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Sensei Pa
when you hold your breath can you stop your heart beat to?or no one can stop there heart beat?

Yes, - of course you can. - It only "skips" a beat or two, but you can easily demonstrate the truth of it..
Of course, you can't stop it completely, for ever, that is, or you'd be killing yourself.

However, -here's another interesting "take" on the same subject:- Stand upright so you're between someone in front, and someone behind you, -to catch you and keep you safe.
Now, - take ten deep breaths and suddenly HOLD YOUR BREATH tightly..... You'll faint.,... you'll lose consciousness and simply drop, and your friends in front and behind will need to catch and support you. Honest!

When you come to, you'll remember nothing about it and deny strenuously that you 'fainted',... but everyone watching will tell you what happened...

It's the same phenomenon. Hyperventilation.

Maxine H
you cannot alone stop your heart from beating. there are processes within the human body that are there to get it started back again.

Holding your breath will cause your heart to beat harder and faster because you are starving your body of oxygen.

If you do stop your heart by holding your breath.... you are dead.

No, it's impossible to stop your heart on your own by holding your breath for a long period of time.

Your body eventually will tell your lungs to breathe again anyway.

You obviously do not want to do this as it causes a lot of strain on the brain and heart.

hefty s
no, if you hold your breath you will pass out then your nervous system will kick on your breathing again.

But anytime you deprive the brain for oxygen there is a good chance of doing damage to your brain.

No one I have ever heard of can stop their own heart.
And when you hold your breath until you pass out, your body takes over and tells your lungs to breath again.

I don't think so..
Maybe..But you're still living, and all your organs and your body is still fully functioning, and in order for all of that to happen, your hearts gotta be beating.
Hope this helps!

The Doc
You can stop your heart if you can manage to not breathe for long enough (this is also known as dying) but you're not going to be able to do it by holding your breath, eventually, if you're able to keep it up, you will fall unconscious and you will start breathing again.

Heart is not under voluntary control. So you cant stop it voluntarily. If it was possible, suicide would have been very easy!

When you hold your breath and strain, heart beats slow down transiently. In some individuals this can cause a transient black out.

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