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my granpa's heart surgery. please read?
my grandfather is 70 and has a BIGG heart problems and doctors are reccomending an immideate surgery!! although his fine now (well he says he feels ok), the doctors say that without a surgery he could live
years or days.. noebody knows :( and if he gets a surgery wel they sai "lets hope he makes it"
please give ur advise, should he get a surgery or not... please ;(

note: he patient is in the republic of georgia. and the surgery should take place there if decided.

You need to give more information...what is the problem with his heart (what is his condition)? What type of surgery is required? Can medications alone help his condition? Does your grandfather want surgery (sometimes as people get older, they do not wish to go through such things...they would rather just live the rest of their life as is)?

I wish you and grandpa the best. God bless.

my father has gone into heart surgery, it was successful, i was even told by my cardiologist to undergo the same thing, heart problem runs into family eh?!, anyways, heart surgery is just like any other ordinary medical procedure now adays, trust your cardio, but consider also your grand pa's decison. he himself can make it if he thinks he can.
also read some articles with related topic for more information for you to understand how the procedures goes... visit this pages, this might help you...

Follow you heart, it will show you the way. I am praying for you and your grandpa. God bless you.

what is the good word?
i think it should be his desition if he is able to.its a hard.desition.

gangadharan nair
Some heart surgeries are obligatory for the survival of the patient. Eg. Bye- pass surgery, valvular disease, etc. If so, allow him to undergo surgery.

second opinion definitley, they might be right, but they could be a bunch of quacks just itchin to get out their scalpels. but then wait, is the republic of georgia a hospital in the state of georgia, or are u talking about the country Georgia. as is next to russia, georgia? if so , definitely second opinion

Seo yun
I think he should get the surgery.Trust the doctor

i would say do whatever grandpa wants. the surgery is a risk and he may not recover. he may want to spend his last days, however many there are left, out of the hospital. it should all come down to what grandpa thinks is best. i know if i were his age, i would say no to the surgery.

He should get surgrey if he has real bad heart problems he should listen to his doctor u want ur grandpa to live long as possible

Get a second opinion.

well the only 2 things i can say is the doctors don't really know how long your grandpa will live only god knows but if its in his best interest to get a surgery i think i might

good luck to your grandpa and family
god bless

get more opinions and check the survival rate of where the surgery will take place

Katy L
If the doctors are recommending it, I would say go for it. My dad has had 3 different heart surgeries, and they said the same thing. But it sure has made a difference in how he feels. Good luck!

first i would consider what he wants but also what are the chances i know this sounds awful but if they are 50 / 50 are better it is probably a better choice to havet the surgery and fix the problem

i hope he makes it i will keep you in my prayers

X3 love him
i think that he should get surgery..even though he says he feels OK he could just be getting worst...you never know. Even though surgery has side sffects, usually its safe, and he could get better.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Any time one has a major surgery there is a chance of not making it through the surgery My mom,in 2003 went to her doctor(regular visit) and he sent her to the hospital they ran the usual tests and told her they would not release her,that she had no choice but to have a quadruple by-pass.So she did,she came through the surgery fine. It took a few months for her to regain her strength,she never seemed to recover from a deep depression.18 months later she died peacefully in her sleep.What concerns me,the quadruple was a fairly new venture in heart surgery at the time.Within 6 months of her surgery,her boyfriend was told he needed the same surgery.and one month later mom's younger brother was told he needed a quadruple by pass.at the same time a friend of mine had the surgery then the doctor tells his wife she needed the same surgery a month or so later another friend of mine had to have the same surgery!These people live in different states But...they were all on social security and medicaid or medicare.There may not be any connection or anything.But it just strikes me as odd that all these people I know had to have the same surgery.I have even wondered"were these doctors using these people as guinea pigs for practice? My Mom was 70 when she died.There's no doubt that many people need this type surgery.Maybe I am just being paranoid!I guess I am still very upset at the fact the doctor said the surgery would add 10 to 15 years to her life.Her death was totally unexpected.She was not complaining of pain or feeling sick or anything. I pray your Grandpa will have a good out come on his surgery!

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