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my son was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned. should i be?

I have just today found out that my 4 year old son also has an innocent murmur. I've been searching the net for info and have just come across your question. It seems that they are very common and nothing to worry about in most cases. I am a little concerned as my son has had behavioural problems (that I believe are caused by periods of extreme tiredness) over the last two years and I have told my GP this and the paediatrician and the ENT this but nobody really believed me it was just put down to lack of maturity. Today my GP has discovered this murmur and is referring me back to the paediatrician. She has noted on the referral letter that it is a "loud" murmur and the research I have found indicates that the louder it is the worse the problem is. I have also discovered that tiredness is a sign of a bigger heart problem. But in your case I think that if your doctor says not to worry I wouldn't. If there are no other issues don't worry if you don't have to.

Ingbert K
No don`t be woried I hawe the same and got 2 stroke and still going strong so no problem but take care of it. From Sweden

bobby a
no people of all ages all diagnosed with heart Murmurs even some of the greatest sports player have them

rita eid
no but try to be always attention to his health

heart mumurs come and go as children grow .if the dc was concerned he would referred you over to a ped cardio, webmd gives some great info on murmurs.

Lori F
Any thing to do with his heart, I'd be concerned, no matter what the doctor said!! And I would also get a second opinion!!

Stray Kittycat
If the doc said not to be concerned then he/she believes it's a benign condition that shouldn't adversely affect your son. I have had a murmur all my life and I've not had any cardiac problems. You can always go see a cardiologist for a second opinion.

if the doctor said not to worry it probably is what is called an innocent murmur and not a big deal. Murmurs is just a fancy word for and extra sound that is heard when listening to the heart. Both of my children have one and every 6 months or so the doctor listens to see if it is getting worse or better or staying the same. As your son grows the murmur will probably go away.

No most heart murmurs are just part of life. My dad an I both have one and have had them all of our life.

many people live normal lives with a murmur

this site may give you the info you need

some are dangerous and some arent. if your doctor says its fine then i wouldnt worry. but theres no harm in getting a second opinion.

Firstly, although your son was diagnosed with a heart murmur, it isn't really a diagnosis in the usual sense. Rather, it is a finding on the physical exam that may or may not be associated with an actual problem. Murmurs occur because the blood flows with turbulence and that turbulence makes sounds (murmurs) which can be heard. The presence of turbulence does NOT necessarily mean that anything is wrong and murmurs are EXTREMELY common in pediatrics patients.

Secondly, the evaluation of a murmur should be initiated at the time that it is found and may consist of nothing more complicated than obtaining a history and performing a thorough physical exam to determine the actual cause of the murmur.

Most childhood murmurs are "innocent", meaning they are not caused by any abnormality, but are simply due to turbulent flow without abnormal anatomy. While there are murmurs that are associated with abnormalities, it's important to realize the most childhood murmurs are NOT.

Ask your physician what is causing the murmur and how he or she has determined that it is an innocent murmur and that should reassure you that there isn't a problem (or lead you to ask more questions).

There's a brief review attached.

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