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 How does the heart continue beating after removal from the body?
I tried google but I didn't find anything :S

A heart will continue beating for about 30 - 40 minutes when removed from the body (if placed in oxygenated, isotonic saline solution). E...

 my son was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned. should i be?

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 who's mor elikely to have high blood pressure - someone angry or someone depressed?

 why is my blood pressure so high?
hi ya Iam 22 years old and i don't drink and smoke. My blood pressure has gone really high to 180/90 and it was scary i took it with a machine. I checked it regularly from 5 days and it was ...

 19 yr old heart attack?
i am a 19 yr old male with overweight stomach, but in shape everywhere else. i'm having some pain in my bicep area only. should i proceed to the hospital to have it checked out?...

 Is it true that you have maximum 10 years to live after open-heart surgery?

Additional Details
my mom was told she had 3 years to live by her doctor : (...

 How is caffeine good for the heart and brain?
I need ...

 can a 16 year old girl have a heart attack?
i am experiencing pain between my shoulder blades that seems to be coming out of nowhere.
maybe the last hour or so.
so i came home from school bcuz im not feeling well.
i had a cough ...

 I have to take a treadmill test whilst wired to an ECG on Tuesday?
Do I have to stop taking my beta blockers and if so how long before the test? Thank you in advance all you medical people....

 heart attack?
hi 2 nights ago my boyfriend aged 25 woke up cpmplaining of tension in the abdominal area which was traveling to the heart. this only lasted a few minutes but his heart rate very irregular and he had ...

 i was born with a slight murmur on my heart?
I was just wondering what is this? Does it is amatter that i have a problem with my thryoid gland as well. Would someone mind explaining what a slight murmur is and is it safe or ...

 What is the best first aid/cure for a broken heart?
My heart is bleeding right now. Somebody help me....

 Margarine or butter?

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I like butter myself. I never fry it either....

 Anxiety attacks can they be cured?
Can anxiety attacks be completely cured? For a month now Ive been told I am having anxiety attacks, I can handle the symptoms but obviously i want them to go away, the one symptom I cant handle is ...

 blood pressure reading of 115/70 is this normal or to low? I had just ate like 30 min earlier.?

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 Is poor circulation associated with heart disease.?
Thank you for your answers
Have a great ...

 What actions should one take after surviving a heart attack?
My mother recently survived a heart attack and had some sort of operation in Taiwan, I'm sketchy of the details but I know she felt it coming on and got to a hospital. She asked me what she ...

 What should the figures read on a blood pressure machine for one to be normal? What is the normal heart rate?
Is 76 too low for the heart and if so what happens then?
Additional Details
Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

is this heart problems?
For about 2 weeks I've been getting these weird feelings.. My heart flutters and it starts to race...then i get a feeling in my stomach. Kind of like kicking... im not pregnant... positive about it.... now I've been under a lot of stress. I recently had a baby girl she's 8 months and im freaking out about finding a job.... i feel like i can't breath but its not my asthma... i take my athsma pump almost everynight just incase it is my asthma and i kind of feel better... this usually happens when im relaxed and at night only...

you should go see a cardiologist

--> Lily Rose`.
you should talk to your doctor about this. it may be a complication from your asthma.

Your probably just having anxiety attacks. Either way, you shouldn't take any chances. I think you should visit a doctor ASAP in case there's something wrong.

Here is an idea, SEE A DOCTOR, WTF?

it sounds like you are stressed, and have a lot under your belt. I bet its nothing other than that, but if you are really concerned, i would go to the doctor and get an answer. Doctor knows best, and it would not kill you to go to the Dr.

I'm not a doctor. Only doctors can diagnose you by law.
It kind of sounds like from your description of stress and being unable to breathe while feeling pain, that you may be experiencing panic attacks.
I'd suggest seeing someone about this, but I don't think it's a heart problem. It will indefinately become a heart problem if you don't lower your stress, though.

It could be but there are many reason why your heart does things some times its benign which means it doesn't really have affect on you...but you should go to your doctor you might have an arrhythmia and should be checked my your doctor. good luck! hope I helped!

Jessie yo!
It could be some sort of anxiety that developed because of the child or well for some reason.

try takeing yoga classes.
use breathing exercises whenever you feel your starting to feel your heart race.
block things out, take time for yourself.

Ben F
It's probably just stress but, these palpitations can only be diagnosed by a cardiologist b/c those are also symptoms of more serious things and the list is long (but fortunately unlikely)

Wow, you have a lot on your plate right now!

The heart flutters is called palpitations. The term refers to the ability to feel you heart beating fast or irregularly. It is common for many people and the causes vary. Your other symptoms sound like they are anxiety related. Someone else mentioned panic attacks which are definitely a possibility. As for your symptoms occurring at night, it may also be happening during the day but you are unaware of it. When we sit down and try to relax, we become more aware of our surroundings and what is going on with our bodies.

I strongly recommend seeing your family doctor. He can better evaluate you as an individual and help determine the best treatment. A low dose anti-depressant for a few months may do you some good. You may say that you don't feel depressed, but there are many uses for these drugs.

Best of Luck

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