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 A friend's husband is going to the hospital tomorrow for a heart procedure.?
The doctor intends to install a stent, but depending on what he finds, might have to do open heart surgery. These are all the details I have. I am just wondering if this is NORMAL? We live in an ...

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 Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
and if so, than why am I still walking? Because I feel my soul has been stolen from me, what now?
Additional Details
Thank u, all answers are appreciated. But if I were referring to ...

 why my girlfriend's heart always beats fast?
my girlfriend has a very weak body n sometimes she throws up,she always looks for pills and doctors and tests but they said there is nothing wrong with her,her heart beats fast even without being ...

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Hi I have high blood pressure , I am on medication but I also want to help lower it through my food intake. Can anyone recommend any good websites that do recipes which can help manage blood pressure?...

 do i have heart problems or am i unfit?
Ok i am 40lbs overweight, i ran 150m well there abouts when i say ran i jogged realy anyway during that 150m in my chest i had throbbing pains i could feel my heart beating fast and everytime it ...

 Is something wrong with my heart?
I am a 47 yr female, with heart disease on both sides of the family. My mother had stints at 48. The problem is my heart feels as though it is flipping over in my chest. Several times a day. My neck ...

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 Can someone that has a heart condition still play sports?
My friend has a heart problem and can't play sports even though she is really good. I am very sad for her and want to know if there is anything she can do about it. Please help....

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My blood pressure has benn so high that the meds don't ...

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I am 55 and have been under treatment for an erratic heartbeat since I was in my late 20's. However, the treatment I'm presently receiving - 320 mg. of Inderal per day plus 1.5 mg of Xanax -...

 heart and arm pain ? plaease help?
I keep on gettin heart pain and upper arm pain in my left arm
im kinda gettin scared now about it ...
any ideas on wat it is??...

 Could I be heading for a heart attack?
I've had major depression for a few years now and I feel like it puts a lot of stress on my body, it's on my mind constantly. I read that if you have suffered from depression for a long ...

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I'm 18 years old and I've been having pain in my chest, not so much the middle, but more towards the left, for almost a week. I've had pain like this before, and my mom told me it was ...

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does exercise help?...

 I have a heart condition and feeling week. What should I do?

 Medical Scenario! Whats wrong with her?
56 year old female
*Shortness of breath, occasional pain between shoulder blades
*Suffers from intermittent heartburn, little relief from antacids
*Post menopausal for 8 years

 can very skinny people get high b/p?
can very skinny people still get high blood preasure? 90 lbs and 5.`5...

 what is blood pressure?
I don't get it!!...

Have you had or know any one that has had angioplasty? my dad is in having it at 8am it was 12:34am when i asked this.What are the risk?...

how long do you give my brother to live?
my little bro is 17 and he eats really unhealthy
he literallly only eats pizza and chicken nuggets and nothing else
hes never eaten a hot dog or a burger or a sandwich you name it
if we go out to eat it has to be a place that has that serves pizza or chicken nuggets
he also eats a ton of other junk food
he has had fast food like twice everyday since he was like 5
but confusingly he's actually very active and really good at sports
he's 5'11 and weighs 140 hes very athletic, fast, and strong
he went to state in the pole vault last year and got 5th
but im just concerned that all that fast food is gonna get to him soon

who knows - some can eat like a bird and eat light and get big - others have a wooden leg.

as long as he feels good he has no reason to change unless he understood and accepted what a good diet is.

diet meaning what you eat and not what you weigh. right now for his age and activity it seems to suit him. you say he has eaten like that since the age of five - that may indicate that he doesn't know how and never did know how to eat a proper diet. then it is more a matter of some disease that will cause him to learn or not.

well if his cardio is great and he's not over weight then i'll give him 75 years, surprisingly some obese people are actually quite fit since that have to carry all that extra weight, underneath the fat is pounds of muscle (sometimes) so your brother is ok he just likes a high protein diet

50 more years or so if he keeps that up!

30 years if he maintains a healthy life. eventually by the time he gets to his 50's the cholesterol will cause heart disease heart attack or stroke and he will likely die

you cant put a date on this kinda thing, but he should start eating healthier. My advice is to introduce him to new foods,(maybe he hasn't tried some fruits and vegetables he may like) as long as hes not overweight, that's good. Maybe try getting recipes for healthier ways to make pizza (whole wheat dough, etc) hope this helps. Best of luck to you and your brother.


tim g
since many places have switched from bad oils to good oils, if he keeps his weight down, he'll be ok. combo pizzas might be better. get him to take a multi vitamin once in awhile.

basically he has got until he stops being active. Like he may be active now but if he gets a job in an office then that's where it's going to be problematic. Pizza isn't unhealthy... and I guess there is some protein in chicken nuggets and all the fat he is burning off well... so yeah, it won't pile up until he gets a job which involves not being active or until he stops being active. that's when it gets problematic. :)

When he gets into his 20s, the junk will catch up with him regardless of his activity. He will need to make a lifestyle change before then. Otherwise I would predict...

Diabetes by 40
High blood pressure/cholesterol at a dangerous level by 35
weight gain by 25 because of metabolism slowdown
serious health complications by 50

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