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 how long do you fast before a cholestorol test?
its at 9am... i just don't eat in the morning, right? Please don't think I'm stupid and don't listen, they originally made appt for 4PM, then called me back to say i couldnt fast ...

 Would you try a pure vegetarian diet if it would lower your blood pressure?
Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. McDougal, and many other experts in the field have stated unequivocally that a low-fat pure vegetarian diet will reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart ...

 I am TERRIFIED of flying! I go on my honeymoon to Rome in two weeks..?
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 Does having one tablet of aspirin everyday after the age of 40 help avoiding a heart attack? Doesn't it make
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 is it possible that young people can get a stroke?
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 my granpa's heart surgery. please read?
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 Can a 15 year old get heart problems?
Can a 15 year old boy get serious heart problems because of their diet? i.e eating a lot of junk food like crisps and fizzy drinks quite often?
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i'm actually ...

 Doctors Are Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
see i had pains in my chest and at the same time i have a heart problem with my valves when i seen the doctors and told him about these pains he said they were nothing my heart was below mild which i ...

 If you give a person aspirin, as soon as you suspect he is having a heart attack/stroke, can it save his life?
I remember reading this somewhere. Is it true? Please mention your source...
Additional Details
Yes, save them until they can get medical help......

 When ever I lie down at night to sleep i feel a thumping in my chest and it keeps me up?
HI when ever i lie down at night to go to sleep i feel a thumping in my chest, and it keeps me up at night this has been going on for about 3 days and yes i am overweight what could this be i am ...

 How common is this in people my age?
I'm only 22 and have been told that I have borderline high cholesterol and blood pressure. How common are these problems in people my age and what are some good steps to take in improving it?...

 The doctor says I won't die BUT....?
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 Why can't animals get heart attacks, but people do?

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A book by Dr. Mattias makes such claims, but I wanted to get some objective resources....

 if you had one minute left to live what would you do?

 High blood presure question?
my girlfriend is on 'the pill' and yesterday her doctor said that her blood pressure is on borderline to being high, her blood pressure was around 128/87, is that serious?
also is the ...

 How can I find out if my Dad's blood pressure is dangerous?
My dad's blood pressure is 85/50. I know nothing about this and I need to know if this is dangerous or not!! Help please!...

 What's more important? your heart or your brain?

 Did tou know that your heart pumps blood involuntary?

 Blood pressure question?
I went to the doctor and she took my blood pressure.. it was 120/85 is that normal?
Additional Details
I am 23. I walk about 2 miles a day and take garlic ...

 I've pain in my chest and I can't breath well and I fell tired if I do any physical activity,is it a proplem?

jag k
y the medicine don't work for high blood pressure?
my husband is on medicine more than 5 month now and the blood pressure is still high and he watch his diet and the doctor change his medicine as well nothing is working his blood presssure is usually 140/100 can anyone plz advise lots of tension with worried about him .

There over 100 different meds for hi BP. Have his doctor prescibe a different one until you get it right. And this stress and tension is sure not helping!

In order to control blood pressure, it takes just the right combination of medicine to achieve this. Otherwise, you might want to mention to your doctor about checking his kidney function. Sometimes uncontrolled high blood pressure can be caused by renal artery disease, the arteries that supply blood to the kidneys. It's worth looking into. It would take an ultrasound to see if this is his diagnosis.

Grand pa
several meds for high blood pressure Iam using Carizem And Atacand this works me maybe not with him.. Is he a big man? i need to use a large cuff. Work with your doctor or change. I also see a Cardio Doctor.

a a a
High Blood Pressure Control Improves
Study: 8% More Americans Have Good Control Over Their High Blood Pressure
By Miranda Hitti
WebMD Medical News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Dec. 11, 2006 -- More Americans are controlling their high blood pressure than a few years ago, and many more need to follow in their footsteps.

A new study shows that a third of U.S. adults with high blood pressure had good blood pressure control in 2003-2004.

That's up 8% from 1999-2000, the study shows.

The improvements are "highly encouraging," since better blood pressure control may cut heart attacks and strokes, note the researchers.

They included the University of Hong Kong's Bernard M.Y. Cheung, PhD, and colleagues.

Even so, two-thirds of Americans with high blood pressure don't have their blood pressure under control, the study suggests.

"There is room for further improvement," and doctors should "step up treatment" for patients with high blood pressure, Cheung's team writes.

The study appears in Hypertension.

Data came from blood pressure tests taken by more 14,600 U.S. adults who took part in national health studies.

Nearly 30% had high blood pressure. That included 7% of those aged 18-39, 33% of those aged 40-59, and 66% of those aged 60 and older.

Those figures didn't change much between 1999 and 2004.

But the percentage of people who had their high blood pressure under control improved by 8%, the study shows.

Blood pressure control improved for both men and women overall, and specifically for blacks, Mexican-Americans, obese adults, and people 60 and older.

Doctors should encourage patients to adopt healthy lifestyles and use medications to lower high blood pressure if needed, the researchers write.

Lifestyle tips include limiting salt and fat in your diet, exercising (get your doctor's permission first), losing extra pounds, not smoking, and not drinking heavily.

Not sure if you have high blood pressure or how to tame your blood pressure? Talk to your doctor for advice.

Change doctors, go to a nutritionist, start exercising (after getting the OK from the physician).

If the BP is due to mental stress, no medication will work. Only meditation will work.
If it is related to coronary artery disease, then take Rudved ayurvedic capsule.
Drinking Noni fruit juice helps a lot for both mental related as well as pathological complaints.

