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 if you needed a heart transplant ?
and were told by the doctors that it was nearly compatible to your own heart but it might be rejected would you accept it anyway if you knew with out taking it you would die?...

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Jerry, thats correct. I just wanted to see how many people knew that tho ...

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i was just at duane reade and took my BP. the first number was 122 the second was 28 and my pulse was 68. is this good? I'm a 19 year old female
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you know, it ...

 Think I'll have a heart attack soon?
My mom had a heart attack at 42. She survived.. scary, though. I know we have heart disease on both sides of the family. What're my chances of a heart attack any time soon if I do not change ...

 Strong random pains in my heart?
Strong random pains in my heart?
I get random strong pain's in my chest (in my heart) from time to time. What could be the cause of this, is it something i should go to a doctor over?

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I'm five foot three inches tall and about four stone over weight, i've always carried a bit of weight.

Nothing has changed in my diet for the last two years and the only major ...

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 Heart Pain?
I am almost 25 years old. I am a mother to an 8 month old. When she was about 2.5 months old I started noticing pain in my heart. It is when I am sitting still, watching TV, as I type this question ...

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 heart attack?
But I am not having any symptoms right now. Should I still go?...

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 My friend is having a heart transplant operation at this hour 12:02 AM EST, 12/29/08...Will you say a prayer?
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 my heart double beats some times.?
i asked a question on the same thing my heart, and someone told me to get a ekg.i got injured and they didnt know what was a matter with me. i already have i had a full body scan a chest scan and a ...

 Do I have a SERIOUS problem? Please help!!!!?
Hi! For starters, I'm 16, and DON'T smoke/drink/etc. Every now and then for the past year, I'll wake up sometimes or be lying in bed and my heart starts beating super fast, and I feel ...

lower heart painnnnnnn?
there is pain under my heart, what are the suggestions, im age 14

Hi I'm Trevor
Get more exercise....? I dunno, just a thought.

Probably Heart Burn or you prob sprained a muscle. See a Doctor as soon as possible just in case you get a heart attack.

Andrea J
Tell your Mom or Dad and have them take you to the doctor.

could be heart burn, but you should definately go to the doctor!

Jake B
i had it before, but it was when i was smoking.
if you smoke cut down for a while.
if you have just eaten you may have indegestion or heartburn.

take 2 paracetamole, every 4 hours.
no more than 6 single tablets per day.

if you are still concerned contact your local doctor.

Talk to your parents or doctor about it

if it has only ever happened to u once or twice it is more than likely nothing but either way you must go to the doctor. ive heard of things happening to people younger than you that never ot treatment.

if it is something then the doc will know what to do. medicine has the heart fixed down to a tee now.

Jesus Wept
it could be acid reflux but i was also suffering from lower heart pain and i went to a cardiologist and btw im 14 too

you know it could be anything. it could be gas. an upper G.I thing.
you are vague with your question. you must be very specific. you don't say how long you've had this pain, what other symptoms you have on so on. I agree with the other folks. tell your parents, see a doctor, or just call the doctors office and talk to the nurse, tell her all your symptoms.
non the less, tell someone who can actually help you. good luck!

Go to the doctor

old lady
See your doctor. It could be any one of a number of things and a 'pain under your heart' isn't sufficient description to be more helpful. If it hurts enough that you are concerned about it, see your doctor or go to the emergency room.

hm. i use to have it too.
it kinda just went away.
buttt just to make sure tell your mom or dad and then if it keeps happening head to the doctor

i wouldn't worry if the pain was coming from yr heart it would b in the centre of yr chest its most likely indigestion.

it's probably heartburn, but chest pain isn't something you mess with. Go to the doctor.

Joe G
most likely indegestion or even exercise induced asthma thats what i have

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