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Thank you for your answers
Have a great ...

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Is 76 too low for the heart and if so what happens then?
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Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

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ok im not blacking out or anything and ...

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 is this doctor right?
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 What is it called when your heart just randomly stops?
What are the names of conditions where your heart just randomly stops for a period of time.?

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 Does this sound like Heart Problems?
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 my dads blood pressure is 180/120?
how bad is this. he refuses to go into the hospital....

Jawad M
why is my blood pressure so high?
hi ya Iam 22 years old and i don't drink and smoke. My blood pressure has gone really high to 180/90 and it was scary i took it with a machine. I checked it regularly from 5 days and it was always high. I went to the doctors they checked my pressure and they said it was excellent so whats wrong with my checking?
or am i justscared

you don't know me!
your blood pressure so high because when you was younger you ate too much salt because eating too mach salt make your blood so high or make your brain don't work at all but your heart may attack but hope not.
tell your doctor that you are sure your blood is high and you are very scary by now.

merry xmas


Maybe you working in over pressure. High blood pressure is very high risk. Have you try meditation? Its could help you to control and reduce high blood pressure. Here's some tips to learn Transcendental Meditation.



It could be that your BP machine is faulty. For an accurate result, BP always needs to be measured over a period of time. BP is variable throughout the day. If you're concerned, either buy another machine or ask your GP to arrange 24 BP monitoring.

funny girl
Your blood pressure isn't high, your Doctor told you so. You were probably not doing it right. You have to put the BP cuff right over your artery and maybe you aren't doing that. Also, maybe the machine isn't working correctly. I would listen to my Doctor. Don't worry!

This is a combination of being slightly nervous and having a blood pressure machine that is not accurate. If you have a wrist monitor, they are not very accurate. Buy one that wraps around the upper arm. Lloyds chemist have special offers from time to time. I got a good one for £10. The thing is not to worry, Blood Pressure varies quite a bit throughout the day.

Richard K
If your doctor said your blood pressure was excellent, it cannot be anywhere near as high as 180/90.

Ask your doctor for the exact reading ... and ask him to give an opinion on your "machine" !

[email protected]
Maybe you've bought a cheap machine. We have one at our house and it gives me a different reading every time. Trust your doctor

Snakeman !
The BEST way to use a home testing machine is to FIRST get an accurate reading from your Doctor !

That way, when you put the Doctor's readings in the machine, you'll have an accurate reading on which to base the findings of the machine

Dan B
Hi Could be loads of reasons , poor testing method , or worry / anxiety
'often called white coat syndrome , if your doc's happy then chill out and relax worry now really won't help your bp

Your doc has given you the correct one so don't worry.
Reading some of the questions and answers on here might make your blood pressure go through the roof though. : )

Donna B.
I agree with the Dog Rovers answer and it might be your machine. Check that you have set it up correctly by following all the manufacturer instructions. Put the cuff on and sit and wait for at least 5 minutes then test it again. When you say you checked it with a machine is it your own BP machine or a machine in a public place, because there complete crap. There's a one size fits all bp cuff and they are never maintained, just replaced when they become defective. I wouldn't worry, your BP was "excellent" in your Dr's.'s office and that's the numbers you must go by.

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