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LOL, David D!!!!...

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Help Me out!!...

why are people so stupid even well educated ones? why can't they use their common senses? on simple instructio
I work as a receptionist in a local hospital outpatients dept. where I give plain and simple instructions to patients and professional staff. patients e.g. have to be directed to the depts. changing rooms to get undress before a medical staff tends to them when they are seated. Now I will have some stupid idiot asking me should they return back to the reception area after they have gotton undress? Now isn't this stupid or what? I am somebody who sits behind the desk. I simply instruct these patients to wait in the changing room area until they are called by one of the medical team. Almost everyday I encounter some kind of stupid question.

Laura G
So many people just don't pay attention to what is going on around them and it amazes me that some people have actually LIVED for as long as they have!!!

People just speak before they think. Maybe you should do like Bill Engvall.... get a piece of cardboard and write "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" on it. They might get that! (I hope)

Good question. my girlfriend has a degree in some business related subject.She regards herself as quite the brain. But give her a tool or task she has 7 arms and 3 feet. she is all over the place. I think its down to thought process abiltity to follow instructions correctly. A crude example of this when i was watching a fishing program oin tv and the presenter was fishing with some guy was telling him what to do and the presenter followed instructions to the tee.
The guide copped this and instructed the presenter to strip off and jump off the boat in order to attract more fish /
HE DID IT......?

I dont know some people are just dumb or are too trusting etc I,d say dumb more.the human brain ......

change your job.. life is too short to deal with stupid people

Either they were inept or drugged up! Commn sense seems to be prevalent in people from less well off backgrounds and self made millionares becuase they have learnt humility and been through the 'mill'. You want proof?- Paris Hilton!

I also work for NHS some people are just plain thick. I work in the lab and I'm not even going to bore you with some of the stupid phone calls we get about things. That's from patients and staff, the nurses and student doctors are the worst, sorry to these people but its true. The questions are stupid and sometimes i have actually asked them if they are pulling my leg, but no they are being deadly serious, They are supposed to be trained but half the time it doesn't sound like it to me. Sorry but if I'm ever admitted to hospital i pray to god that they aren't the ones treating me.

Common sense is not something that can be taught, that is why it is called common sense, not because it is common. You either have it or you don't; should be called uncommon sense!

Rebecca C
No amount of education can override a fundamental lack of common sense. It's frustrating but true. Believe me, both my father and sister are well-educated but possibly the most stupid people I know at the same time, and they will never change.

we will know you got tired of answering stupid questions if we see a naked patient in the lobby.some people say anything just to talk and keep a conversation going. maybe the stupidity is the reason for their tests.i work with a lot of people too and could have written the
question myself. I find that if I repeat their statement back to them as a question they hear it.EX. "are you asking me if you should come back to the reception area after you have removed your clothing"if they answer yes you have your opening to be direct.

Theres no such thing as common sense in the NHS I was once driving an Ambulance and control asked me was there a radio on the vehicle over the radio,OOPS.

common sense isn't common, so i havent got a clue why its called that

Carol B
question how did you get your job? working in a hospital surely you need compassion since when did you have the right to call sick people stupid? you do not have any sympathy with your patients, therefor should think of changing your job, but don't get one with animals as they bite when they sense someone is nasty.

Have you checked your grammar ? Now who sounds stupid?

Holly S
some people are simply so nervous and wanting to do the right thing, that they totally rely on instructions from the people who work in the various medical, surgical or imaging units. Patients (clients) come from a variety of backgrounds, but all are concerned for some reason about their health, dignity or mental/emotional well being when they come into areas such as the one you work in.
When people are so distracted by worry, anxiety or stress, even very simple instructions can be confused. Please try to remain patient with them and remember, that one day you might find yourself in a place you find alien and will need to rely on kind and understanding guidance of someone else. Just smile, kindly 'reword' or rephrase the instruction and know that you have probably made someones day a more pleasant and relaxed with your kindness.

well then what the hell are you doing working in a hospital if you haven't got any compassion? ever thought that these patients are probably sh it scared about the reason why they are there in the first place? if they didn't need to be there then they wouldn't be there would they? it sounds like to me that you are the stupid one here, yes you work there and yes you know where things are etc but patients don't and that i guess is part of your job,
I hate it when we have to go into hospital and have to endure people like you who believe they are better than everyone else and couldn't give a damn about peoples feelings. Why don't you just find a new job????????????

Been There~Done That!
Because some of the smartest people have no common sense. Be it in a hospital setting or everyday life.

Seems to me you need to look for another job. If you are employed to work with the public and be a good example for the hospital I would rather imagine you give yourself away with the fact that it upsets you whether you answer politely or not. Facial expressions don't lie.

I think the are not stupid as you think! Every one of us is somehow confused in a new/strange environment/setting especially if you a patient. Some also may test your capability of handling anger! Others may want to avenge because the same happens to them where they work no matter where. Stop nagging! It is your duty to help them out.

Because...... you do this every day and they dont.

I have always wondered though, why do mean, uncaring people always work in hospitals? It doesnt make sense to me but it is so true to every hospital worker I have ever met. Very strange.

Sounds like you're in the wrong job. Go for something that doesnt involve meeting ordinary people, they're beneath you and you're much too superior for common folk, aren't you. How did you get that job in the first place though?

Stupid questions are always easier to deal with than stupid mistakes. Change your job if the customers irritate you so much

You normally find that its the educated ones that seem to have less common sense.
When you are ill you are not always with it so have a little think about thing first before getting angry.

ur pretty stupid and immature for this kind of thought.... ever thought ppl who come in are sick and worried ! ... so think like that and if u really want to be that much immature
WHY NOT CHANGE THE JOB ?/ EVER THOUGHT BOUT THAT ?? Now isn't this stupid or what ???

sarah h
change your job ,or try to imagine your self in the place of the patients

sarah c
Your question was cut off halfway through because you ignored the instruction that says 'maximum 80 letters'.
Quit your job if you dislike sick people so much.

How unkind you are, miss. Has it crossed your mind how stressful it may be for these patients to even be there? That perhaps they are so worried about the outcome of the surgery/test they are there for?

I would hope that a person in your position would be kinder and compassionate. How I wish we could all be as intelligent as you.

Ah, Frankyc, put yourself in their shoes! When I was a teacher I always complained about my pupils not listening properly and missing instructions, then I enrolled for a course at night school and I found myself doing all the same annoying things - asking for the page number to be repeated, asking for things to be explained again, forgetting what I'd been told the previous week....etc. I realised that it's different on the other side of the fence!

Ben H
Hospitals can be scary places for some people or at the very least stressful, it probably reduces their capacity to listen properly or accurate follow instructions.

Then of course there are the intellectually challenged...

Neither should be judged too harshly, every job has rain

if you don't like your job then get another one. stop being such a whining little git.

Ever thought some people who are sick and walk into a place you work at day in day out are a bit dis inorientated. They are worried, stressed... some might have never (like me at 34) Have never been in hospital in their lives. They are relying on the smiler behind the counter to help the out. You know what? Give your job up... you sound shite at it.

It's sad sacks like you that put us off. Have a bit of compassion until you're dumped at least.

I consider myself educated and streetwise.

And I am entitled to my opinion... I'm paying your ******* wages.

sounds like you need a new job if it gets to you that much

Some people just don't think before they speak. Same concept as people not reading additional bits in questions to get the full details or people who don't read rules or instruction booklets before they do something.

Then they complain when they don't know what to do, or miss something out which is important. I always read these types of things and don't understand why a lot of other people don't.

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