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 Do you know anyone at such a young, old, or any age that has heart disease?
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 Why is my heart fluttering?
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charles m
what cause's high blood pressure and what are the cure?

This can be brought on by eating too much salt, not eating enough of the correct food, stress. Usually the cure is cut down on both.

Jennifer W
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I found out that it runs trhough both sides of my family.

The best thing is to watch your diet...plenty of fruit and veggies with lean protein. Exercise regularly - I like my stationery bike, swimming, and running after a 5 year old. If you keep your weight at a healthy range, this will help.

Sometimes certain medication or hormones (like a birth control pill) can raise your blood pressure. Most people have to use medication, at least for awhile, to fully control their blood pressure.

Amy P
95% of high blood pressure is essential---meaning there is no known cause and that it is genetic. If mom, dad, or siblings had it, you likely will at some point, too. 5% of high blood pressure is secondary---meaning due to various hormone secreting tumors or narrowing of the arteries to the kidneys or coarctation of the aorta in children, for example.

Thus, 95% of hypertension is not curable and must be managed; the other 5% can sometimes be "cured" by removing the tumor or fixing the narrowed arteries.

So, how does one "manage" high blood pressure?
1. Stop smoking; this raises the blood pressure (as does nicotine in any form)
2. Cut down or stop use of alcohol; this raises the blood pressure
3. If applicable, loose weight to a BMI of less than 25
4. A low salt diet is prudent, although not everyone has salt sensitive hypertension
5. A higher potassium diet sometimes helps, but you shouldn't achieve this via supplements unless advised by your own doctor, because some BP medication can cause you to retain potassium, and this can stop the heart. More prudent is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
6. When the BP is determined by your physician to be controlled, and when cleared by a physician, a regular exercise program also helps.
7. Visit the website of the American Heart Association for more information. I believe it is: americanheart.org.

It is of the utmost importance to control blood pressure to prevent various forms of cardiovascular disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, kidney failure, blindness, stroke, etc. Best of luck.

take the med the DR give u and walking and taking the weight off if you are over weigh AND STOP SMOKING AND GO ON A NO SALT DIET AND EAT MORE FRUIT AND MORE VEG THATS HOW YOU GET IT TO GO DOWN AND DONT LET EVERY THING UP SET YOU

diet, lack of exercise, heredity is the main cause. Lower your salt intake, drink lots of water, exercise, and if it still does not come down you will need medication (like a diuretic) from a doctor.

EL Big Ed
stress Slow down

i have high blood pressure..and i take 5 meds a day for it.
Need to go to your doc regarding this.
Too much hypertension on your heart can damage it to the point where meds wont work good.
So be smart call the doc!


pills for it

Doctor B
Ahhh the old BP question. Basically HBP has a variety of components one of the most important are :
Familial Diseases (Hereditary)
Obesity, Sedentary lifestyle, Eating habits.

The problem is that blood vessels sooner or later tend to turn rigid, that's why HBP is seen mostly in adult populations, so if you live long enough your chances of suffering HBP go higher and higher with each passing year until you reach 100%.

Not so much as cure there are treatment available, but completely eliminating the diseases I'm certain there is not UNLESS it is secondary HBP, but that is another question :)

Are we trying to cram water into a metal pipe or into a balloon? That's the idea behind blood pressure problems. Is there too much water involved? Is whatever is pushing the water pushing too hard? Is the pipe too stiff? I have to use explainations like these for my patients all the time. A water pill (diuretic like Lasix) can take out some of the excess fluid. A dilator like nitroglycerin can make the pipe bigger and reduce the pressure. A beta-blocker liek Lopressor can reduce the pump activity.
Poor diet and lack of activity can turn the balloon into the pipe. A balloon has some flexibility and can tolerate changes in 'water levels' and pump pressures. The pipe has no play at all. It can be improved on and there is plenty to show that diet, supplementation, and excercise can help. I've seen it myself and helped some people with it.
Is there a 'cure'? No. It's something that must be dealt with on a daily basis. We tell people at the hospital to follow what their doctor says about their diet....if it tastes good...spit it out! LOL It's tough but there are ways to help it out. Hope this helps. Jeff the nurse in Nashville.

diane s
A product called Vemma has had so many testimonials for lowering blood pressure. Basically Vemma offers these two drinks that come together in two bottles. One is called Mangosteen, and the other is Essential Minerals. This product is not a drug, it a fruit juice grown overseas. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis (it's an anti-inflamitory), Prevents the grow of "free radicals" which creates diseases and cancer, prostate problems, and more. It does so much for you! The product is new to the states, they use it overseas for everything, and it's going to be huge here. The other great thing, is they are so confident that their product works, that they offer an empty bottle money back guarantee, so try it out, and if it doesn't work for you, get your money back! Email me at [email protected] for questions and I can help you order the product if you wish to. Hope this helps!

There is no permanent cure to High Blood Pressure, and once you go on pills to correct it (which anyone with HBP needs to do, if they want to prevent damage to the heart valves) you'll probably never get off them.

My doctor says some people are able to reduce on HBP pills, but never have to stop taking them. I don't buy into natural cures. Medication is the only fix (unless it's low HBP, which you can control with strict exercise & diet).

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