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my dad is a bit over 40 and he is going to have coronary artery bypass surgery. is it dangerous? could he die?

Grayson S
theres always a chance of someone dieing in surgery. But he prob wont

Blue Haired Old Lady
Yes, it is dangerous, but so are blocked arteries. Yes, he could die, but that is not the doctor's plan. Doctors do not operate on people if they think they will die during surgery. I hope everything goes well for him.

Out of real concern, this is probably a question that you would want to ask a certified doctor (preferably one who specializes in this area) that you trust.

but there is always the risk on the operating table.

anything can happen good luck :D

Robert O
As with any surgery it could be life threating, but not likely. That type of operation if dangerous but my father had the same thing done at 56 and my mother at 47. They both were fine afterward, though it takes a few weeks to recover. The main thing is that afterward he changes diet,some excersies, andto take the drugs his Dr. prescribe to help cut the risk of it happening again. He'll be fine, best of luck.

Any type of surgery carries a risk of death but you shouldn't think about that. They do them very frequently and I am sure he has a good doctor. Don't worry about losing him, just focus your energy on his recovery. Best of luck!

R & C N
By pass surgery is a common place occurrence now days. They will not do surgery if he is not in the best shape he can be. It is better to bypass the blockages now and not wait until he has a heart attack. But this is major surgery and, yes, the unexpected can happen. You have to place your faith in you dads doctors. The other alternative is not do anything and wait for the heart attack that will occur.

I am not trying to scare you but understand that ANY type of surgery has risks involved that can lead to death. NO surgery is risk free.You will notice all the consent forms will mention the possibility of death. Even something simple can have side effects of complications that can lead to death.

However you should know that bypass surgery is very common and routine. It has been preformed hundreds of thousands of times without any complications. People who have successful bypass surgeries go on to lead normal lives. But your dad will need to change any bad habits he has~smoking or bad diet.

But there are also risks involved. Sometimes patients have bleeding, blood clots or problems with there lungs, some even get pneumonia. Depending on your age you could be there when the doctors and nurses ask if there are any questions.Make a list of your questions that you would like answered. They will always be happy to answer them for you. Then may even have a pamphlet book for you to read.
He is going to have an incision on his leg and his chest. Ask questions about the machines and what the do~dont be afraid to ask.He will stay in the hospital about 4-6 days and may have alot of pain at first. And will be closely monitored the first 24-48 hours.

Just remember your dad is probably worried enough for both of you right now. So think positive and pray for the best. MANY people have this procedure done every day. Hugs and GOOD LUCK!!

Devon Custard
I think any heart surgery is dangerous. Hope he does good.

he'll be fine :)

Skullz Rule!
yes, there is Always a chance someone could die in surgery. something could go wrong in the surgery or he could just not wake up from anesthesia. But there is also a chance he will be perfectly healthy. and the biggest chance is he would be perfectly fine so that's good. Best of luck to your dad!

40 or not, going under the knife is always risky.

any surgery can be dangerous.
but im sure everything will be fine.
i will keep him in my prayers.
good luck!

Its scary to have a parent going into surgery and with every surgery yes there is a chance one could die. However with todays technology your dad should be better than ever after his surgery ;).

Any operation has its dangers. Hopefully the doctors are competent and prayer will help

On average, the survival rate of coronary artery bypass surgery is 17-18 in 20.

Your dad has a very good chance. He's younger than the average person who gets this surgery, which should improve his odds significantly.

Anytime that anyone has surgery they could die. Any surgery involving the heart is also a dangerous one. So yes, he could die. It all depends on how bad off he already is, his overall health currently, and many other things. That being said most heart surgeries have a very high success rate on young men like your father.

Yes a Doctor will tell you anytime you have surgery there is the possibility of dying. By-pass is a bit more complicated and risky than say a knee replacement. The fact that the blood flow is in jeopardy enough to warrant the surgery shows that the risk is very high to your dads health or they would not even risk surgery. Most surgeries are considered the lesser of 2 evils. your in our thoughts gl.

Elizabeth H
everyone has given you a good answer.

i am almost fully recovered from a quadruple by-pass and have been given a second chance to lead an active life again. my recovery has taken about 9 months. i will tell you at first it was very painful, especially the sternum area which obviously had to be ''sawn'' open. a vein was harvested from my arm and from my leg and they also used some of my mammary arteries.

i was in intensive care for 1 day and the next day i was out of bed and walking. i was discharged from hospital 4 days after my by-pass.!!

as everyone has said, there is always a risk no matter what surgery one has to have.

tell your dad to have faith in the surgeons and i am sure everything will be ok.
good luck and god bless

The Yeti
This is a serious procedure. There will be a long recovery period from it. They would not be doing this unless they thought he had a very good chance of recovering though.

Anytime anyone has surgery on their heart, it is risky and yes one of the risks could be death.
However, there are a lot more people who come through surgery just fine and do very well afterward. Your father's doctor would not be planning to do the surgery if he didn't think the benefits outweigh the risks. If he honestly thought that your father would not get better from it, he would not be doing it at all.
Pray for your father, for skilled hands for the surgeon and peace for you and your family while he goes through this. It will make you feel better while you are waiting.

amazingly intelligent
All major surgery has risks. Your family should have met with his surgeons to know what to expect. If they did and did not include you, ask.

My dad had open heart surgery (at about 43/44 years old), they had to move one of the arteries because it was getting twisted around stuff and blocking the blood, which gave him tremendously high blood pressure.

This was about 5ish years ago. I was worried sick. Yet doctors are getting very good at surgical procedures and do heart surgeries all the time. My dad was fine after the surgery.

My great uncle gets heart surgery frequently (he has a really bad heart) and he's in his mid/late 70's. I'd say in this past year of 2008, he's gotten 3 or 4 heart surgeries done. And he's still alive and kickin.

Doctors are getting better and better in the medical field every month, you're dad will be fine.

please do not worry...any surgery has its dangers. even a small bite from a mosquito. whereas it may be "dangerous", please do not worry. with all the advanced technology and medications that we have, your dad will be ok. however, i must point out, that prayers help do not hinder. i will pray for your dad. thanx for your concern. wish more younger people like you had the same attitude that you do..

um anybody that answers this could be wrong unless they are doctors...
so i would recommend to search in this website...

just ask your question in the research box
about coronary artery bypass surgery being dangerous
hope ur dad gets well after surgery

hey i researched this for u


this website will tell u more about the coronary artery bypass surgery....

There is a 2 percent risk of dying from a scheduled coronary artery bypass graft surgery. The risk increases to 8 percent if it is an emergency procedure. ...

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