Apparently this medicine, that he is on, is not working, the doctor needs to change his medicines, a lot of the times, it has to be changed in order to get the blood pressure down,, also make sure when taking blood pressure you take it in the same arm, around the same time of the day, wait at least 15 minutes before taking for accurate reading.

Hi, your husband is on medication for 5 months now and nothing improves. Eventually from day to day, while he continues consuming alot of western medication, it will have side effects and the BP will still remains. Cause of high blood perssure is some of his blood arteries has blockage, his bloods contain high volume of cholesterol. It will cause thrombosis on later stage. I have a kind of herb that can lower down blood pressure by clearing blood clots and also clearing thrombi inside arteries.

Pursuit of Happiness
Why don't you use natrual use instead?
I believe in everything natrual.
Green tea reduces high blood pressure. it really does.
Eating healthy.

Tarun B
Dear lady I think you did'nt consult proper physcian .all you have choosen did the routine investigation & did'nt think for surgical causes moss commen renal artery stenosis.go to your family physician &ask about this deases if he did;nt think about this go for Angiotensin 1st & 2nd level in blood &then if found some abnormality go for renal angiography Good luck if your husband found some stenosis it is very easy to correct by stenting if not possible do not hasitate for surgical option.If still not found any cause go to endocrinologist there are so many endocrinal disorders that needs proper management for hypertension either medicaly or surgicaly.Again good luck good health.

High Blood Pressure--Prevention and Control
- Factors You Cannot Control
- Factors You Can Control
- Healthful Life-Style
- FIGHTing High Blood Pressure

Native Remedies - High Blood Pressure

Hawthorn--Crataegus monogyna/Crataegus laevigata

Herbs with Similar Uses as Hawthorn for ... ... ...HPB

debbie d
did he cut down the stress at work and home, have you cut out his salt intake?does he exercise?the doctor really should be keeping an eye on it if it's still high,if doctor cant help get it down or give you some ideas, I'd look for another doctor, cause blood pressure is nothing to mess with, i would ask for his doctor to sit down and explain whats going on and why hasn't anything worked, and is he OK?if he wont take time to answer questions, then find another doctor, hope hes , alright, just reduce stress and tell him not to worry, and exercise that's very important, good luck to you

You need to see your physician again. My medication had to be changed 3 times it stayed consistently at 140-100 as well. I'm now on Benicar-HCT. It is a blood pressure lowering med with HCTZ which is a diuretic which also lowers blood pressure. Now I am at 110-120-/70.

You said your husband had consulted the doctor and was given the required medication already but still his blood pressure continued to be 140/100 despite of the medication and dieting:

I know somebody with the same problem and he already accepted the blood pressure to be his normal BP since it does not bother him at all. Anyway, he is continuing his medication. At one time he said to me that the Dr. increased his dosage but the result was still same.

I am not sure also why it's like that. In my case the Dr. said that I have also high BP and gave me Hypothem 50 daily dosage and it is working well. I usually have BP of 120/80 though sometimes I get 130 or 140/90. My weight is still high (about 12 kgs overweight compared with my ideal weight) and could not bring it down because of my normal food intake.

high blood pressure have multiple causes, some people suffer because of their life style, some for the genetic make up, some as a result of other diseases like chronic renal disease. Hypertension is a chronic disease and patient have to take the medicine for almost all his/her life. Be patient and keep calm, try Yoga or meditation if you can give time. relaxing your body and mind can lower the blood pressure rather than getting angry with why the medicine don't work.

then his doctor needs to be aware of this because not all blood pressure medications work the same for everyone he either need a larger dose or a different pill all together. there are plenty of people that take one in the morning and one in the evening but you really need to have him evaluated with his physician.

Bikram rai
do not worry as this will make it worse.this level is high but not high.eat as much greens,salads,and raw vegetables.two carrots a day,cucumber.lettuce.tomatoes,raddish any thing as long you have 5 items.eat twice a day 30 minutes before meals and drink plenty water but not with meals.30-40 minutes before meals or after.do walking or other exercises.cut down on oily,fatty and fried foods and sugary and heavy meals,cut the main meals to 40% less.U will see the weight reduction possible and your blood pressure and cholesterol level will drop and u will be happy.come back and tell us.normally 3 months be better.take natural vitamins,minerals and garlic capsules.Do eat 2 hours before going to bed.get fresh air and keep active.

Bring him back to a different doctor, Pulmonary Specialist, I'm glad I did, my doc left me to believe it was just asthma, I have been diagnosed with PPH, which is soooo different, and my life could be better if I was diagnosed earlier... Thank God for Boston Hospitals...

Everybody is built differently. There are some people who respond to the medicines immediately, and others that are sometimes put on 2 types of medicines 2 to 3 times a day to try to control blood pressure. I have met people who have been on blood pressure medicine for years and they still are having trouble getting it under control. Try to be patient, it takes a bit of experimenting to get the right combination down.

There is an outside chance, after you have exhausted all the doses and combinations of meds, that a renal angiogram might show a stenosis in the renal artery. If a renal artery stenosis is found in either the right or left kidneys, sometimes a stent to open the artery will bring the blood pressure back under control. I have seen some patients who have had this done and their blood pressure goes down, and I have seen others have it done with no success. I say try this as a last resort because it is an invasive procedure. The doctor has to put a catheter into the femeral artery and run it up to the renals. It is done routinely every day, but there are some risks. Good luck.

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