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today is my father's open heart surgery ...?
in escort heart institute delhi 8.00 am..im in usa i can't go to inda ..im tensed i just want every ones blessing 4 my papa please pray 4 him..

don't worry ,he is going to be fine. can understand ur trauma.may god bless him with good health.

SURE WILL.Have faith.

All the best wishes for your dad.
please make sure that you be their with him as fast you can

gangadharan nair
In Escort Heart Institute, Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft is done. There are certain advantages over conventional CABG operation.
Please see Google search for more details on Off-pump CABG.

life is
you have mine good luck 2 him

Almighty and Eternal God,
You are the everlasting health of those who believe in You.
Hear us for Your sick servant
for whom we implore the aid of Your tender mercy,
that being restored to bodily health,
he may give thanks to You in Your Church.
Through Christ our Lord.


Wish you all the best for an early recovery of your father. Keep him cheerful and free of tesion. Ask him to take short walks after the doctors allow. He wiil be fine.

Escorts is one of the leading Cardiac centres in the country. Cardiac surgery involves many specialists. With many safty devices on Heart Lung Machine and Anesthesia Ventilator, and specialists in cardiac Anaestesia, open heart surgery is less risky now a days. I pray for healthy recovery of your father.

Being a perfusionist controlling HLM in open heart surgery, I have some professional collegues there. If you won't mind to furnish name and other details, please feel free to communicate me on my E-Mail ID: hareendrana @yahoo.co.uk

Perhaps, I may be able to follow up.

don worry.. hez gonna b alright..

aww...that's so nice to post as a question for support. He's gonna make it and he'll be fine. He has my prayers, and I hope he's okay. just don't stress.

~God Be with You and your Father!~
~Peace out!~

I pray to god that everything would work out fine for your pappa . Take care

I know its hard on you being away but 80% of what we worry about doesn't happen.....so lets have faith that he will be in the other 20% and everything goes smoothly and he has a GREAT and fast recovery.

Good luck and may God bless you and your Dad. Pops

aww... you can be sure he will be on my prayers. and don't worry... your father will be fine. =)
have faith in God! He will not leave your father.

I underwent the surgery at 68, three years ago. I dont even realise now that this did happen. It is so simple these days. Be assured everything will be fine avr/India

I will pray for him!

i hope his gonna be ok!!

dont worry!!

what wrong with his heart??

not enough blood flow?

GOd bless


The Heart Institute is the place to be.

My sister had a triple by-pass 3 years ago April. She was 27. All is well, even though she was 70% blocked. I know your father is older than that, but please keep the Faith, I'm sure all will be well.

God bless you both, I will be praying for you.

i bless for your papa to !

he has my support

Bless you and your family. My second daughter had to have extensive heart surgury and I know the wait alone can be batty.

I am sorry you cannot be with your father at ths time.

I wish you and you family the best of luck in this world. I would pray for him but I do not beleive in prayer or that thier is a God.

I am sure the Doctors and India have the best training and they will do all that they can for your father.

Our prayers go with him.

The best of luck to your father, Jagrati.

I will pray for him before i go to bed tonight. I am so sorry your dad has to go through this and I wish him luck with all my heart. I hope everything turns out fine.

Shawna. =)

Ok...Dear God, I hope he gets survives the surgery and gets heaps better! Amen

Ruth B
Open heart surgery isn't the major deal it once was. Two years ago my husband had a quadruple bypass. He's doing great now, was out of the hospital 4 days afterwards. Your dad is going to be just fine, in fact, he's going to feel a lot better after the surgery because his heart will work like it's suppose to you. Just pray for him. I'll pray for you, I know how hard the long wait can be during the surgery.

we will pray for you and you dad sweetie

He will be fine. Please do not worry. Open heart surgury is very common and India has the finest doctors in the world. They will take good care of him. Be glad he is getting such advanced treatment. Your father will be better than ever, I promise.
I also will say a prayer for him.

Wild Cherry
I will pray for him. God bless you. I haven't had anyone I love have to have heart surgery but I have an anxiety disorder so I know what worrying feels like. I will certainly pray for him and my thoughts are with you both.

hey now a days open heart surgery is very comman and simple.
rest assured he will be 100%more healthy.
we pray GOD for his health and your cool mind .
pl mail me yr thanks to
[email protected]

I will pray for you Papa sweetie

hey prabhuu !!!
tu bhi yaar ..kya choti si baat ki tension leeti hain ..open heart surgery is not a major deal ...yaar medical science is now perfect and will handle ur dad case easily..u need not 2 worry ...
ur dad will be fine and i will pray for him ...
but bed rest is necessary ..so don't disturb him after tht surgery ..

hav a nice day ...{ GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP OTHERS :D }

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