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amy f
mitral valve prolapse .....?
ok so I have MVP with regrurgitation
I have all the signs heart racing, dizzyness, tired
I cant take a bata blocker b/c it lowers my BP to low so I am stuck to just deal with this.
Does any one have tips on what works well with them.

Never let anyone tell you you have to live with something! In this day and age when our society is so medically advanced noone needs to suffer discomfort. I too have MVP with regurgitation. Fortunatly I can take a Beta Blocker. I also find when I am consistant regular excersize actually helps. It takes that nervous edge off and limits those racing heart symtoms. There are lots of good doctors you just need to do your research on them. I know how frustrating it can be trying to get right answers. If you would like some help with this feel free to email me and I will guide you.

Take care.

Really there is nothing you can do about MVP unless the MR (mitral regurgitation) is severe. If the MR is severe enough, you are at risk for heart failure or sudden death. This situation can be remedied by catheterized mitral valve repair, or in a more extreme case, mitral valve replacement (probably with a St. Judes Bi-leaflet valve.) Typically though, there is always some degree of MR with MVP so unless your Doctor told you otherwise, I would just learn to live with it. Good luck.

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