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my cholesterol leval is 6.9 which i think is dangerously high but my doctor says i dont need medication?
i think i do how high does it have to go to get help it is hereditary am i a walking heart attack or do i need to change doctors im 24

You need to go back to your GP or ask to see another GP in the surgery. Ideally, your total cholesterol should be less than 5.0 mmol/L. You need advice on how to reduce your cholesterol. In the meantime, you are not a walking heart attack so don't worry but it is something you need to look at as part of your overall health.

Norah B
Looks kind of high to me (I'm a nurse), but you need to look at the different kinds of cholesterol you have ie LDL should be low and HDL should be high, and together they add up to the total. Your doctor ought to know best. Ask him to explain it to you.

cholesterol is measured in millimols of mercury and it isn't measured in the hundreds. Ur right it is high for ur age but if ur worried u should go c ur nurse for the right advice

miss walker
its best 2 c if u can lower it by a change in diet first the doctor should keep an eye on it and give u sum tips in how 2 lower it like dont add salt 2 ur meals change ur butter 2 olive butter it dont taste that bad i eat it myself big fry ups and fatty foods r a no no try this love dont change ur doctors yet its just these days doctors dont like giving sumone as young as u medication with out tryin this first good luck......

I bet he's told you to eat healthily. He will be hoping it will go down naturally that way. You should be looking to achieve about 4.

You don't need medication at this level, you just need to eat more healthily!

If you change your lifestyle you can get your cholestrerol level down in no time. There are also drugs available which reduce it which you can ask your doctor about. Cut out the meat, only have 2 eggs or less a week, eat more bananas, olive oil, fish

It is high, but doctors normally advise you to eat healthily by eating more fruit and veg, and cutting back on fatty foods etc, exercise more and stop smoking (if you smoke) and then do a repeat blood test to see if the cholesterol level has reduced.

If it hasn't reduced, thats when they normally put you on cholesterol reducing medication.

Go back to your doctor if you are concerned, especially as high cholesterol is hereditary in your family.

are you a hypocondriac? that could be the problem

Mine was 7.2 last tested!! But i burn the candle at both ends...and the middle!!

♪Angie The Twins Mum
My mums was 7.3 and the doctor would not put her on medication and in fact made her change her lifestyle, so she did she eats lots of fruit and cut out all the fat, and within 6 months its now 5.1 i think they like you to try to change first before they put you on medication x

Join the club I am 7.2 (Doc says the same).
I changed a couple of things in my diet, but its not that bad. So much fuss is made over this, if you worry about blood clots or anything like that, take an aspirin each day. Best of Luck. xx

Dr Frank
I would not use the word dangerous, but it is certainly well above normal. I believe it was not helpful for your doctor to brush you off with so Little explanation.

Cardiac risk is produced by a number of different factors.
Being male is a negative factor.
Having raised BP is negative
Being a smoker is negative
Being diabetic is negative

To convert mmoles/l to mgs/dl divide by 0.0259 so 6.6 = 266 mgs/dl and then feed the rest of your results into a cardiac risk calculator. http://hp2010.nhlbihin.net/atpiii/calculator.asp

This will put things into perspective.

Whatever the result it is worth trying to reduce your level. Decrease your animal fat intake, take more vigorous exercise + Benacol does help a bit. If you make these changes get the nurse to check another test after 6 months and again at a year. Prevention, even at 24, is better than cure.

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