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Thomas M
is it possible that young people can get a stroke?
im 27 nearly 28, ive had a few scares which i dont really know how to describe but theyre similar to the symptoms one would have for a stroke, im just curious now

Eternal Pessimist
Unfortunately yes. This is especially true in women who smoke while on birth control. Your chances also increase if there is a family history.

Iain L
Unfortunately I speak from experience when I say yes it is possible. I was 9 years older than you however but ironically (or sods law) I decided to make major lifestyle changes on my 37th birthday so stopped drinking, smoking, eating fried food/fast food/meat, getting involved with women, all the things that are bad for you. Six months later I suffered a stroke, a clot formed in my brain stem leaving me with harlequins syndrome and a shocking memory. That was three and a half years ago and Ive just come out of hospital following a further clot in my brain stem. This time its much worse I cant walk unaided, cook for myself, wash or dress myself, write or even speak clearly but life goes on and there are lots of people much worse than me.
If you are worried though go and see your gp who can do some blood tests and if there is any need to worry start you on preventative medicine. Don't be scared and bury your head in the sand get it checked and find out. Its much easier to prevent something than to cure it. I wish I had listened to me a few years ago!

Trisha H
Dude, yeah. My Uncle had a stroke a few years ago and he was only like 31 or 32. I think anyone can have a stroke if the conditions for it are met. I hope you get healthy, if a stroke is bad enough it can kill you, so be careful

Strokes can happen at any age. It is always best to see a Doctor if you have weird stuff going on.

it is possible, go to docs and let them look at you. this will help you releive teh stress of not knowing.

Yes Im half way 24 and I had a few Varicose veins already and swollen ankles you could never tell from the outside I look Young but I'm having 79yr old women problems its shocking.

Yes anyone can.

Friend was in Latvia working when she had a stroke.

After a few days she was well enough to be repatriated! VERY SCARY, she was only 26 then!

She has been left with a weak arm/hand.

i think that any1 can actually get them

I dont really know but i read that if you drink i lot of red bull and get stressed it can cause strokes =/

(probably irrelevant but just in case)

it could be vasal vagal attacks you may be suffering or minor TIA S but have you spoken to your dr about them I am not being scary here but the youngest stroke victim I have cared for in my nursing Carrera was 19 but she had other problems before she stroked but if you are worried in any way go and get full blood workout from your dr one of the main causes of a stroke is that your blood is too thick and this is so easily helped so go ask good luck

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Everything can happen
just be careful and go healthy

It's not that common, but it certainly happens. If you are concerned go get it checked out. There are probably a 100 simple reasons for your symptoms, but equally you could be at risk.

it does happen

terrified by spiders
Yes, it's quite possible. Sometimes happens to young athletes. Instead of worrying about your condition, get a medical check-up. If you don't think you can afford that, look for a free/cheap clinic. Sometimes organizations, like the American Legion, will sponsor a one-day health clinic.

possible, but highly unlikely unless people in your immediate family have had strokes at a very young age. Panic attacks can actually give you symptoms similar to a stroke and heart attack. I have had panic attacks before and one of their symptoms is numbness, and other things that are common signs of a stroke. I am also 27, if you had been having strokes you would not be walking around, talking, and functioning so well, so just try to relax.

I've known of a guy of 24 who'se had one, and he was healthy! Not a regular drinker or smoker, so I guess it just depends on your heart! If you've had scares, go to a doctor to check yourself out.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Yes. If you have concerns like this you should talk to a doctor. Stroke is preventable.

Kara S
It is possible for anyone to have a stroke, which is caused from a blockage, usually from a blood clot. If you're having symptoms, you should go to your doctor right away. It may not be a stroke, because the symptoms can be due to other problems, so it's just best to go to a doctor right away Good luck, and I hope it's nothing serious.

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