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 My neice's 3 year old son has been diagnosed with a 5-7 mm hole in the heart?Should he be operated upon at thi
Or can it be done later?
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Shuld he be operated upon at this age?...

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She keeps on telling me to give up because I'...

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hes sleeping and that is his bpm 53 what should i do?...

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 I'm i having a heart attack?help really scared!!?
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 ive just had a blod pressure reading and is 158 over 107 is this high or normal ?

Additional Details
just done it again and its 196 over 121...

 Is low blood pressure good or bad for your health?

 How close have you been to death and what was it like?

 I've been having an irregular heartbeat for some time now.?
I went to a walk in clinic and the Dr. advised I have Premature Atrial Contractions. He also advised they are no cause for worry, however, I have been having them more frequently now and am beginning ...

 Unbearable feeling of my heart beating please help.?
Hi, im a 20 year old male, not too long ago i was taking a hot bath and when i got out and tried to go to sleep i couldn't. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, kinda like a pound and ...

what happens if you don't treat high blood pressure?

Additional Details
if it's around 150/100

michael G
Stroke, enlarged heart, congestive heart failure, death.

stroke, heart attack, paralysis or death. not much of a choice.

imagine thousands of gallons of blood running at very high pressure through your blood vessels. the body is not created to handle such high pressure for a long time. eventually an artery will burst or the heart will give up (since the heart is pumping faster and harder).

High blood pressure can easily be managed by lifestyle changes like diet modification, exercise and reducing stressors. Certain drugs when regularly taken also manage high BP.

High BP when uncontrolled, can have a lot of complications like stroke, diabetes, heart attack and lead to congestive heart failure, a condition where your hearts output is diminished. Congestive heart failure has a moderate to poor prognosis meaning disease resolution is low and you'll be expected to live for only a few more years from the time of diagnosis.

Bob P
You die!

Khamirul Bin Mataree
Stroke will happens to you.

could cause stroke/heart attack,
maybe your not intaking enough water??
and your diet could be also affecting your blood pressure...

just go to your doctors for a check up, and ask him/her what the best solution is. i don't think pills are the best solution.. if u can treat the problem in a natural way

good luck

gopalakrishnan s
check ur heart rate level ... more details just go and visit the url

you could have a stroke or heart attack ,high blood pressure can easily be treated with meds

Having untreated high blood pressure could possibly result in a heart attack among many other things.

If you don't treat high blood pressure, you'll have a stroke which could be fatal or could make your body paralyzed.

Worst case scenario......Death!
But why would you not treat it?

Barbara Doll to you
Ultimately you can have a stroke.

Dr Frank
The higher your blood pressure is allowed to remain the higher your risk of stroke. The raised pressure increases the risk that a blood vessel in the brain will pop. It can also increase heart attack risk and result in kidney damage.

Blood pressure at a level of 150/100 proven by either repeated readings, or a 24 hour monitor trace is certainly in the treatment range. Though one off results at this level would not on its own be meaningful.

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