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Dumbasssssss ;]
my friend has fainted 3 times over the pat 3 weeks, what could be wrong?

She's dying,

She is in excruciating pain due to something called a Juvenile Hemangioma. She will most likely commit suicide.

☆☆♥☆☆ ☆αℓℓ☆ ☆gσσ∂☆ ☆Thiηgs☆☆
Same thing used to happen to my sister, when she was pregnant.

She could have low iron levels, but it may be something worse than that.
Tell her to go to the doctor.

She should consult a physician. She should have been brought to the ER one of those times. She could have low BP, low blood sugar, it could be an abnormal heart rhythm. She needs to be checked out.

Kate has it right. Your friend should see a doctor. I'd suggest fairly quickly.

Good luck, hopefully it's nothing too serious.

Possible causes of fainting include anaemia, pregnancy, not eating enough, tiredness and low blood pressure but it might be a good idea for your friend to get herself checked by a GP.

Emily Marchant
Is she definitely eating enough? Low blood sugar caused by lack of food could be the problem.

But you really need to be careful - the best thing to do is to go to a doctor straight away - fainting can be a sign of some pretty serious problems and the sooner you ask a professional the less likely it is that she's going to either really hurt herself fainting or have something wrong that can't be cured.

See a doctor!!

Your friend should see her doctor

~*Bride in 2010*~
It could be that their blood pressure is too low. I had this problem after a surgery. They should really be checked out by a doctor because it may be as simple as low blood pressure, or ot could be something more serious! Hope this helped and good luck!

Aquatic Retard
Well i dont know but for anyone on here to tell you, you're gonna have to say more than that.

i.e. symptoms like pallor, dizziness, loss of vision.. etc..
: /

low blood pressure

Little One
real fainting is serious..could be understress the blood flow of the heart goes to wall instead of lungs and places it suppose to..this is if it heart related..it can be other things like hypoglosemic..cant spell it

There could be many different causes for syncope. Common causes are lack of food and/or water (dehydration), or another cause could be Iron anaemia. It could also be the result of more serious issues, and as this has happened 3 times in one week, she really needs to see her GP so he can do blood work and if indicated, other appropriate tests.

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