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it was dead
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my boyfriend has to get his aneurysm fixed tomorrow do you think hes going to be ok?


My guess would be that since he's getting it "fixed" means it was "caught on time" -- he'll be okay I'm sure. The ones that usually kill are the ones we don't know about and you just "drop" from them. At least they know about it. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!

Pray for him

depends of severity..details

σн єffιη яaωr ¡tz тætәr нar∂cørє
If u believe in God, pray.
If u believe in healing, have faith.
If u believe in Happiness, rejoice.

There u go...A poem just for u. And it's all true. U should rejoice in the name of the Lord b/c u kno ur b/f will make it thru. I will keep u in my prayers.
I kno this will help u...Perhaps u should visit him a.s.a.p or even spend the night at the hospital with him jus so he'll kno 4 sure, that u ♥ him. He'll also feel comfortable. Maybe, if it is possible, u should bring him a get well soon gift or sumthin that means the world to him. --If he shall leave u, remember that everything happens for a reason, and its part of God's plan.

Harley Lady
Yes, I have actually had two friends with aneurysms and they both have pulled through just fine. Modern medicine. I will say a prayer. Good Luck!

bouchon d'élite
yea they break every now and then if you don't take care of them.

As Real As It Gets
Having surgery to correct an aneurysm is the best treatment, and he'll be in the best place if something goes wrong, which is very unilkely. This surgery is performed frequently and with great success.

Have faith, sweetie. He'll be alright.

They do amazing surgerys now. I don't think you need to worry. I had a 7 way bypass in 2005. E-mail me if you want.

Wow Im so sorry that the two of you have to go thru it.

I think ya he'll be ok. Especially since he is being treated and if the caught it soon enough.

Just be supportive and caring, even at the hardest times.

You two will be in my prayers

There are never any guarantees, but there is every reason to believe he will be ok. I have known of an instance when a person had a ruptured aneurysm & was not found until the next morning. Initially this person couldn't talk or walk, but after surgery & rehab made a complete recovery. A lot depends on where it is & the size. Your job at this point is to be positive & keep your boyfriend positive.

I pray he'll be just fine. Best Wishes....Sending my prayers for both of you!! =)

if you want him to be ok, tell him he will, tell yourself he will, and believe he will, tell the doctors you thank them, just breath, it'll be ok, and so will he

Lisa E
Of course, no one can predict that, but I had one and it was really FAR less scary than you'd imagine. The medical technology is quite advanced now, so try not to worry yourself overmuch. I'm sure you'll worry of course, but keep positive! Best wishes!

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