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Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

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my uncle had a massive heart attack and now has no brain activity.
my uncle had a heart attack 4 days ago,he has not woken up since his body temp goes up so they lower his temp down he is on a machine that breaths for him and every time they lower or stop his sedative iv, he goes into siezures,will he pass on or stay with us,i'm confused and scared, hes alawys been healthy so this is shocking to us.

Yorgi shmorgi
I'm sorry that that happened to you... i believe that things happen for a reason. just have faith that he'll get better, never stop hoping.

Damn that is scary....something happened similar to my girlfriends grandfather (and it wasn't cuz he was old) he was at the hospital for a long time they operated on him allot of times and he was alive but they put him to sleep because it was the best thing to do other wise he would be a vegetable

marta n
It could go either way I have known of some coming out of it ,he needs more time it has only been a couple of days.

It doesn't sound very promising that he will live, however modern medicine can do some amazing things. They probably wouldn't be trying so many things if they didn't think he had any chance.

Unplug the damn machine.

If no brain activity was noted during an eeg (encephalogram) then severe brain damage has probably occurred from lack of blood flow to the brain during the heart attack.
People can be kept alive in this condition with assistance for breathing and eating.

If there was indeed serious brain damage this may not be a question of longevity but a quality of life issue.

This is a serious condition and you should discuss your uncles prognosis with his physician or with someone who has.

Keep in mind illnesses such as these are very distressing to the immediate family members and four days may be too soon for them to relate his exact condition and prognoses. Be patient and understanding if they seem to place limits on the information they disclose during this difficult period.

Don't be concerned if this situation is troubling or even frightening to you, this is a normal reaction and you should relate your feelings to your parents or whoever you feel comfortable with.

q answers
Sorry to hear what happened to him, hope he gets better


This isn't a question that can be answered here, it would probably be best to ask your parents about this as they will have had information from your uncles doctors.

Tim D
First off I'm very sorry about your father, my dad has the same medical issues. Its up to your dad to be strong and pull through and for you to be strong for your dad, this is all part of life but the most difficult to deal with. Hang in there and i wish you all the best of luck.

Looks like it is a difficult situation. Only time will tell. May be you can talk to the doctors in charge.

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