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 My aunt had a stroke yesterday adn the dr's said that the cerebal part of her brain is dead is this really
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 What type of blood pressure monitor is appropriate for home use?

my dads blood pressure is 180/120?
how bad is this. he refuses to go into the hospital.

Leonardo S
He could die anytime. Take Nightworks, Mega-Garlic Plus and Core Complex, about $200 for a month supply. See if it helps, very effective and you don't need a prescription. Made by a Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine. The best supplement company I know.

Jesus Wept
pretty darn bad


Best: "some data indicate that 115/75 mm Hg (systolic/diastolic) is best". Normal: below 120/80 mmHg. Hypertension: greater than 140 mmHg/90 mmHg.

So 180/120 is high hypertention and need to visit hospital and should take medication till it reaches 120/80. If untreated it may lead to stroke or heart attack or kidney diseases.

for further information on this subject and its alternative medicine visit:

Tell him he could have a stroke. Hopefully that will make him go to the doctor, unless he wants to be potentially bedridden for the rest of his life.

Uh, BAD, very BAD!!! Get him to one ASAP, emergency room if you can! Do something, threaten to call 911 if he doesn't go himself, does he realize that that is dangerous? In the meantime, get him to drink lots (water) and cut the salt out of his diet... avoid physical exertion ... avoid mental stress ... because those things might make it even higher.

If you have magnesium in your house, give that to him. It's supposed to lower blood pressure.

He has stage 2 high blood pressure. That is the highest category you can be in. My mom had high blood pressure. She was like your dad and didn't take her blood pressure seriously and eventually had a stroke and died.

Thats wayyyy too high. He is causing damage to his arteries and also his kidneys, heart, brain etc. His kidneys will be the first to go and he will end up on dialysis. He may feel nothing but the damage is being done on the inside..........

He needs to go to the hospital. If this continues or spikes during the night that is bad news. He is causing damage to vital organs by letting it continue to be that high. Normal is anywhere between 100-120 over 60-70

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