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is this doctor right?
went to see a doctor last week ( not my regular one ) and checking my records found out that i had a heart attack last year ( i went with an unrelated problem ) and increased my dose of ramipril from 2.5mg to 10.0mg .(per day ) seems a big increase . until i see my regular doc i wont take the stronger ones . any ideas why he would do this ? ps. i went with a sprained achilles tendon .

cant you see i'm fcukin busy
Witch doctor ?

blackpool lass
HIYA JACKO, to be on the safe side,i would not take them, till you can see your own doctor.these stand in doctors can be a pain,they give you medicine,and most of the time you find it is one you can't take as it messes up your other medicine.i have had a bad reaction, when a doctor,who was covering my doctor,whiles she was away gave me pills,and it put me in hospital for 4 days.i should never have been given to me.so i have no faith in any doctors,only my own.

If he is a foot doctor, he had no busniness changing any medication.

Make an appointment with you regular doctor and tak to him/her about it, and see what they say.

don't change any medication because a foot doctor tells you to.

well he could possibly be correct but to make sure you should go to your regular doctor and ask (: I hoped this helped


Rampril is routinely prescribed for blood pressure problems, which are related to potential heart attacks. I'd ring your regular doctor and ask him the question - although why you didn't question the locum at the time ....... ? Always always ask why regular medication is being changed, especially by another doctor!

Ramipril (marketed as Tritace/Ramace or Altace) is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, used to treat hypertension and congestive heart failure. ACE inhibitors lower the production of angiotensin II, therefore relaxing arterial muscles while at the same time enlarging the arteries, allowing the heart to pump blood more easily, and increasing blood flow due to more blood being pumped into and through larger passageways. You probably exhibit some high Bp and hypertension. Check with your PCP!

It's me :)
He has probably noted clinical signs of Hypertension and/or cardiac failure, dose range from 2.5 mg to 20mg per day, did he take your B.P. ? did he listen to your chest ? did he ask you questions regarding your breathing?

Doctors pick up things in the course of a consultation which you may not be aware of, The "target" dose of Ramipril following M.I. is 10 mg per day in two divided doses this is titrated to your response.

2.5 mg is a low dose and is quite unusual if you have already had an MI.

Ramipril is generally well tolerated at a maintenance level of 10.0mg- which is the correct dose. There is nothing to be really concerned about. Ramipril is beneficial to people who have a high cardiovascular risk level and/or following an MI.

Dr Frank
10 mgs is indeed the correct cardiprotective dose.

The fact that he picked up the fact that your lower dose was incorrect, when a)he is not your usual GP and b) you were in with a non related problems, speaks volumes for his being an above average quality GP. In fact it suggests that your regular GP is at best complacent.

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