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ive just had a blod pressure reading and is 158 over 107 is this high or normal ?

Additional Details
just done it again and its 196 over 121

Very high. Go to ER or Emergency clinic or call them.

120/70 is normal, you are nearing Stroke stage. You needs medication ASAP. Lay down, legs straight do not fold arms. and
seriously, this is SERIOUS and a danger to you.

The possibility of even popping a vessel in you eye can happen.

The only body you have, you must take care of it.

that is very high but are u using a home kit? bc those arent lwats accurate..i suggest seeing a doctor to see if its ok

Froget it Bexy!
High (the diastolic should be below 90)


You may have a faulty monitor if you are doing it at home!
Change your batteries.
Never take 2 consecutive readings from the same place(arm) Swop over.
Calm down and stop worrying --that will only cause it to go sky high again.
Make an appointment to see your doctor.

Jay S
Very high. Normal blood pressure is 110-120/70. So, both your top (systolic) and your bottom (diastolic) numbers are too high. Try avoiding foods that raise blood pressure (salty foods) and eating foods that lower blood pressure (those high in potassium).

Joy P
the systolic which is the highest reading depends on your age normally they say 100 plus your age but the dyastolic which is the lower reading should never be above 90mms so you should have this rechecked again and if still above 90mms should go along to your doctor to get it sorted.

If this was a correct reading and not a faulty machine; I'm afraid 158/107 is hypertensive; you need to see your GP asap so this can be measured again and for a more accurate result BP should be measured over a period of time, so you may need to have a 24 hour BP monitor attached. If this is an accurate reading, you might require hypertension drug therapy.
There three things you can do to help are;
Reduce salt intake
Be as close to your ideal weight as possible
Daily exercise

120/80 and below is normal range.

A lot of people answering here don't know sh*t. Not one person has asked your age.

When you take the reading, you are now getting anxious before it, which increases your blood pressure. Just telling you to relax won't work. That reading is not super-high like some people think, as a matter of fact a good rule of thumb is usually 100 + your age.

Obviously 120/70 is ideal, but I don't think you're a professional athlete, and you may carry a few pounds.

i think your reading is OK.

mrs tog
Check this out.http://www.medindia.net/patients/calculators/bp_chart.asp

120/80 is considered a normal blood pressure

MISS ******
That is really high but my first question has to be, how are you taking the readings? The home kits (e.g wrist cuffs) are not always accurate.

You would need to get your pressure taken over a period of time before you can get your average reading.

If you have any symptoms to go with this blood pressure reading, then you need to speak to your GP or after hours Doctor. These symptoms would include feeling faint, feeling sick, seeing spots in front of your eyes etc. You can always ring NHS advice line.

I would get it checked out for sure if I were you as the second reading was very high even for someone who has higher blood pressure anyway.

Good luck :)

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