call doctors

Naked Rider
get your butt to the phone and either call your doctor, or call a nurse in the ER!!!

if you let the fever get too high, your child may have a seizure.

Nah. It's only been a couple of days. If you can get the fever down, give it another day. however, you need to be up most of the night to check on the kid. Relax and quit freakin' out. It's a friggin' fever. Do NOT put him in cold water. Room temp is fine. You can alternate mortin with Tylenol. If it hits 105, ER.

I would take his temp again and if it's still hasn't come down I'd go back to the ER. Temps that high can cause brain damage in a hurry, they souldn't even have let you leave if it was that high!!!

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