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 heart and arm pain ? plaease help?
I keep on gettin heart pain and upper arm pain in my left arm
im kinda gettin scared now about it ...
any ideas on wat it is??...

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 I have a heart condition and feeling week. What should I do?

please i have been having pain in my heart region , whereby it seems i have a limited region to inhale, otherw?
once i exceed this region it is pain, and i have had similar exprience in the last couple of weeks, could it be symptoms of heart attack or indigestion

i get this to but abit over to the left,iv been told it a trapped nerve which is 'a Sharp pain around you ribcage when you breath that's so accute it usually stops you breathing in further'
and you just have to move about abit(as sore as it will be),but think id go to the doctor just to see if he says any diffrent. good luck x

that happens to meeee ! If i cant find a solution on webmd.com (try the symptom checker) i say we both go to the doctor. I always say im having a heart attack and my friends laugh at me =(

it could be a chest infection

go and see your doctor for a check up, you cant really ignore this can you

I have similar problem but mine comes from digestion problem and pain in the intestines with bowel sounds in my chest.I am waiting to collapse with it and can feel the pressure ease as food eventually moves through with pain.Often i straighten my spine to make more room to breathe and that helps for a few breaths but then my stomach contents come up into my oesophagus so i stand up which helps breathing but leaves me dizzy.Go and see your doctor because it sounds serious to me.They weren't able to help me in time but hopefully you will have more luck

Go and see your doctor.

thats exactly what i had!!
But it went by itself.

Incase your different i would recommend a doctor

Persistent chest pain should always be evaluated. Judging by your spelling and grammar, I would imagine you are quite young?

If all cardiac causes are excluded, then the most likely cause at your age is musculo-skeletal pain. This basically means that pain is coming from you muscles, ribs or cartilage. Musculo-skeletal pain can radiate to the shoulders and arms.

Musculo-skeletal pain presents as atypical chest pain that is often reproducible on movement of the chest wall during deep respirations, movement of the limbs or by direct pressure.

The pain could be a result of trauma, injury due to coughing and Tietze’s syndrome -(inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs to the breast bone).Unless contradicted take a paracetamol and/or Ibuprofen. If symptoms persist or get worse, then see your Doctor.

Sounds like you have pulled one of your intercostal muscles (the ones between your ribs), it hapens to me sometimes, it is best to breathe slowly and deeply and the pain will ease off after a few breaths.

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