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Claudia M
i took my 6 month old son to doctor today he told me he has a heart murmur and told me to get an ECHO, iam sca?
should i worried iam so scare anyone have any similar experience

No need to worry at all! Im 18 and was told I have a heart murmur since I was born...they found out i have aortic stenosis and I am fine since..I get regular echo and see a cardiologist once a year nd I have to take meds before the dentist! I have no problems and everything is fine! I bet you your son will be perfectly fine..good luck!

Standard procedure for condition.
Do it, then after worry is need be.

Mona Lisa
I am a (nearly) 15 year old girl.
About a year ago, i fainted and so my mum called the doctor out.

He listened to my chest and thought he heard a murmur, so sent me to the hospital.
I had an ECG and an ECHO.

It turned out it was completely harmless, i just have an unsteady heart rate.

Don't worry, i'm sure it'll be the same for your son.

Hope this helped.

My youngest son has had a heart murmur since birth, lots of tests etc, finally told it was functional which means it is just part of who he is. You need test results before you panic.

As we're formed in the womb, initially the heart isn't complete but there is a hole between 2 of the chambers. This usually closes before birth. Some babies are born with this incomplete, either a hole in the heart or the initially closure is only just formed, which creates the murmur. Children survive even with a hole, though in such an event usually an operation is necessary to close it as an opening will have implications for health. A murmur should have little or no implication beyond the fact that it makes a noise. Some can even right themselves as the child grows.
The point of the scan is to check that there is a proper closure with no leakage. Both sound pretty similar even to a specialist so the echo check is a way of making sure that what sounds like a murmur is no more than just a noise.

as above, don't panic, loads and loads of kids have this and it repairs and heals naturally!! Trust in your son!
Some doctors keep finding what they think is a heart murmur, turns out to be wind !! Of course do the ECHO scan, it will reassure you, and it would be good to have this checked out early.
Look on the internet and you will find advice. I will send you link I found

hi hun my first child had a heart mummer and is now 26 with no heart problems at all some are very small holes that close all by them self's
so don't worrier
my son with ds was born with very large holes and they new from day 1 there was a problem all fixed so still no prob

No need to be scarred at all.
Heart murmur is nothing to worry about. its not like they won't be able to do sport or anything.
ECHO isn't a horrid procedure or anything. there really is no need to worry

no dont worry, i had a heart murmur when i was a baby, it pretty comon in baby's im now a fitness instructor so it really dosnt matter to much in later life, although go for the check up and get a doctors advice

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