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 How long does it take for a broken heart to heal? :(?

wha can i do to lower blood pressure?
what can i do to lower blood pressure. i know about exercise and healthy eating. what about herbs

Try relaxing and not thinking about anything that is troubling you that could make you stressed

as you said you know most, obviously not, go back to your doctor and get a higher dosage of whatever drug your on, !Felopidine" is quite good tablet taken along with Ramapril... Have your Cholesterol checked, and eat Porridge for breakfast it will help keep your Cholesterol in check..

For get about healthy eating and herbs and i don't stink of garlic, they will not help your blood pressure much and i eat what i like when i like. I know as i have tried all that and the only thing i now take is one 5 milligram aspirin a day and that works fine.

Paddy D
exercise,cut out salt altogether,cut down on fatty foods,lower alcohol intake

Cut out the fried foods. Eat baked beans, mushy peas, lean meat, skinless chicken, garlic. What about herbs?

Hardy K
Studies suggest that raw garlic decrease the systolic pressure by 20 to 30 mmHg and diastolic pressure by 10 to 20 mmHg. Since garlic is relatively safe and has a number of other health benefits, a professional herbalist may recommend it.

Imran A
Its a good saying that you are wot you eat so eating healthy and exercise in an ideal way.

Garlic is one of the most popular and effective herbal remedies for high blood pressure.

Garlic has been shown to trigger a mechanism within the body that makes the blood vessels 'relax.' This is key because as people age, their blood vessels tend to be less flexible, sometimes even hardening.

However, it takes at least two cloves of garlic.

Hawthorn has also been shown to have some affect on lowering blood pressure.

You may also want to try CoQ10 and Fish Oil.

cut down on your salt intake if you smoke then stop ive heard that red wine is good by the glass and beetroot juice but i don't know how true the latter is never try ed it

Rock Quarry
Go Christin! What she said.

[email protected]
There are now many prescribed drugs that can maintain your BP at a safe level so visit your GP. In addition maintain healthy eating habits and ensure you exercise regularly.

Christin K
That's a dangerous path to go down...herbal remedies may indeed lower blood pressure but they are very hard to control, and they may also have other undesirable effects.

Instead, cutting out salt and sodium rich foods, exercising every day and cutting down on your caffeine intake is just as natural and works a lot better--and you won't ever have to worry about side effects.

Lose weight if you are overweight, cut down on salt and saturated fats, do half an hour moderate exercise every day, not too much, just so that you feel warm and a bit sweaty, porridge and green veg are good, broccoli and cabbage, not too nice i know, but i would stay away from herbs, make sure you have regular check ups to measure it and if it goes above 140/85 on a regular basis then see the doctor.

The treatment level is 162 for the systolic or top line so you have to be quite ill with it to get medication.

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