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what is post infarct cardiac ?

gangadharan nair
Relating to the period following cardiac (pertaining to the heart) infarction.
In medicine, an infarction is the process resulting in a macroscopic area of necrotic tissue in some organ caused by loss of adequate blood supply. Supplying arteries may be blocked from within by some obstruction (e.g. a blood clot or fatty cholesterol deposit), or may be mechanically compressed or ruptured by trauma.


I think there's a word missing - or a word incorrect - in your question. It would have to be 'post infarct cardiac something'.

Post-infarct means 'after a heart attack'
Cardiac means 'related to the heart'

You might mean post-infarct pericarditis which is pretty common and is inflammation of the sac around that heart that can occur in the few days following a heart attack. It causes pain and resolves on its own.


that's actually the name of something.

cardiac is the heart or pertaining to the heart
infarct or infarction is when an area of tissues doesn't get enough blood oxygen)
post means after

example Myocardial infarction is a heart attack.

Donna B.
Right know you question is post MI you haven't asked a question

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