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IrishPrincess <3 my BC shep
i was born with a slight murmur on my heart?
I was just wondering what is this? Does it is amatter that i have a problem with my thryoid gland as well. Would someone mind explaining what a slight murmur is and is it safe or dangerous

Most murmurs are harmless, a murmur is just a sound a heart makes, usually because the blood flow is turbulent. Some murmurs though are caused my a heart defect. I would go get it checked out my a cardiologist just to be safe. Good luck.

[email protected]
Stop warning, let the medics sort it out. It is not dangerous, believe me.

if you were born with, surely you must have information, if only from your parents who would have needed to monitor you.
have a look at wikipedia.

Hi Well I have MVP Mitral Valve Prolapse I've had it for years no medicine necessary either it runs in the family I found out.It's Genetic I've no pain or discomfort the main thing I have to do is take anti-biotics before dental work can be done. I also have Hypo-thyroidism which I must take Synthroid for the rest of my life.Also Genetic in families I get checked once a year My son has MVP too & my neice has Hyper-thyroidism so it's definitely Genetic Talk to your Dr it'll be explained to you clearly but there's nothing to fear OK I feel great!!

cheer with your doctor on this he can answer all your questions

Dr Frank
If I were your cardiologist, had listened to the murmur, looked at you ECG (EKG) chest X-rays and ECHO cardiogram hopefully I could reassure you.

Well I believe there are several kinds and the degree of it would be the issue. Some people live their whole lives with a heart murmur, however, I think you should add this to the list of things to discuss with your doctor. I would not be surprised it there is a link between the heart murmur and you thyroid issues. You really need to find a good doctor. Good luck.

Well if I'm correct a murmur means your heart might not be working right. One cause could be because there's a hole and the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood are mixing and you aren't getting enough oxygen to your brain and stuff.
But have no fear, if the doctors didn't say anything about it when you were born there might not be anything wrong. You should still go get it checked up once in a while though in case anything develops.
I don't know what a thyroid gland is though >_>

you must have seen a health care professional for this. what did they say?

Relax, and don't worry so much about your health, cool, mate?
After all, you're Irish, a member of the Most Beautiful People in the World, and on top of that, A Princess!
So, you have it all, girl..!

-(A heart murmur is 'Very Common' in children when born, and then through the years, while the body is developing, the problem gets 'fixed by itself'; and, most people that have it do not feel anything. In your 30's through your 40's, the problems is 'completely cured'.
It is an irregular blood flow through the heart and that makes a 'different sound' than in any part of your body, and that's all but remember what I said about the cure. And, don't worry, because seeing a heart specialist is a regular procedure, and doesn't mean something's wrong with you, because that 'murmur' Does Not Cause Any Harm to the Heart.
I know, we have a house full of M.D.'s...)-

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